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  • It's National Bunny Week! We thought we'd celebrate our lop-eared friends with some cute photos -- and also some trivia and history. Was Brooklyn's Coney Island really a rabbit haven? What does it mean if you were born in the Year of the Rabbit? Hop on through our slideshow for more information (and cuteness).

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    If you think the current presidential election has gotten catty, know that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have nothing on Talkeetna, Alaska -- where a feline has been serving as mayor for the last 15 years. Stubbs the cat has been presiding over the sleepy Alaskan town since he was just a kitten.

    Stubbs' political ascent was the result of a dispirited mayoral campaign, when a majority of Talkeetna's 900 residents -- unhappy with the available prospects -- encouraged their neighbors to elect Stubbs as a write-in candidate.

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    The part-Manx kitty, who was only a few months old at the time, emerged victorious and has held the job ever since. Even though Stubbs' position is honorary, he's served a real function in the town: catapulting it to a tourist destination as word of his election steadily spread through the country.

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  • The wedding in New York City Thursday night of Baby Hope, a Coton de Tulear, to Chilly Pasternak, a Poodle, set a new record as the most expensive animal wedding in history - and doubled as a black-tie gala benefiting the Humane Society of New York. Including Baby Hope's custom-sewn gown, the lighting design, a "Cake Boss" cake, and the dulcet services of the best orchestra in Gotham, the price tag came to $158,187.26. (The previous record-holder for a pricey pet wedding cost a "mere" $16,000.)

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  • Animal Nation recently visited the 2012 World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, and while the contestants may have been vying for ugliest in show, all we saw were beautiful dogs. It turns out the world's ugliest dogs were actually really cute!

    We saw mohawks and mullets, snaggleteeth and curled tongues. Sure, they may have been a little different, but that just made them all that much more adorable.

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  • Molly and the kids

    Molly and the kids

    Elbert Bristow's English bulldog, Molly, had grown up with his cat, Kitty Kitty. They were not only roommates, but also friends.

    Molly an Kitty Kitty lived with their 84-year-old owner his Columbia, Alabama home. Then, not along ago, according to the Dothan Eagle, Molly gave birth to a litter of puppies. The very next day, Kitty-Kitty joined the party and gave birth to her own litter of four kittens.

    It was a time of new life in the elderly Bristow's house.

    Then the unthinkable happened...

    Sadly, an accident occurred and Mr. Bristow mistakenly ran over his own Kitty-Kitty shortly after she became a mama. She did not survive.

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    Now, there were four orphaned kittens to take care of and no cat to see them through.

    That's when two-year-old Molly came to the rescue. In an incredible display of maternal graciousness, Molly took the four kittens left behind by her late friend and began to feed them from her own nursing body. And so

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