• How to Maximize Space in Your Small Home

    Small spaces require a big imagination.
    No doubt one of the biggest challenges with many homeowners is how to get maximum space from a small room. Empty-nesters, and those downsizing are often overwhelmed with the task of trying to house all of their belongings and decor into a condensed area. With limited square footage, you have to literally think outside the box, and up the sides of the box, if you will. When we look at any space and what it offers we tend took at the limitations of the actual square footage, however, by simply looking "up" we may realize that the next available space may be at eye level.
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  • Tips For Cleaning Kitchen Bar StoolsTips For Cleaning Kitchen Bar StoolsIn most homes, the kitchen acts as family central and is the busiest room in the house. Not only are wonderful meals and nutritious snacks prepared there, but also some of the most endearing conversations and bonding moments take place in this space. This makes remodeling this area a great undertaking, and it can be an expensive one. However, the results are almost always worth the effort because all members of the family get to enjoy the new room on a daily basis. But, just how is it possible to save money on such a major project and still end up with a well-organized kitchen you can be proud of?

    Focus on the Practical

    Make a list of the changes that might make life easier for family members, especially those who spend the most time in the kitchen. Consider what will be the best use of the space available. Ideas might include the following:

    • Lowering shelves in some of the cabinets to make items easily accessible.

    • Adding a lazy-Susan in the corner cabinets to

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  • By Lindsey Kupfer, Life2PointOh.com

    Lindsey Kupfer

    The new Pinterest craze is awesome for women to get creative and pin things that they are interested in. However, there are some boards that are plain creepy for people to have. Check out the do's and don'ts of pinning and tell us what you love about the new social media!

    DON'T have a board for "My Future Baby." Unless you're pregnant, this is just so wrong.

    DON'T have a board for "My Future Wedding" if you are single. You won't have a future wedding so long as this board exists.

    DO have a board for your favorite recipes. Pinterest is a great tool for beginning to advanced cooks.

    DO make a board for outfits that you like. It can really help fashion-challenged people create a great wardrobe.

    DON'T make a board for "Our Future Life." Let's hope your boyfriend even wants a future life with you after seeing it. Talk about creeper status!

    DO have a DIY board. You never know when you will get into the crafty mode and

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  • How to keep your basement clean and greenHow to keep your basement clean and greenHow to keep your basement clean and green Find simple solutions to making your basement an eco-friendly zone.

    By Nastasha Alli

    Whether you have a furnished den or simply extra space for a washer and dryer, maintaining a clean basement is a must on any homeowner's list. Learn how to keep heating costs at bay with these energy-saving suggestions -- doing laundry doesn't have to be an uncomfortable chore, after all!

    Here are a few tips on how to make your basement an energy-efficient space:

    Inspect your walls to diagnose basement leaks. Determine whether dampness in the air is caused by condensation (from within your basement) or seepage (through your outside walls).

    Get rid of mold. Use an all-purpose liquid cleaner made from 1 gallon of hot water, 1 tbsp. baking soda, 2 tbsp. liquid soap or detergent and 1 tbsp. of borax to remove surface mold and mildew.

    Replace old or dislodged insulation.

    Keep pipes, drains and sewage lines clean. If spills or

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  • 5 Ways to Store Stuffed Animals

    Stuffed animals are cute, but not when they're all over the floor.Stuffed animals are cute, but not when they're all over the floor.Something that no one really told me about before I jumped into this mothering thing is just how much stuff the kids would have. Sure, I was prepared for diapers and all that, but someone could have warned me about the stuffed toys! Add three kids and a gooey mom-heart for all things cute and cuddly, and you have an overwhelming amount of stuffed toys in the house. It becomes a where-can-I-put-them game that never ends, and they just clutter the floor and collect dust. But there are some pretty nifty people out there who have designed and re-purposed storage solutions for just this issue! Check out these 5 ways to store your child's stuffed animals.

    Toy Chain Toy Chain 1. Toy Chain
    Get the toys off the floor with this toy chain. They'll be hanging whimsically -- and more organized.
    Buy this toy chain

    Toy Jail Toy Jail 2. Toy Jail
    Doesn't this look like something at a toy store? Keep all the stuffed animals in one spot, while making them accessible to play and put away.
    Get this toy jail

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  • Get Organized: A Place for Your Purse

    By Shawn Gauthier | Houzz.com

    Is your purse collection stuffed under bed in storage bins? Or do you easily lose track of your everyday purse, throwing it over a chair or putting it down somewhere in haste only to be covered up by the day's coats and jackets? It may be time to equip your home with two things: proper long-term purse storage, and a dedicated home for your most commonly used purse.

    Like your keys, purses have a habit of going wayward, and you'll save a lot of time and energy keeping them corralled. Check out the following photos for some ideas. Leaving the house will become that much easier when your purse is easily at hand.

    See more inspiring storage solutions at Houzz
    Photo by Chris KauffmanPhoto by Chris KauffmanKeep your purse handy but out of sight by installing a hook in a small nook, or inside a cabinet near the front or garage door.

    Photo by Emily Johnston LarkinPhoto by Emily Johnston LarkinYou know that top rack of your closet? Instead of hanging t-shirts you rarely wear, hang up your purse collection. It keep your purses in much better shape than stuffing them in

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  • Bleeding Heart

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  • The Hottest Hotels for Miami Fashion Week

    Miami Fashion Week kicks off this Wednesday, and while other cities like New York and Milan focus on the coming sesason's ready-to-wear, Miami's Fashion Week celebrates swimwear. (And really, are you surprised?) And if you're flying South to check out the latest ready-to-swim styles, you'll need to pack a few that you already own. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be skimpy. We've picked out the best hotels to, errr, suit your style. [Ed. note: We couldn't help ourselves with that one, it was just too easy.] Check out the best hotels (for every style) for Miami Fashion Week!

    If you wear a stylish monokini, stay at the W South Beach

    Credit: iStock Photo; The Pool at the W South BeachCredit: iStock Photo; The Pool at the W South BeachThe upscale W South Beach has a sleek, modern vibe that attracts a beautiful crowd more focused on lounging in the sun than partying or forced family fun. Dense palms, colorful cushions set along the grass, and sexy wood-latticed cabanas (that cost extra, of course) surround the pool. There's no club-minded DJ, but rather ambient spa sounds and mellow,Read More »from The Hottest Hotels for Miami Fashion Week
  • The Persian New Year, Nowruz, is a celebration of spring, renewal, and rebirth.The Persian New Year, Nowruz, is a celebration of spring, renewal, and rebirth.The Vernal Equinox falls on March 20th this year -- its earliest arrival in more than a century -- and with it people the world over will celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year that also heralds the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Pronounced "no-rooz," the holiday has its roots in Zoroastrianism, a pre-Islamic monotheistic religion which focuses on the triumph of good over evil and the connection between human beings and nature. It's been celebrated for thousands of years as a time of renewal and rebirth in many countries, including India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and parts of Canada, China, the Balkans, and the United States.

    "I am delighted to send best wishes to all those celebrating the festival of Nowruz," Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in an official statement on Monday. "For over 3,000 years, Nowruz has been a time of hope for millions of people around the world. The spirit of compassion, family, and renewal is deeply woven throughout

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