• ImageImage If clutter is controlling you, there's one simple answer: Take a drastic and dramatic stand against clutter. Think of it as a battle, and clutter as the enemy.

    When your clutter is really out of hand and taking over your home and your life, it may be necessary to wage war and take a stand against your clutter. Here are 5 no-fail ways to win the fight.

    1. Get rid of something. It doesn't matter what it is, but find something you no longer need or want and get rid of it. If you do this every single day, you'll be able to lighten your load by 7 unwanted items each week, 365 items each year!
    2. Shop with a list and with cash. Always go shopping with a list, and focus on buying ONLY those items. Things bought on a whim often turn into tomorrow's clutter. Don't bring your credit cards or your checkbook with you especially for small purchases and grocery shopping, as leaving them behind deters you from buying anything you don't need. Bring only enough cash for the items on your
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  • Michele ScismMichele ScismOver the past week, I've posted a lot about consistency and creating an effective social media strategy. It is at this point that people seem to start getting overwhelmed and believe that social media is out of their reach. It really isn't It is about knowing how to network effectively and building relationships and top of mind awareness with your customers - not the number of minutes a day that you are on social networks nor the number of social networks you belong to.

    A consistent five minutes a day liking, sharing and making comments on posts is much more likely to build relationships than all the scholarly white papers in the world. Still, many business owners miss out on many opportunities because they are sporadic social media users - or they get fed up and stop building relationships all together

    Whether you have an on and off relationship with social media or you've given up all together - really we are talking about procrastination. And yes, even if you are too busy

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  • You Got That From Where?! 5 Amazing IKEA HacksYou Got That From Where?! 5 Amazing IKEA HacksMy family's almost finished remodeling our kitchen. All that's left is finding a shelving solutions. After many late night searches, I've found some amazing IKEA kitchen hacks in the process. Here are 5 that will make you do a double-take and ask, "You got it from where?!"

    LAIVA Reloaded LAIVA Reloaded 1. LAIVA Reloaded
    Backs were added to two LAIVA shelving units to prevent items from sliding off this makeshift china hutch.

    BRODER Kitchen Revamp BRODER Kitchen Revamp 2. BRODER Kitchen Revamp
    Can you tell what this used to be? This BRODER office desk was transformed to house the the kitchen sink with this cool industrial-style hack.

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    GRUNDTAL Shortened Pot Rack GRUNDTAL Shortened Pot Rack 3. GRUNDTAL Shortened Pot Rack
    Not a lot of space? Store what you can! This GRUNDTAL wall shelf was shortened when the owner downsized to a smaller apartment.

    VARDE Outdoor Stove VARDE Outdoor Stove 4. VARDE Outdoor Stove
    Calling all outdoor chefs! This VARDE sink unit was hacked into something even better than a BBQ grill.

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    HEMNES Daybed Turned Banquette HEMNES Daybed Turned Banquette 5. HEMNES Daybed Turned Banquette
    This one takes the

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    It may feel as if you're a doctor as you attempt to repair the Internet connection. The pressure is on, and those who love surfing the web are standing around you with expectant eyes. Don't crack under the pressure and forget to reboot. In fact, see whether a 'nurse' wouldn't mind grabbing you an iced coffee. Ahhh, the fuel you need to fix this little problem.

    Today's Aries Reading: Free Sample Extreme Makeover Tarot Reading

    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    For some reason, the glass in your house just won't get clean today. Because you believe in the latest 'streak-free formula' you wonder if the problem has more to do with your rubbing the glass the wrong way. Use a micro-fiber cloth or newsprint rather than paper towels to eliminate streaks. Your tensions may be manifesting in small, subtle ways.

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Destiny
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  • Adding Ornamental Grasses to Your Landscape

    Ornamental grasses are a popular landscape addition.
    Ornamental grasses add interest, texture, color and versatility to any garden landscape. Ornamental grasses are particularly great for growing in poor soil, drought conditions and in full sun. Some of the most beautiful varieties can fill in bare spots in a landscape where little else will grow. Here are a few varieties that you may like to add to your southern garden.
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  • The cast of the original The cast of the original The reboot of "21 Jump Street" hits theaters this weekend, and the comedy about a couple of bumbling, underachieving cops is getting rave reviews. But fans of the old TV show, which aired on Fox from 1987 to 1991, might remember the Jump Street crew a bit differently. There was nothing bumbling about the original undercover team, who focused on drama in a What-If-John-Hughes-Did-"CSI" kind of way.

    PHOTOS: Johnny Depp's far-out fashion

    Steven Williams, now a cast member of the TV series "Supernatural," played the no-nonsense captain on the Fox series. Peter DeLuise, the son of actor Dom DeLuise, was the undercover jock; now he works as a TV director. Holly Robinson became Holly Robinson Peete, the actress and autism advocate, but back then we were amazed by her carefully sculpted hair. Baby-faced martial arts expert Dustin Nguyen now has a couple of movies in post-production. And brooding and intense Johnny Depp is still, well, brooding and intense and insanely famous. All five are

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  • Bright paint incorporated in bold ways brings out the full potential of these spaces, proving there are endless options for interior color.

    To see more images, visit Remodelista.

    A bright yellow wallA bright yellow wall
    A wall painted in primary yellow provides a sunny accent to this Brazilian kitchen.

    Green trimGreen trim
    LA-based Alexandra Loew of From the Desk of Lola is known for her edgy interiors and fearless use of color, shape and form. Loew painted the door frame bright green in the living area of this Santa Monica Home.

    Blue Shelves and TrimBlue Shelves and Trim
    In this Swedish farmhouse converted into a summerhouse, the light wood surfaces are offset by bolts of bright turquoise blue in the hallway.

    Bright orange wallsBright orange walls
    Another use of color is incorporated into the Swedish summerhouse, this time from a completely different palette; a coat of yellow-orange accents the walls.

    Glossy blue floorsGlossy blue floors
    The owners of this this Scandinavian beach house chose to paint the floors in a glossy marine blue, bringing the essence of the ocean and sky indoors.

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  • Credit: Michael Dunlea/startraksphoto.comCredit: Michael Dunlea/startraksphoto.comby Jane Reynolds, staff writer at Oyster.com

    In celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the back-up heir to the throne Prince Harry embarked on a 10-day tour of the Caribbean to spread British good will. And it seems he succeeded; Harry charmed locals and participated in charity work in the Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, and Brazil in honor of his grandmother's 60 years on the throne. Though most of the celebrations will take place in London this June, Harry's tour helped to kick off the festivities and it apparently had quite an effect on the young prince, who claimed he got "choked up a little bit every now and then" at the locals' welcoming reception and love for his "Granny." And of course, it couldn't hurt that he stayed in accommodations fit for a king, errrr, prince. Get an inside look at Harry's luxe digs!

    First Stop: The Lodge at Chaa Creek -- Belize

    The Macal Cottage at The Lodge at Chaa Creek; BelizeThe Macal Cottage at The Lodge at Chaa Creek; Belize

    Prince Harry kicked off his tour in beautiful Belize, where he sipped on rum (it's no secret the prince likes to party) Read More »from Take an Inside Look at the Hotels from Prince Harry’s Jubilee Tour
  • Astrology.com Weekly: March 19-25, 2012
    Get ready to enjoy the rush of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration that accompanies the Sun's entrance into Aries on March 19! This week also signals the time of the Spring Equinox, which, along with the confident new Moon in Aries on March 22, always provides an opportunity for a fresh start! Just prepare to tweak some of your ideas as retrograde Mercury returns to spiritual Pisces on March 23.

    Looking for an overview of your life as it unfolds? Discover how you evolve as an individual with your progressed chart by trying a free sample Planetary Influence Profile!

    Act on Monday! You've got it going on -- you're sharp upstairs, your heart's in the right place and the stars are aligned. Read more...

    Life may not be a bed of roses on Monday, but you're probably a little thorny yourself. Read more...

    On Monday, seek out a second opinion or more information on a certain issue from a person or resource you wouldn't normally consult. Read more...

    Find time in

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  • The Planets and St. Patrick's Day
    The once-religious holiday celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick and the holy trinity is now associated with parades, the color green and lots (and lots) of imbibing. So what does any of this have to do with astrology?

    St. Patrick's Day falls very close to the Vernal Equinox (and the start of the tropical zodiac), so some consider it the party-hearty precursor to the dawn of spring. In addition, this rambunctious holiday always falls under Pisces, a sign that's known for enjoying a libation or two.

    Transform your romantic potential with a little luck o' the Irish! Unlock intimate secrets and desires with a free sample Celtic Love Reading today!

    This year, March 17 occurs in the midst of several retrograde planets, including Mars, Mercury and Saturn. Because of this, it's likely you'll be more than ready for a day off! And with the Moon in social Aquarius, spending time among crowds or with your favorite troupe of friends will prove to be extra-enjoyable. Just keep in mind that with

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