• Coco Chanel said it best, " A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." But history says otherwise, in 1967 a women earned only 58 cents to a man's dollar.

    According to society if a women chooses to work in what is considered a "pink collar" job, which was coined during the Second World War, when women occupied jobs such secretaries, typist, and transcribers. As the U.S. economy evolved, these jobs became defined as those that were traditionally dominated by women and have been blamed for fueling the wage gap between women and men for the last 45 years.

    The top ten "pink collar" jobs held by women include:

    1. Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
    2. Registered Nurses
    3. Middle and Elementary School Teachers
    4. Cashiers
    5. Retail Sales
    6. Home Health Aides
    7. Retail Sales Managers or First Line Supervisors
    8. Waitresses
    9. Book Keeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks
    10. Maids and Housekeepers

    Real Estate Investment is a sure-fire way

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  • Most of us would admit that right about now we could use some extra cash. The traditional concept of moonlighting has been redefined in the past few years. The internet age has changed everything. Earning money from home has never been easier. Here are 10 ideas for you to consider.

    • shutterstock Do you have a digital camera? Are you good at taking pictures and videos? Earn 25 cents to $75 per download of photos, vector drawings, or illustrations, and $2.50 to $23 for video footage.
    • bookscouter Do you have unwanted books sitting on your shelves or in boxes up in the attic? Someone somewhere may want them. Let bookscouter hook you up.
    • secondspin Do you have unwanted cds, dvds, or video games? SecondSpin will buy in bulk or offer you a trade-in value.
    • gofunrewards Here is one that anyone can do. Go Fun Rewards will actually pay you to advertise for them. Your simple daily task is to copy a pre-written ad and paste the ad on a free classified ad
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  • The sky is gray and winds blow against our faces like it's pushing us up the long winding mountain in search of shooting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Momma has expressed to Dad and I that a wild turkey would be great for the meal because she's also preparing a special deer meat dish too. Our family likes wild meat and Momma is an expert at preparing the meats into a delicious tasty meal.

    Snow flurries flitter against and on to our faces like hail bouncing on to the ground as gusts bite at our noses and faces. Many hunters suffer through a lot of hardships to prove they can hunt and kill their own meat to eat. They end up with frostbite hands and feet just to prove their point of being able to kill what they eat.

    I've been hunting with Dad for years and I've never been able to shoot a turkey, deer, and bear or for that matter any creature. I'm not against someone killing an animal if they're hungry and in need of it for food; otherwise, I say, "Leave them alone," and

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