Anne-Rae Vasquez authored Gathering Dust - a collection of poems, published by AR Publishing Inc. and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by Sams.net (a division of Macmillan Publishing). She wrote the novel and screenplay and directed Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, an award winning feature film and series produced by Joseph Khalil, Sababa Emporium Film Productions (http://www.sababaemporium.com) produced the feature film and series.

    Details of the film production is at http://www.almostaturkishsoapopera.com.

    Note from the author:
    "The popularity of Turkish soap operas or TV series' in the Arab speaking world, Europe and Asia is not well known here in the West. The Turkish TV series' storylines are packed with jealousies and misunderstandings in family life and marriages, mafia encounters, economic problems and societal pressures, which all make for great drama. What I find fascinating in watching Turkish soap operas is how the

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  • Eric Dill

    Following up on his top 100 and Top 40 radio success of his first single "War with the Wolves" off the new album, and after his incredible performance at his record release party it is no wonder that he continues to climb the music charts.

    Aside from the great food, open-bar, and lively audience, party-goers left with a gift bag that included an Eric Dill T-shirt that says, "I'm kind of a big Dill." Starting a solo music career is always risky, and nerve-racking, but Eric Dill put his musical past to good use, with amazing vocal skills; and lyrics that he is truly passionate about.

    Eric Dill's independent label, Vigil Records, held an exceptional album release party for his solo record "Forever is Not Enough" being distributed November 20 at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, CA. This maximum capacity event was made up of industry insiders, and a virtual whose-who of Hollywood celebrities, actors and musicians. This intimate location houses a mini-museum of Gibson

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  • A BULLY is someone who habitually physically and psychologically abuses others.
    TEENAGERS are often faced with bullies in their lives, having nothing to do or say about it. There parents often do or say nothing about this too. But what SOME parents don't understand is that WORDS can do a lot to a child. Every child experiences teasing but eventually teasing becomes BULLYING when it is repetitive or when there is a conscious to hurt another child.
    I am an ANTI-BULLY which simply means i am 'AGAINST BULLIES.'
    I am going to give u guys a joke: the next time a bully comes up to u and bullies u make sure to find the closest and hardest think to u an just pelt them and teach them a lesson to NEVER MESS WITH ANTI- BULLIES.
    No matter how much u have been bullied don't give up, just remember someplace in your heart that there is someone out there just like u and they would need your companion someday. Think of it this way BULLIES ARE NOTHING BETTER THAN THE NAMES THEY CALL U.
    So lets STAND

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  • When it comes to fashion and fitstyle. Most of us really want to know what is great for any occasion and with the latest in fashion trends like the colored hair which bring the punk look from the 90's back; We can also talk about the latest in the trends that in most cases people like celebs Traci Kochendorfer,
    Justin Timberlake and others have brought in on the sexy look with HOT FOR TEACHER and NERD.
    IN part lately Justin has been cozy with his new frumpy bride who recently made a headline on her frumpy attire after the wedding. Along with the NERD that sometimes Justin likes to protray with his plaids , hats and glasses seems like they are a match. justin timberlake and jessica biel in love
    Britney spears in glasses Not to include people like Britney Spears on the x-factor who gave her hot for teacher look with her glasses. In the trends of such. Nerd and frump is in? Not to include like the latest with Bradlely Cooperbradley cooperwho is also known for his frump look and style of fashion which brings a major FITSTYLE look. It is nice to know that you can be in

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  • Gary Clark Jr. attends the Nokia Music Films launch in Los AngelesBy @eyespy57

    EYE SPY was invited to a VIP screening and lunch showcasing the first look of Nokia Music's film series that will soon be airing on the Sundance Channel in January. Two words: JAW DROPPING.

    We are so pleased to share more details behind this upcoming film. Finally a documentary film that highlights the roots of music in present day throughout America. A huge round of applause to Nokia and Nokia Music, this was an absolute great time and we look forward to seeing the full length.

    Nokia Music, a free music streaming service from Nokia that offers free and unlimited access to playlists and songs on Nokia Lumia smartphones, today announced an exciting new documentary series. The Nokia Music produced series will feature six short films created by some of the world's most respected independent directors including, Abteen Bagheri, Emily Kai Bock, Bob Harlow and Tyrone Lebon. The films will begin airing on Sundance Channel in January.

    Each film in the series

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  • Problems sometimes turn out to be unexpected gifts, so look for them.

    By Beate Chelette

    Can't all this move faster, I asked my herbalist the other day as I sat impatiently on the treatment table? I am smack in the middle of being rewired by nature and Steve is helping me through the symptoms of perimenopause, a biological stage that can't be avoided-or rushed-despite my insistence. With the utmost patience, Steve reminded me that my pace is probably exactly the pace it needs to be.

    That got me thinking. Why are we rarely satisfied with the way things go? They are too slow, or too stressful. It's too much or not enough. Dissatisfaction thinking leaves us in a perpetual state of wanting something different, which can't be good for us. Nor does it allow for the unexpected gifts and experiences that show up instead.

    What happened to me in Austin last week is a perfect example. I went to Wizard Academy to teach a two-day course on leadership, based on principles in The

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  • I know I'm not supposed to. But I can't help it. I love these new Nike Studio Wrap shoes!

    I'm aware the entire yoga blogosphere has their chakras in a twist over these shoes. Blog after blog accuse Nike of peddling a product we don't need just to squeeze their way into the market "owned by Lululemon. Don't get me wrong, I heart Lululemon. I'm a Lululemon Ambassador for asanas sake!

    Reading these blogs, it seems as if the entire yoga community meditated at the banks of the Ganges and it spoke. The words were: these shoes are too expensive, unnecessary and they would be embarrassed to wear them to class. I disagree.

    Possibly it's because I'm a dancer, as well as, yogini. Perhaps it's because Nike is a Greek Goddess and us goddesses wear everything from Lululemon to a gypsy scarf from a flea market. Or maybe it's simply that they are pretty. Whatever the precise reason, I cannot wait to lace a pair on and go to a pilates, ballet barre, yoga or belly dance class!

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  • I recently had a great conversation with Keri Glassman, nutrition expert, founder of NutritiousLife.com, and author of 4 books including her latest, The New You and Improved Diet: 8 Rules to Lose Weight and Change Your Life Forever, being released on December 24, which helps readers lose weight and "get stronger, calmer, healthier, and more balanced." With the holidays already upon us, I thought this was a great opportunity to combine Keri's advice with practical tips on how to navigate through the temptations we face around the holidays. The season of eating may have begun for you a few weeks ago when co-workers brought bags of left-over Halloween candy to the office. This week, of course, preparation for the Thanksgiving feast is in full swing, and then the holiday parties will begin with all of the sweet indulgences (well, maybe just a half a drink more) that go with them. With everything going on, friends to see, places to go, gifts to buy, and treats to eat, you may find

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  • teddybearphotoI remember reading somewhere that writer Anne Lamott thinks about herself in the third person, to take better care of herself: "I'm sorry, Anne Lamott can't accept that invitation to speak; she's finishing a book so needs to keep her schedule clear."

    Similarly, I imagine myself as a toddler. "Gretchen gets cranky when she's over-tired. We really need to stick to the usual bedtimes." "Gretchen gets frantic when she's really hungry, so she can't wait too long for dinner." "Gretchen needs some quiet time each day." "Gretchen really feels the cold, so we can't be outside for too long."

    The fact is, if you're dealing with a toddler, you have to plan. You have to think ahead about eating, sleeping, proper winter clothes, necessary equipment, a limit on sweets, etc. Because with a toddler, the consequences can be very unpleasant. In the same way, to be good-humored and well-behaved, I need to make sure I have my coffee, my cell-phone charger, my constant snacks, and my eight hours

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