• Chris P. Bacon is a two-legged pig who moves around in a wheelchair, making headlines wherever he rolls. This week, Mr. Bacon was back in the news when he was brought to Franciscan Hospital for Children to cheer up the kids, and get in some quality play time.


    The animal was recruited by the facility to provide encouragement for the kids, many of whom get around in wheelchairs and face complex challenges. He's become such a star these days; there are books about him, t-shirts and other merchandise.

    Deanna Dwyer, Director of Marketing, tells the Good News Blog, "He's cute and friendly and a great example of how what makes us different can ALSO be one of things that makes us remarkable!"



    Mr. Bacon was brought to the hospital thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, who paid for the pig and his owner, Dr. Len, to travel to Boston from Florida.

    "He was able to spend the entire day meeting and interacting with children all over the hospital. They asked him

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  • Josh Duboff

    George ClooneyGeorge ClooneyGenerally, George Clooney's relationships follow a similar trajectory: Clooney and the Woman in Question begin dating, marked by an inset on an Us Weekly cover ("George's New Love!"), and then in a flash-within weeks, seemingly-she is escorting him down red carpets and vacationing with him at Lake Como; finally, about two years later, they part ways. But Clooney's new, somewhat mysterious (we'll get to why momentarily) relationship with British lawyer Amal Alamuddin is bucking all previous George Clooney Relationship tradition.

    Clooney and Alamuddin were first spotted together back in October on a dinner date in London, after which they "shared a cab" (which is like the bat signal for tabloid editors). Outlets quickly dug up a dossier on the 36-year-old Alamuddin: she represents Julian Assange; she topped a "London's Hottest Barristers" list in 2013; and she's Oxford- and NYU-educated. (All of which is to say: aside from the "strikingly gorgeous" part, she is somewhat

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  • He leaps, he flips, he spins, he rolls, 17-year-old Louie Chavez will be flying by the end of the year.


    Parkour is a type of military obstacle course field training that teaches recruits how to propel, jump, climb and swing. It has also become a popular dance and acrobatics practice. After discovering the unique activity online, Louie knew it would be the perfect sport for him.

    The teen parkour and freerunning aficionado has been pushing the limits of gravity since age 14, and a new video montage posted to YouTube of his most impressive moves is a testament to his incredible skills.

    "Ever since I was little, I just kind of liked jumping around and then I saw [parkour] videos on YouTube," Louie tells the Good News Blog. "I didn't know there was a name for that kind of stuff."

    Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico Louie is a senior at El Dorado High School, and learned to how to do parkour from testing the scope by jumping over walls around his neighborhood and later joining a gym

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  • Jason Collins continues to make headlines this week, this time after his basketball jersey has become a top-seller on NBA.com.


    The Brooklyn Nets center and first openly gay player in the NBA wears the number 98 jersey in honor of Matthew Shepard, a boy who was murdered for being gay in 1998, and according to N.Y. Daily News, it was a hit the second it became available for purchase on Tuesday. Jason has reportedly said he wears the number because "it's a symbolic and important number in the gay community."

    Jason joined the Nets on a 10-day contract beginning Sunday after coming out publicly to Sports Illustrated in April. The New York Times reports that as soon as Monday, requests for Jason's jersey began to multiply. Vicky Picca, the NBA's senior vice president for licensing and business affairs, commented that the demand for the jersey was "unprecedented."

    Though Jason was unable to get the uniform number for his premiere game with Brooklyn, he will debut it tonight in the Nets

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  • In this family's household, allowance was not only earned, but adjusted according to behavioral faux pas.

    A Redditor Stephanie Chappe posted this funny memo her father Richard drew up when she and her sisters were little, which outlined what slip-ups could get their allowances reduced, and conversely, how they could get those dollars back. The contract was signed by both parents and all four sisters.


    "Our dad thrives on order," Stephanie, now 31, tells the Good News Blog. "And we were four girls who defined chaos to him, I think. He is neat, exact, and thorough. A great planner. He makes spreadsheets and databases for everything. In a similar vain as the allowance sanctions, he also created a whole hand signal system for when we took road trips (we took a lot of road trips), which we never followed but it was equally detailed (like, if he puts two fingers in the air it meant one person can talk only, putting his fist in the air meant we had to all be quiet, as so on)."

    Stephanie and

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  • During a snowboarding trip to Wyoming, a man decided to propose to his girlfriend by having himself and his buddies wear t-shirts reading "Will You Marry Me?" during a photo-op on a snowy mountaintop.

    The photographer (who posted the photo on Reddit) snapped this pic while the woman still had no idea she was about to be proposed to!

    Don't worry, she eventually caught on to what was happening! She said yes, and these additional super-cute photos of the newly engaged couple were taken.

    According to their photographer and friend, the couple met while snowboarding years ago, and take annual trips to visit new places to snowboard and ski with their friends. What a perfect place for this winter sports-loving couple! Let's just hope that ring is in the right size and doesn't get lost in all that snow!

    Did you film the happy moment you got engaged or revealed your pregnancy? If you have some good news you'd like the world to know about, send in a video of your special moment and let

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  • For the crime of being an insanely talented musician, we are on the lookout for this little kid who waltzed up to the piano at a nondescript toy store, and blew the crowd away with his skills.

    The boy was last seen Monday on YouTube wearing a top hat, denim jacket and sneakers while performing a medley of symphonic melodies. Overheard in the crowd: "He's taking violin also." He is believed to be about four feet tall and might be seen carrying a reed. Anyone with information as to his whereabouts, please tell the Good News Blog! We want an encore performance!

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  • Beyoncé sure knows how to treat her fans! During the Birmingham stop of her Mrs. Carter World Tour, the star spotted a sign in the crowd indicating that someone was celebrating a birthday. The sign belonged to Shehnaz Khan, who turned 22 by having Beyoncé stop her concert in order to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

    Not only did Beyoncé sing to the birthday girl, her management upgraded Shehnaz and her friends to VIP seats! On Twitter, the fan called it the "best night of my life" and that "nothing will ever top this, ever."

    It turns out being serenaded by the biggest pop stars on Earth is the gift that keeps on giving. Shehnaz, who is a freelance journalist, has been receiving job offers thanks to her brief time in Beyoncé's orbit.

    "Websites who have rejected my work several times in the past now WANT me to write for them. What is life," she tweeted. "Thank you for everything @Beyonce

    The next time you blow out your birthday candles and make a wish... wish

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  • By Michaela D'Artois, Refinery29

    We envy those Brit babes for many reasons: jolie-laide, rockstar hair; a close proximity to Harry Styles; and of course, a penchant for trench coats. See, it's as if those gals from across the pond were born with an innate sense of easily throwing on said outerwear and heading out for tea.

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    Come to think of it, trench coats are every bit a necessity here in S.F. as they are in London (hello, Karl!). From the classic number that Audrey Hepburn famously donned as she kissed in the rain, to the new-wave trench that brings a pop of brightness to a foggy Friday, we've got you, well, covered.

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  • Deryn Blackwell figured if he was going to die young, he would at least have a good funeral.


    The 14-year-old from Watton, Norfolk was given just days to live this past December after suffering for nearly four years from leukemia and Langerhans cell sarcoma, two forms of cancer. Deryn had his entire memorial planned; from the Mohawk pink haircut he would sport in his casket to the song he would have played in the procession ("Move Your Feet" by Danish duo Junior Senior).

    Then, a miracle happened. The second week in January, a bone marrow transplant Deryn's family thought was a failure, combined with various medications and a positive attitude, gave the young boy a second chance at life. After being sent to hospice, saying his good-byes and going off medication, out of nowhere, his body began to recover.

    "The time I thought I might actually live was when my bandages came off my finger and I saw that [my wounds] were healed. This shouldn't have been possible and it made me ask what was

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