• It could be possibly the biggest question in the history of dating. As a smart, successful and independent woman, how do we better understand men? Sometimes it doesn't matter how many classes we take or issues of Cosmo we read; it really is like they're from another planet altogether! (They did say they were from Mars, right?)

    But here's the truth: It really is much simpler than you think. If you're dating, want to start dating, in a relationship or just getting out of one and you want to know how to understand men, we come bearing the gift of knowledge and ease!

    Here are three Dating with Dignity-approved easy ways to get on the right path to understanding men.

    1. Know that you cannot pressure a man into commitment.
    He's either in or he's not. There's really nothing like pressuring a man into something he's not ready for. In fact, this type of pressure can cause a man to run in the opposite direction. Most serious relationships start to become exclusive within the

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  • Looking for gift ideas for your kids or grandkids this year? Get a head start on your gift shopping. Buy toys and read reviews here. This List was made up of several of the expected bestsellers this Christmas Season. Just click on the name of the toy to read reviews and find the best prices! (All of these items can be bought on Amazon.com)


    This Toy was very popular in 2011 and is expected to be a bestseller once again this year. Furby is a fun, interactive toy for both boys and girls. It has a unique personality that is based on its interaction with people.

    Leapfrog LeapPad 2

    This is a great gift for younger kids; boys and girls. It is designed to be very educational and it comes with over 300 educational games that make learning fun.

    Vtech Inno Tab

    Being another tool for education, this toy is sure to be a hit with those who have a young child. The Vtech Inno Tab has a 5 inch color screen and 2 GB of memory It comes with a built in camera and art

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  • I recently got an iPhone 5 and I can't stop watching TV shows and movies on it! It's just plain addicting. Now when I say watching TV on the iPhone, it means either watching live TV or watching pre-recorded stuff.

    If you want to watch true live TV on your iPhone, there are a few apps out there, but they only work over WiFi, not 3G. However, buying some additional hardware for your computer can get you actual live TV on your iPhone over 3G. I'll explain everything below.

    MobilesportsTV (Subscription) - The MobilesportsTv is my favorite way to watch sports TV . THe app also delivers a 1000+ channels with sports game like : NFL, Soccer, Rugby, Football, NBA and cricket.

    TWC TV (Free) - Time Warner's Cable TV app lets me watch live TV n a large range of channels as long as I am at home. This limitation is annoying, but it doesn't kill the app. I am still able to add a TV to my kitchen, bedroom or my deck without any wires. Sadly there is no access to on-demand content.

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  • Tangos With the Muse

    The muse has a mind of her own; every writer knows that. She'll show up anytime and anywhere, with a complete disregard for what else you have going on at the time. And I've found that when she comes around, and she wants to tango, I need to put my dancing shoes on and follow her lead. The relationship can be ephemeral, and she oftentimes leaves as quickly as she comes.

    Like those times when she visits and I'm in that groggy place between wakefulness and sleep. If I don't will myself out of bed to find a pen and paper, by the time my alarm clock goes off, the muse has gone on to dance with someone else-and she's taken her great ideas with her.

    She can be fickle that way.

    But luckily there are other times, like when the idea for my novel Euthanasia was presented to me, that the muse punches me in the face and the sting of her visit stays with me like a week-long shiner.

    Flashback to the mid-nineties and all of the talk shows that came along

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  • Ecotech Institute, the first and only college focused entirely on preparing America's workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainability, is now taking applications for its new two-year Business Administration - Sustainability degree program. Unlike Ecotech's other lab-centric offerings, this program is steeped in business education with a unique focus on sustainability. The program will launch in January 2013.

    The Business Administration - Sustainability program provides students with knowledge and skills suitable for employment in a broad range of private and public sector organizations. Coursework includes accounting, financial analysis, human resources, project management, communications, customer service, sustainability, renewable energy and workplace ethics.

    "There has been extensive research about the increasing importance of sustainability within organizations, and that requires business leaders who understand green technology, industry verbiage and implementation

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  • Not many people can make sweating look good.Sometimes, it's good to sweat. Sweat plays an important role in the body, cooling your body's temperature as it evaporates. So without enough sweat, you could potentially suffer from heat stroke. Not cute. But that doesn't mean you want to show up to work or a dinner date looking like a hot, wet mess. So our ChickRx experts have tips for keeping your sweat at bay, whether you have a moderate or seriously aggressive amount of perspiration to get under control:

    Powerful Antiperspirants & the Best Way to Apply
    Deodorants only work to control odor associated with sweating, which is caused by the bacterial breakdown of sweat on your skin--yeah, so gross, we know. To reduce sweating itself, you need an antiperspirant.

    - There are powerful over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants (which work by physically plugging sweat ducts), such as Hydrosal Pro, Certain Dri (R), and Secret Clinical Strength. These may be effective enough to help with excessive sweating.

    - Although most people typically

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  • Life Today

    Just about my life.

  • When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I had a slight panic attack thinking about when I would have to start potty training. The whole idea of potty training just grossed me out and seemed like an impossible task. Now, after successfully training two children and almost finished with training my third child, I find potty training to be a piece of cake. A lot of parents are apprehensive and fearful of this time in early childhood, so here are some of my suggestions for making the transition from diapers to underwear a smooth one for everyone involved:

    #1: Pull-ups are NOT underwear
    Yes, I know pull-ups are marketed for "big kids", to help transition from diapers to real underwear, and pull-ups are put on like real underwear, the wearer must step into them and pull them up. Let's be frank though, pull-ups are made of essentially the same material as diapers, and they look a lot like diapers, so much so that if you were to try to put one on my 2 1/2 year old she would tell

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  • When Shine introduced the Women Who Shine contest, we knew we'd hear about incredible women doing amazing things in their communities. More than 1,400 people were nominated as Women Who Shine. We encourage you to read about these phenomenal nominees. And we thank you for taking the time to nominate those special women in your life who have made such an impact in your world.

    Women Who Shine Grand Prize winner Maria VitoriaYou, Shine readers, voted. We are beyond excited to introduce the Grand Prize winner, Mariah Vitoria, who was nominated in the category of Public Service.

    How does Mariah shine?

    According to her nominator, Mariah has logged more than 650 hours of volunteering for a variety of activities, including blood drives, school and church fundraisers, and a a children's camp. She also has spent the past two years helping to secure more than $20,000 in donations for local schools to help fund campus improvements and student activities. Says her nominator:

    "I call her [Mariah] superwoman, because she takes everyday and works

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  • My father experienced his first heart attack at the age of 42 in 1963. He was a very strong, dynamic, and accomplished businessman, loving father, and husband. In those days, doctors could only prescribe a stringent, low fat diet, the use of margarine instead of butter 1 , and exercise. There were no medications available to clear or slow the clogging of his arteries. At 48, Dad was sent to Houston where Dr. Denton Cooley performed open-heart surgery on him. I remember our family, crowded around my Dad's bedside, while listening to Dr. Cooley explain that high cholesterol results in clogged arteries, and that high cholesterol was hereditary. I was a young teenager at the time, feeling invincible, and not making the connection that this news had any bearing on my life in any way.

    After the surgery, when we arrived back in Tucson, my parents insisted that I have my cholesterol checked. When I heard the results, I thought the lab had confused my fathers test results with mine.

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