• Legos have gotten a big boost in pop culture lately, thanks to "The Lego Movie." This delightful photo series is sure to build up your love of the colorful building blocks even more.

    British photographer Andrew Whyte's "Legography" photo series features a Lego minifigure snapping shots of landmarks and scenic vistas. The photos offer a wonderful new way to see the world -- from the perspective of a one-and-a-half-inch toy.

    "The idea originated after discovering a Lego camera accessory that fits in a minifigure's hand," Andrew tells the Good News. "I started placing it into the sort of snaps I'd be taking day-to-day, from abstract textures to seaside sunsets and urban views. Adding the character turned these random images into a cohesive series."

    As a nighttime long-exposure photographer, Andrew has tons of high-tech equipment, but for his Lego series, he relied on his iPhone camera to get up close and personal with his little buddy. He takes a camera-toting minifigure with him wherever

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  • When 6-year-old Blake Ansari learned about all the homeless kids who lived in shelters around his hometown of New York City, he immediately became concerned with one particular issue: they didn't have a library.


    At least they didn't have access to the kind of luxuries he had living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Though Blake, a first-grader at Metropolitan Montessori School, is just a little kid, he knew he could make a difference among the homeless population if he brought children books. He decided to 'build' a library.

    "If they don't have a library, they can't pass school and they can't go to college," Blake tells the Good News Blog. "Some books teach science, math, experiments, and about the world, and all of that helps you to go to college."

    College, as the young boy astutely points out, helps kids get jobs and make a good life for themselves in the real world. He wanted all children to have that opportunity.

    In late December, Blake, along with father Nuri Ansari, who works

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  • This BBC broadcast starts off pretty normal, but wait 'til you see the reporter's dramatic exit!

    The video of what appears to be a camera error was posted to YouTube on Monday and already has over 500,000 hits. According to Metro UK, the reporter's name is Caroline Bilton, and the name of the show is "Look North." Journalist Leanne Brown quickly addressed the situation in her follow-up report, commenting, "I think we had a problem with the camera there at the end."

    Bilton tweeted this morning, "Well, I'm globally famous and for all the wrong reasons! The power of the web! Glad it's making people smile. #sinkingfeeling"

    Exactly! We wish every reporter would sink from their segments.

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  • Let the Oscars countdown begin! Ellen is already looking so fresh and so clean in her show teasers, we can't wait to see her take the stage for Hollywood's most extravagant night of the year. Six days 'til showtime …

    Here's everything we're excited about this week:

    1. Of course, we have to begin with the Academy Awards. The red carpet started rolling out in Hollywood last night, and by the end of the week it will be stretching all the way to Ellen's door. She looks great in a tux!


    2. Starting the week off right, Monday is National Tortilla Chip Day. It's awesome to feel like you have no other choice but to eat Tostitos and dip, but why wasn't this synched up with National Margarita Day?!


    3. Seth Meyers gets his turn in the spotlight as the 4th host of "The Late Show," following in the footsteps of Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, and David Letterman. He premieres tonight, and while he says he took the job because it "might not be boring," we're thinking it probably will be

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  • Jimmy Fallon's debut as host of "The Tonight Show" Monday brought out the biggest names in film, TV and music, along with an exceptional routine covering the "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" -- as interpreted by Jimmy and the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith.


    Their attire was a nod to the '90s, the music a steady instrumental with classic tracks like "Hip Hop Hooray" and "U Catch Touch This" thrown into the mix. Jimmy and Will put their best feet forward, starting with the "Cabbage Patch," "Pop and Lock," "Steal the Face (Then Swallow It and Throw It Back Up)" and "Leg Thing No One Can Do," into modern moves like the "Dirt Off Your Shoulder," "Making It Rain," "Stanky Leg" and "Dougie."

    The "Carlton" made an appearance, while the "Tootsie Roll" was noticeably absent, and finally, the duo closed the routine with the "Twerk." Well, Will Smith wasn't having it, but Jimmy sure busted a move.

    Watch and learn some history!

    Plus, if you missed the show, you'll get a kick out

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  • Philadelphia teen Kevin Grow loves basketball, and after playing just two games, he signed with the pros.

    Grow spent his entire high school career as team manager for the Bensalem High Owls. The coach let the senior suit-up for the final two games of the season, but that's all the time he needed to become a star -- and an inspiration.

    Grow, who has Down Syndrome, scored three points in his debut game. The next day, he scored a whopping 14 points, four of those from three-pointers in under two minutes.

    Grow's amazing skills caught the attention of the Philadelphia 76ers, and on Monday the teen signed a ceremonial 2-day contract with the team. At the signing, he posed for photos, received his practice gear, and ate dinner with his new teammates. He even beat his favorite player, Evan Turner, in a game of 1-on-1!

    Grow will participate in pregame activities before the team takes on the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night. He'll also take to the court with the Bensalem

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  • 10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships.10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships.By Julie Buntin

    Some relationship problems are too big to be solved by the holy trifecta of girlfriend powwows, unlimited ice cream, and calling Mom. When I have a truly apocalyptic relationship meltdown, I remember that there's much wisdom to be found in books.

    1. If he's kissing you in private but he won't kiss you in public, dump his butt.

    Have you ever had the experience of a guy describing - over the phone, online, in his bedroom after hustling you past his roommates and before taking off all your clothes - something uber-personal, like how he felt growing up without a mom/dad/siblings? Then two days later, you bump into him at a party and he barely looks at you? He's not just shy. He's a jerk, or he has a girlfriend. Your literary proof? Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld's highly relatable novel about a teenage girl's inner life. Lee Fiora continues to hook up with sexy, popular Cross (a lacrosse player, of course), who refuses to acknowledge her existence outside of their Read More »from 10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships
  • Eva Mendes Addresses the Pregnancy RumorsEva Mendes Addresses the Pregnancy Rumors

    Leave it to Ellen to ask the questions on everybody's mind. What did Eva have to say about the rumors she's pregnant? Find out here!

  • Do you find yourself dreaming about what it would be like to be in a cartoon? Stop dreaming and take action. At least that's what Dick Clark did when he masterminded this Flintstones-inspired villa in Malibu, now on the market for a cool $3.5 million, and apparently, so did a few others.

    Let's start with Casa de Fred and Wilma. Clark's villa sits on 22 acres overlooking a private beach and has spectacular views of the neighboring area. It looks like the original homestead survived centuries worth of earthquakes, general wear and tear, and whatever killed the dinosaurs, and just got a renovation from Kitchen Cousins. Really, the only thing missing is a golf cart made with logs.




    But look! Anything is possible...


    All-cartoon-everything isn't limited to the Neanderthals. In Utah, there's a house modeled after the movie "Up," complete with Carl's ties.




    In Nevada, a $120,000 recreation of the Simpsons' place was built in 1997 as part of a promotion for FOX and

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  • enough_said_640Of all the posts I've written in the last few years, one of my favorites is Resentful? Overworked? Face these painful facts about shared work.

    The fact is, shared work is a very common source of argument and resentment among people - in couples, in group houses, at work, in families. Anyplace where people have to divide work.

    I thought of the challenge of shared work when I was watching the movie Enough Said. (You know, the one with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini.)

    There are seven rules of shared work, and the movie highlights three of them:

    1. Work done by other people seems easy.

    2. When you're doing a job that benefits other people, it's easy to assume that they feel conscious of the fact that you're doing this work-that they should feel grateful, and that they should and do feel guilty about not helping you.

    3. If you want someone else to do a task, DON'T DO IT YOURSELF.

    Eva is a massage therapist who goes to people's homes. When she visits the home

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