• Drama with Boys

    why are boys such drama ? all they do is blame the girls for problems ... they make it seem like if they dont do anything wrong. My boyfriend just likes to blame me for every little thing but when i try and say something he flips out on me and makes it seem like everything is my fault but yet its not i try to explain to the situtaion and talk it out but he just starts raisng his voice cusing when really there is no need for that so most the time i just say baby just stop forget it nope that dosent stop it continue ; its not a everyday thing but it is most the time . what should i do ?????

  • By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    So, you've gotten all of your Halloween makeup inspiration (you're welcome) and picked out the perfect look to transform yourself tomorrow night. But wait: What about your makeup? If you're a bit intimidated by the thought of what all that fake blood and glitter are going to do to your skin (we admittedly are also freaked out by applying lash glue and pancake makeup to our sensitive faces), have no fear: Broadway makeup pro Angelina Avallone (she designed the fabulous looks for The Addams Family) dished all of her best stage makeup tips to the New York Times . Since stage makeup and Halloween makeup are pretty similar (a.k.a. really heavy, pore-clogging, and over-the-top) her tips will not only help you find the perfect Halloween makeup look, but also how to get it to stay on all night - and then how to remove it once the festivities are over.

    Avallone says the best way to get started is to find photos for inspiration and write down the makeup

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  • "...strange and terrifying things..."


    " There will be terrible earthquakes, famines, and plagues everywhere; there will be strange and terrifying things coming from the sky." (Luke 21:11)

    Yesterday there were, in fact, many strange things coming from the sky in several parts of our country. For some, the sky was filled with threatening clouds, driving winds, pounding rain, and shredded debris. Apparently there are many today who are awakening to unbelievable devastation. When they emerge from shock they most likely will be overwhelmed with feelings of disbelief, anger, and sadness, just to name a few.
    In our area the clouds were of a different, but strange nature, dropping about eight inches of very heavy snow on our area and cutting power to many residents. Snow on fresh-growing roses is strange.

    When Jesus spoke the words recorded in the Gospel of Luke, "there will be strange and terrifying things coming from the sky," he used them to indicate that
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  • I recently received the followed letter from a reader of The Spinsterlicious Life:
    "I was just curious if you've ever touched on the subject of singles being invited to countless kids' parties...when they don't have kids of their own? I'm reminded of Carrie on the Sex & the City episode where she went to the kid's party and someone stole her shoes and the hostess was mortified when Carrie asked to be reimbursed. I feel obligated to go to my cousin's kid's parties...but really don't want to! I know I should take that up with her but I'm curious how others handle these situations."

    Yeah, being expected to attend the parties of your friends' (and family's) kids is one of the burdens the childfree must bear. Here's what I think: I think the parents are confused. I think they think that because you love their kid that you want to come to their party. And that might be true if their kid was the only kid at the party. What they fail to take into consideration is that it's a kids party…

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  • By Nisha Ramirez for CupidsPulse.com

    As a child, Halloween is all about trick o treating and competing for the title of candy ghoul. As a single adult, Halloween means being voted best costume at your Halloween monster bash. As a couple, Halloween is about finding the perfect costumes that will showcase your partnership and as a celebrity couple , Halloween is all about stepping out as a duo without a budget. Check out our favorite celebrity couple Halloween costumes for inspiration this All Hallows Eve:

    1. Kelly Brook and Thom Evans: UK model, Kelly Brook, and her rugby star beau, Thom Evans, took a huge bite out of their celebrity couple Halloween costume competition. The pair dressed up as Edward and Bella from Twilight and we have to say, their look was so spot on that it was down right frightening!

    2. Christina Aguilera and ex husband Jordan Bratman:Were Aguilera and Bratman's corpse bride and groom costumes spooky foreshadows of the celebrity couple's fate? After

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  • Starting a News Service

    Well, this is been a long time in my mind that one day I would start a news company that would provide a 24 hour fully loaded news channel. To date I have began the process of making this dream become reality by putting a small part of Norton News Co. online for the very first time. I have been writing and doing investagtive journalism for about ten years and so now i have taken the big step forward of making this project finally happen. I think that it is a long time in the making but this news service I hope will eventually become a mainstream place of important critical information for the world and America to turn to when they need to know anything important. So I happy to announce that Norton News Co. is going forward daily with new pages and more added features to become hopefully a well respected source of journalism excellence and credible information as this company grows in influence.. The new Blog .. http://nortonnewsco.blogspot.com and

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  • Launching a new business is never easy, "With a startup, you're eager to bring your product to the attention of potential buyers, but the way you do that is critical," said Arefin, the Founder & CEO of LocalBlox. Here is the list of top five startup mistakes and how to avoid them.

    Confusing customers - Too much information is not always desirable, but startup founders often attempt to list every detail of their product. Instead of convincing the customer to make a purchase, all that information only serves to confuse them. Just as too many cooks spoil the soup, extensive verbiage fails to make the intended impact and can have the reverse effect.

    Beat the buzzwords - It's a common practice among marketing firms to create buzzwords and specialized jargon to promote everything from mobile apps to pizza. Those artificial words may look good on paper, but they mean little to the average consumer. Clarity is a virtue. If it's necessary to explain what those buzzwords mean, it's

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  • The ghouls are beginning to crawl out, spiderwebs are getting tangled, decorations and candy are abound and we are all getting into Halloween party mode. In that case, why not arrive in costume with a bottle of Halloween-appropriate wine.

    Finding a good wine for Halloween isn't always easy. A spooky label is a good start -- and there are plenty of wines we can recommend with spooky labels. They may look scary (and even have a frightening backstory to boot) but they are delicious.

    Here's our count down of the top 6 scary-good wines for Halloween:

    6. Gray Ghost Chardonnay
    The label for Gray Ghost wines is shown.The label for Gray Ghost wines is shown.Anything with ghost in the name deserves a nod on Halloween. Named for a long-dead Confederate colonel, the wine may not have quite a paranormal association but it certainly has a haunting history.

    The Chardonnay from this Virginia winery offers flavors of oak and tropical fruit and pairs well with poultry, seafood and pasta.

    5. Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon
    The label for Vampire wines is shown.The label for Vampire wines is shown.With ties to Transylvania, this wine has a bit of a bite to

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  • Myself

    have you had a friend that turned there back on you??

    if you have let me tell you something, my "friend" Destiny turned her back on me because of a guy!!
    like seriously do you honestly think i'm stupid????!!!
    she likes him but doesn't like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she acts like a slut most of the time!!!!!!
    how can she be so fake??????!!!!!!!!!! :0
    if only broken hearts can be put back to pieces using a band aid

  • The more specific your goals are, the better chance you have of achieving them.

    By Beate Chelette

    One of the best arguments I know for setting goals could be an ad for a Global Positioning System (or GPS). Unless you know where you want to go, you can't figure out a way to get there. It's true for all aspects of our lives, personal, family and career. Even so, just having goals without defining them, in very specific terms, is a useless exercise.

    More or less we all want the same things. Health, a great relationship, intimacy, family, wealth and an exciting career. You may have a general idea of wanting to make more money, of getting a better job or being in a relationship, but you are lacking the clear detail. When you say a great relationship, what does that really look like? Who is she or he and what are the core values you want that relationship to have? What are your must-haves, your deal breakers and your negotiables? Maybe must-haves include communication, humor, intelligence and

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