• Tests….the mere word conjures memories of long-ago school days, folding myself uncomfortably into a tiny desk, preparing to wrangle with a grueling standardized test, my number two lead pencil cracking under the pressure of my intensity. What part of my 5 Steps to Hormone Happiness is this, you ask? Why hormone testing, of course. Fortunately for us, when it comes to testing for hormone levels - no pencil is needed, and you really can't fail!

    In order to have a comprehensive evaluation with your doctor regarding your specific perimenopause and menopause journey, it is helpful to have a complete hormone panel performed. This, along with the information you've gathered during Step 3: charting your menopause symptoms, will enable your specialist to create an individualized program to help you achieve hormone happiness. Remember, there is a broad range of what is considered "normal" when it comes to hormone levels. What is "normal" for some may not be normal for you. I highly

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  • It's always a good habit to get amused with your kids, but due to regular practice of such kind kids develop another habit of teasing you for their own fun when you are not that much ready to accept it. It is also very critical to make your kids know the particular time for making fun, not always. Since their brain has a very soft intelligence to pick up the exclusive funny moments, you are required to teach them to avoid causing irritation and an eventual anger.

    Never let kids amuse too much

    One of the basic tip to prevent the frequent irritations from your kids is to never let them to join a fun for a longer period. Well, laughs and fun are good for mental and physical health but kids don't understand the value of any such fact. So, if you allow them to always go for playing or out of control, they easily develop a feeling of independence and start to avoid your instructions. Further, they also begin to tempt you for a fun when you are not ready. Hence, it is best advised to limit

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  • Income insurance in Australia is a well worth consideration for people that work, as income cover can pay up to 75% of your income if you are unable to work temporarily due to an injury or illness. Depending on the contract term, will depend on the length of time you receive benefits.

    For instance your contract term could be either two or five years or until you reach the age sixty or sixty five. Income insurance varies and will depend on the amount of cover you have opted for. Income protection insurance is specifically designed to meet the costs of living expenses should you meet with an injury or illness.

    There are two income insurance types, one being agreed value and the other indemnity.

    Superannuation funds can provide an indemnity policy whereby premiums are deducted directly from the insured's account. The most expensive option is agreed value insurance, this type of cover pays out agreed benefits that reflect your income at the time you start your policy, and

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  • Dear Liz,

    Lately when I go on job interviews, they want your three references right away. Sometimes they ask for your references before you've even talked to a live interviewer on the phone! I think they forget that my references are busy people who don't want their names and numbers all over creation. They want to be my references, but they want to know something about the job I'm applying for before they start answering questions about me, and I can't tell them anything about the job if I haven't even talked with a recruiter yet.

    Do I need to hand over my references at the very start of the process, when I submit my resume online? Is that reasonable or standard? You've been an HR chief, so I'm relying on you to give me the straight scoop. Thanks,


    Dear Ben,

    Hang onto those references until you've had at least one 'real' (face-to-face) job interview! There are scams all over the place. You may be submitting your resume, and your references, into something even worse than the

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  • images

    You know that scene in The Matrix (If you've lived long enough) where Keannu Reeve's character Neo (di nya tunay na pangalan) had to learn how to fight in his training to become "The One"? Well what happened was he had to sit uncomfortably in that "electric chair", some kind of probe would be stuck on the back of his head, a disc would be propped and ZOOOM! A pirated copy of Ninjutsu would automatically be uploaded to his fried brain and he'd wake muttering "I know Ninjutsu!"

    images (1)

    Being a car owner like most of us would have wished we could easily download a whole course on mechanical engineering. Having an older model, moody and ragged vehicle I couldn't help but feel helpless when I have to leave the expertise of touching my antique in the hands of someone else.

    How convenient would it be I mumble to myself if I could do it on my lonesome? Imagine the labor cost savings, untended cracks and breaks plus the time it would salvage me! If I could just pop up a cd a bought from

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  • With the election just days away sometimes I wonder whether it is even worth taking the time to vote. It doesn't seem to me that either candidate is concerned with the issues that I consider to be important.

    They talk about the economy in general but offer very few specifics. They talk about Medicare, but neither seem to have solutions that I find acceptable. Cut, Cut, Cut. Do they not see that it should be Fix, Fix, Fix.
    Then it would be a workable solution to some of the immediate healthcare needs of the senior and disabled.

    They need to continue to focus on the abuse within the program but also they should concern themselves with hospital costs, the money they are reimbursing the supplemental plans. It seems to me that if someone is paying for both medicare and a supplemental and they still are having to pay unacceptable co-pays and the costs of some medications then there is a problem within both the choices.

    They need to take the money they are paying the supplemental hosts

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  • Malin Akerman attends the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)REDMalin Akerman attends the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)RED

    The ACT, a groundbreaking, performance-based nightclub theater by New York nightlife and theater impresario Simon Hammerstein, officially opened its doors on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 with a star-studded grand opening celebration hosted by Vegas magazine and (BELVEDERE) RED . Mark Salling and Simon Hammerstein at the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)REDMark Salling and Simon Hammerstein at the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)RED
    Over 1000 revelers got caught in the ACT, including Elton John, who flew in 120 of his closest friends to celebrate the grand finale of husband David Furnish's 50 th birthday weekend. Other notable guests included Susan Sarandon sporting a purple wig, actress Malin Akerman, Mad Menbombshell Christina Hendricks and her beau Geoffrey Arend, fellow Mad Men Michael Gladis, and Gleestar Mark Salling.Susan Sarandon attends the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)REDSusan Sarandon attends the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)REDChristina Hendricks and beau attend the Grand Opening of The ACT in Las Vegas hosted by (BELVEDERE)RED

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  • Introduction

    hey yall,
    where do i begin? Im not a super complex girl but at the same time, i feel like i am. To start, i am a girlfriend to one of the few and the proud, a US Marine.But my life revolves around so much more than that. I am country born and raised. i like trucks and aint afraid of mud. i cant stand selfish people and people who dont support our troops. so have at it. judge me, we all do. but thats the difference about me, i dont care. i mean i really dont care. i love my bestfriends and expexct them to love me for ME!

  • Help a Telemarketer Out

    One of the many reasons to love the great, late TV show "Seinfeld" was the running gag about the clever ways Jerry Seinfeld handled telemarketing calls. One time, he told the guy pushing telephone services that he'd be happy to talk, but he'd need to call the guy back at home. The telemarketer, when asked for his home phone number, demurred. "Oh, I guess you don't want people calling you at home?" asked Jerry. "No," said the telemarketer. "Well, now you know how I feel," said Seinfeld and hung up the phone. The live studio audience went crazy.

    I used to do stuff like that to telemarketers, too. My husband got our kids into a fit of hysterical laughter one time when he took the phone out of my hand, seeing the exasperated expression on my face. i had just gotten my first word in edgewise, cutting off the telemarketer to say, "Now, Clarence - " when me husband grabbed the phone and took over. "Is this Clarence?" he asked, in an exuberant near-yell. "Clarence, is that you?" "Uh, yes,"

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  • The individual, who vehemently expresses hate for a selected group of people based on their gender or race, while pretending they like them, is being dishonest with themselves.

    I met such an individual, the experience was not pleasant. We both were very uncomfortable. Upon meeting this lady, I greeted her with Hello, how are you?

    She said "Hi." Then after a long pause, while staring into space, she said " I hate white people." After a brief pause, she further stated, while continuing to stare into space, "I can't stand them."

    Who would make such a stupid statement to a stranger?

    Neither of us said anything else.

    When the "White People" arrived, this woman who had just said she hate the whole race, started talking friendly with them and calling them honey, and turned on such a charm, that appeared to be love.

    My thoughts were, don't ever trust this woman, and leave anything you are going to eat or drink in her presence.

    The thing that troubled me about

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