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    Dare To Be DifferentDare To Be Different

    Here's Something To Feel Good About Today!

    "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." ~Judy Garland

    I remember the days when all I really wanted was to fit in with my peers. In elementary school a lot of us wore penny loafers. In high school, most of us had really long hair parted down the middle; some of us ironed it to emulate Olivia Hussey in the film, Romeo and Juliet. Skirts had to be short enough to be noticed, but not too short to be sent home from school. The bedroom I shared with my sister was to her liking not mine; Beatle posters plastered over psychadelic wall paper, fake fur throws on our twin beds. I didn't mind, she was older and seemed a lot "cooler" than me. READ MORE WATCH VIDEO:

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  • With the proposed reduction of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, currently numbering over 140,000, one has to wonder what awaits our returning veterans. Facing a floundering economy coupled with an abysmal job market, high unemployment rates and slim job prospects. It will be challenging at best for most of our returning soldiersUS Troops HomeUS Troops Home.
    It was anticipated that public safety sector jobs would be waiting. For our heroes to take the place of retiring first responders, police officers and firemen. As annual salaries of these positions approach and even exceed $100,000 a year, in many cases with generous lifelong pensions and benefits to follow, it's not surprising the current work force doesn't plan on relinquishing these jobs anytime soon.

    Corporate cost cutting includes layoffs, job elimination and early retirement to maintain profitability and sustain business. Gainful employment and hiring of a younger workforce has fallen below expectations, evidenced by growing numbers

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  • NYC: Mackenzie

  • ABC's hit show "Modern Family" posted a picture on their official Facebook page of Colombian star Sofia Vergara in character...pregnant and ready for Halloween! Check out the star- prosthetic belly and all!- gearing up for what promises to be a very spooky episode of her sitcom.

  • Do you every notice that you are more "you" around certain people? There are people who know me as well if not better than I know myself. Those who get my humor, with all its' sarcasm and dryness. Those who understand that if a Hallmark Christmas commercial comes on television, I will, without fail, dissolve into a puddle of tears. Those who know all my weird quirks and eccentricities, (from detesting the color purple to being terrified of spiders and weenie dogs) and find them charming and adorable, not at all annoying and stupid…..those are the people I want to spend my time with.

    There are times when I quip off something quite funny and sarcastic and get nothing but a blank stare and crickets chirping. I'm laughing like a crazy person on the inside, not only because what I just said was worthy of a Comedy Central special, but because the person I'm talking to is just so completely oblivious to the humor. Those are not the people I invite to my birthday party.

    How much

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    C.V. Rosasco is an author and psychotherapist living and working in a weird town called Hollywood. He has worked as a stage and soap opera actor, a childrens' social worker in South Central L.A., an addiction specialist with gay addicts, and a janitor. He is a beach volleyball player, just took up Jiu-Jitsu, has had two nervous breakdowns ( 3 if you're really counting), and is an avid meditator / yogi.

    • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Becoming a Published Author
    • 1. The first thing I didn't know about becoming published was how easy it is to do as a self publisher. I used Amazon's Create Space to self publish and they made the process incredibly easy. Their support team was very easy to access and I had a whole lot of questions as we progressed.
    • 2. The second thing I didn't know, but had heard about, was how important editing is to a manuscript. I think I spent as much time editing as I did writing. It was also obvious that I could literally edit this
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  • Michelle Obama The First Lady chats with Editor in Chief Rosemary Ellis about the challenges of White House life, the cause she'll never abandon, and the prayer that pulls her family closer.

    GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: One thing I wonder about is how you keep a sense of play in your incredibly busy life - there are viral videos of you playing double Dutch with jump ropes! How do you do that?

    FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA: I think Barack and I have built a life together that is full of play. Over the course of our relationship, he's really helped me not to worry so much. That is more his spirit than mine, though people think he's the stuffy one.

    GH: I wasn't going to say "stuffy," but he does seem like Mr. Serious, while you seem like you can go off script more easily.

    MO: It's true, but he also has the harder job. So there's Barack Obama the President, who's out in the Rose Garden at a press conference, and then there's my guy, who always reminds me life is interesting and that it's about the

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  • Lank-Inc. Production

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  • Hair Color

    I recently dyed my naturally blonde and color blonde mixed hair dark brown, but decided It wasn't for me. So I turned to this amazing product Color Oops (highly recommended, miracle worker) and it lightened my har a good bit. Now I'm looking to do an all over color, Loreal Feria's Shade 110 Cooler, Very Light Blonde, the cooler shade is supposed to minimize red/orange or golden tones. I do not want my hair to turn brassy, been there done that! Please give me your advice & helpful comments, only (:


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