• Rainbow colored hair isn't just for pop stars with outrageous wardrobes like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Celebs with a sense of style we really trust like Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth have shown us that candy colored locks are completely wearable. Here are three ways to get the look:

    1. Try colored extensions or test out a wig. It's noncommittal, fun for a night, and will give you an idea if you're ready for something more permanent.

    2. Seek an expert. Find a salon near you that offers bright colored dye and bring in a photo of a realistic look you'd like to achieve.

    3. DIY. We'd recommend buying rubber gloves, a thick paintbrush to help with application, and a jar of petroleum jelly (apply it along your hairline so dye doesn't stain your skin). In terms of dye, Manic Panic's semi-permanent hair color is the best. It's lasts four to six weeks. The company also offers bleach kits and Hair Color Styling Gel that shampoos right out. It's important to remember that while blonde hair

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  • A multiunit property can be a fantastic option for someone who wants to be a little bit hands-on, who doesn't mind sharing a property or being the occasional landlord. Oh, and who doesn't want a home that pays part, if not all, of its own mortgage! Having that additional income can really help offset your monthly carrying costs.

    My first home purchase in Los Angeles was a duplex. It was a wonderful 1920s up-and-down duplex with terrific details and charm to it. I lived in the downstairs apartment and rented out the upstairs unit. The most amazing thing about this property was that I was able to live there almost mortgage free because the rent from the upper unit covered the expenses.

    Thinking about purchasing a multiunit property? Let me break down the pros and cons:

    The Pros

    1. You may be able to live for free. With rent coming in from the other unit or units, you can have a big chunk of your mortgage and carrying costs covered.
    2. It's such a fantastic benefit to know
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  • Lucca, Lucca, Lucca. I loved it there. The walking pace was faster than my liking once again. How do you get a chance to really shoot if you have to walk fast to keep up? Anyway, Lucca was mostly flat once you got into the town, through the walls that protect the little city.

    Lucca, Italy

    entrance to the moat


    ancient moat, still standing

    Luca is surrounded by an ancient moat that has been transformed into a huge park surrounding the town. The beautiful walls are still standing. Our tour guide handed out walkie talkies and guided us from the beautiful moat to the town. She told us "no cars permitted in Lucca" but there were some-shop owners, loading and emptying cars. People were on bicycles everywhere, you had to be careful to not walk in their way. Scooters beep, cyclists veer. It wasn't too busy though.

    Lucca, Italy

    another part of the moat

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  • By Anna Norman, Birchbox

    After progressing from hair to fashion, the ombré trend has made its way to your manicure. The secret: you only need one color. After progressing from hair to fashion, the ombré trend has made its way to your manicure. The secret: you only need one color.

    After progressing from hair to fashion, the ombré trend has made its way to your manicure. The look is simple to recreate at home, and you don't even have to track down five sequential shades. The secret: you only need color. To get a gorgeous gradient, just pick a single pretty hue and then create your own lighter and darker shades using white or black polishes. Here's how to get the effect:

    STEP 1
    Select your base polish. For this technique, a standard crème finish works best, so stay away from sheers, metallics, or jelly finishes. Bright polishes like these neons and pastels from Color Club are perfect for an eye-catching summer ombré.

    STEP 2
    Grab a paper plate, a piece of foil, or an empty egg carton to use as your palette. You'll also need a small paintbrush or makeup brush.

    Steps two and three in action.Steps two and three in action.

    STEP 3
    Dab four drops of colored polish onto your work surface. Add drops of white polish to each pile on your palette, increasing the white as you go.

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  • Well, I want to be singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey without all the weird career controversy and name changing (real name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) and dating Axl Rose. Really I just want all of Lana's ladylike-perfect clothes. I have rarely, in recent memory, seen a woman who looks so lovely, so often; who pulls off red carpet looks, on-stage looks, and street looks, who just knows who she is style-wise and nails it each and every time. These are my favorite Lana looks from the past few months.

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  • After touring London, my twin boys and I head to Paris.
    -Deborah Perry Piscione, BettyConfidential.com


    Day 5: Tuesday

    The Eurostar to Paris

    I have to admit that I am probably one of the few people in the world who is not a big fan of Paris, and I was challenged to figure out how to entertain little boys there. We were excited, however, about taking the Eurostar, the train that travels below the English Channel and arrives in Paris in about 2.5 hours. (One-way tickets starting at $57) I remember the days when, if you were a starving student, you had to bus from London to Portsmouth, take the 4-hour ferry over the English Channel, and then another bus to Paris from Cherbourg.

    The Eurostar is fantastic to travel. Plus, rather than shepherding back to the airport and waiting in the lines for security and passport control, St. Pancras, the central London train station, offers the simplest pleasure of traveling from one country to another. The Eurostar

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  • From the London Eye to the crown jewels, four amazing days with my twin boys in London.
    -Deborah Perry Piscione, BettyConfidential.com

    Drake and Dominick in LondonDrake and Dominick in London

    Day 1: Friday

    The London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

    As soon as we arrived at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel (162.33 GBP or $251.54 per night)., we were amazed by the view of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye from our hotel suite, and the size and comfort of the room, not typical for London. I had not spent much time on the South Bank before, but this location is within walking distance of about every site on our must-see list, except for the Tower of London. The Westminster and Waterloo tube stops are a few short blocks away, so we were never in need of pricey taxi rides.

    Once we checked in, I made all of us drink a lot of water and sleep for a few hours before our 3:00 pm ticket to ride the London Eye, the enormous Ferris wheel that allows you to see most of London with a

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  • Hundreds of thousands of new homes and condos have been built in the past decade nationwide. At this point there is a surplus of them, so in today's new market there are some good deals to be had . . . and some land mines to avoid.

    Here's my take on the Pros and Cons of buying a brand new build:

    The Pros

    • You are moving into a house that should be completed and perfect and have that "new house smell."
    • With new construction or preconstruction purchases, the work is done for you. You don't have to do a darn thing. You don't have to lift a finger, or a hammer.
    • Okay, yes, maybe make a few decisions about what color to paint the breakfast room or if you want the white or the stainless steel appliances―that is, the fun stuff. A big financial benefit to a new home is that you won't have much maintenance to do for quite a while. With brand-new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air, you should be repair free for a few years.
    • They come with some of the amenities that today's
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  • By Woman's Day Staff

    summer book coverssummer book coversEscape Reality

    Need a reason to do some reading this summer? How about 10?! Woman's Day and WomansDay.com editors hit the books to bring you their top picks for the season. Whether you're seeking adventure, mystery or romance, click through to see which June, July and August releases we recommend. Photo credit: Crown, Ballantine, Viking, Knopf, Harper S&S, St. Martin's Press, Simon & Schuster, William Morrow

    Beautiful Ruins

    by Jess Walter (June/Harper, $25.99)

    A young American actress is shepherded away from the film set of Cleopatra in 1962 and sent to an Italian inn. Said to be suffering from "stomach cancer," it's later revealed she's pregnant with Richard Burton's child. A young Italian innkeeper, having fallen for the actress, travels to Hollywood in search of her many years later in this entertaining epic about romance, betrayal and greed. Photo credit: Harper
    See the best short hairstyles for you.

    The Meryl Streep Movie Club

    by Mia

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  • A Hiding Place

    You are my hiding place...


    "You are my hiding place; you will save me from trouble. I sing aloud of your salvation, because you protect me." (Psalm 32:7)

    A few weeks ago our neighbors went away on vacation so their grass grew a little taller than normal. When they returned and mowed the front lawn they discovered a mother rabbit had used their absence and tall grass as an opportunity to build a nest in a small hollow. Fortunately the hollow was deep enough that the baby rabbits were exposed but not harmed by the mower. A few days later the mother rabbit moved her babies to a new location.

    Isn't it amazing that most mammals are born in a state of "almost ready?" It's really another example of God's attention to detail in the divine plan for life. That time between birth and leaving the nest is an important opportunity for physical, mental, social, (and for humans, spiritual) maturation. There is lots to be learned that will contribute toward survival and success as adults in the

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