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    A Last Word on Dancing with the Stars 2011 (Season 13)

  • Astrology.com Weekly: November 28 - December 4, 2011
    In a week when many people behave in ways they later wish they hadn't, love planet Venus joins powerful Pluto in commitment-focused Capricorn on December 1 -- an aspect that can create an unshakable love connection. And once feisty Mars squares the Sun on December 2, be sure to keep an eye out for those who act in ways that don't represent the best of who they are.

    What is your purpose in life? Do you know if you're on the right road? Find out with a free sample Life Path Reading!

    You're so focused on a goal (or plural ones) as the week gets going, you might be a little oblivious to the impact you're having while you're going after it. Read more...

    Play it safe on Monday, whatever it may be; you'll have a much better idea about what direction to take over the next couple days. Read more...

    Consider the prolonged sound of your own voice a red flag as the week gets going. Read more...

    Conserve your resources and rest up a bit at the beginning of the week.

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  • Analyst of U.S. investment bank Jefferies Peter Misek said in a recent investor report that Apple will cooperate with Sharp to create an improved IGZO technology screen, which may be used in the next generation of iPad. If so, then the iPad 3 screen will abandon the current used IPS technology, and don't need to consider the dual LED backlight design. IGZO is short for InGaZnO (indium gallium zinc oxide), which is a thin-film transistor technology, it was first published by Professor Hideo Hosono of Japan in 1995. The screen using IGZO technology can provide 330 dpi ultra-clear picture. Something about iPad: dvd ipad converter. On the part of Japan, Samsung and Sharp have the fastest pace in using the technology.

    Misek said that Apple has purchased the manufacturing equipment with the value of 5-10 billion, these devices have been shipped to Sharp's Gen 6 factory in Japan Kameyama, the factory will manufacture iOS device's screen.

    There are many advantages for iOS device

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  • The Year of Twisted Words

    For many, this year has been filled with turmoil in the midst of an unrelenting backwards economy.

    We've witnessed elected officials who care more about saving face then saving the child left behind.

    We have seen Corporations who put profits above a prophetic word that the country's citizens are suffering.

    The demise of Churches who are dressing themselves up, in order to become the new savor, while ignoring the instructions of the Savior.

    Friends preying on you, while you are busy praying for them.

    Those we entrust twist words. But the Word is never twisted.

    Praise belongs to God, Be thankful, be prayerful and take care of one another.

    Our duty, our call.

  • Download WeDraw 1.8.2

    WeDraw 1.8.2 Category: Arcade Games Platform: mobile License: Free Publisher: MOVL, LLC. WeDraw is your remote control for the special TV application running on Google TV's, Samsung connected TV's, and internetTV enabled Blu-Ray Players. Along with WeDraw for connected TV's, you can also play on your computer by visiting http://www.wedraw.tv/WeDraw lets contestants win http://marmur-ua.com/download-wedraw-1-8-2/


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