• By Cheryl Wischhover

    Best applicator-free blushes.More and more frequently I find myself reaching for makeup that doesn't require brushes, applicators, sponges or well, skill, to apply. Luckily for me and my new laissez-faire application attitude, three new spring blush launches fit perfectly into this category. They're all portable, easy to use, and have some innovative new qualities.

    Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Blush, $52: Armani's Maestro foundation is a favorite of beauty insiders everywhere because it somehow disappears into your skin while simultaneously making you look flawless. The brand has now taken that same premise and applied it to blush. The new Maestro Fusion Blush, which is packaged in a bottle with a dropper, comes in three colors -- peach (300), dark pink (400), and coral (500--this is the most universally flattering of the three). Yes, it's pricey, but this blush will last you a long time, because you only need one single dot on each cheek; it's pretty concentrated. When you first

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  • Brooke and Lauren's Spring BreakBrooke and Lauren's Spring Break

    These best friends do everything together. Even spring break.

  • Five Seconds of Spring Break FameFive Seconds of Spring Break Fame

    Andy was out and about to give people five seconds to tell Ellen about their spring break!

  • Restaurant meals don't have to be diet-wreckers. Health.com
    By Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD

    For many of my clients, going out to eat feels like a mini vacation where anything goes and healthy eating goals fall by the wayside. Trouble is, many are dining out more often and the effects of those splurge meals snowball, leading to weight gain or preventing weight loss. According to one recent study, a single meal at a sit-down restaurant can pack nearly a day's worth of calories, and meals consumed away from home are higher in unhealthy fats and sodium and lower in filling fiber. But restaurant meals don't have to be dietary disasters. These 7 savvy tricks can help you enjoy dining away from home without going overboard.

    Health.com: 16 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

    Review the menu before you go
    Most restaurants post menus online. Do a little recon and scope out healthy options in advance (and when you're not already hungry). Mentally pre-ordering can prevent you from feeling stressed or rushed when you're there. It may also lessen the

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  • A style expert reveals her clever storage solutions for tiny spaces.

    Cubbies: ideal for storageCubbies: ideal for storage
    Build in flexibility
    Cubbies are ideal for storage and display--and are easy to stack and rearrange. Cubes $60 and $80 from Stumasa. Office Basics accordion-style organizer $36; seejanework.com.
    Small bedroom tips

    Storage bench holds anythingStorage bench holds anything
    Put furniture to work

    Multipurpose furniture is a must. "We don't have an entryway closet, so this storage bench holds anything I need to unload," says Maybelle. Westport storage bench $379 and baskets $15 each from Stumasa.

    Bonus tip: Forget folding chairs--move the bench for extra seating.
    Salvage style

    Less expensive than built-insLess expensive than built-ins
    Maximize wall space
    "Freestanding wall units can be much less expensive than built-ins," says Maybelle. Custom wall unit $3,800 and wire baskets $29 each from Stumasa. Chalkboard by notNeutral, $36; seejanework.com.

    Bonus tip: Create a niche in the unit for a workstation to add even more function.
    Home-office solutions

    You know what you've gotYou know what you've got
    Access what you often need

    Open shelves are all about easy access,

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  • Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers' NamesEllen Reads Her Chinese Viewers' Names
    She asked them to send in their names on a 100 Yuan, and they did! Ellen read a few of her new viewers' names from China!

  • Jamie Foxx Is Scared of SpidersJamie Foxx Is Scared of Spiders
    What else would Ellen do, except have a giant spider scare him? Watch his reaction here!

  • Unsung SuperheroesUnsung Superheroes
    On a day when she was talking to the cast of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," Ellen talked to her audience about some other superheroes she discovered... whose powers are a little less mainstream.

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    The two stars of the new film "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" were here, and Ellen asked the tough questions. See what they said!

  • Luke Bryan Knocks a Few Back with AndyLuke Bryan Knocks a Few Back with Andy

    He's a good drinker, but how is he when up against Ellen's friend Andy? Find out here!


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