• just for the sake of quantity at the cost of quality of scientific and technological research and education if the system is criminally neglected is this not anti national mo vent in the country.,responsible to encourage corruption and cheating on the public requiring progress and high standards of living.
    Let it be known to the governance for so many years they have been promising upliftment of the basics of education by introducing which they call modern and imported knowledge which has not shown any miracle as yet instead , much poor out put of students are comings.,
    This is because in schools, colleges and in universities the administrative machineries are uncontrollable by the education Ministry and its downward officers.
    As well the political parties to gain the entry to the ruling governance do spread caste and religion matters by favoring on true people to fit in the posts.

    India and China became Independent nearly a the same time but our country is now popper before China

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  • kindle fire hd reviewkindle fire hd reviewThe new Kindle Fire HD has many noteworthy upgrades compared to its predecessor. The high definition display, the front HD camera, larger internal storage (up to 32GB), faster Wi Fi download speeds thanks to dual antennas, introduction of the 8.9" model and availability of 3G and 4G LTE are some of the major additions to the second generation Kindle Fire. Even though it fulfills the expectations and needs of most tablet computer users, the Kindle Fire HD still falls short in certain aspects that would make it that ideal tablet.


    In addition to reviews on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet, they also review the Apple iPad 3, Google Nexus 7, Nook HD from Barnes and Noble as well as popular eReaders such as the Kindle PaperWhite. They also discuss the main POSITIVE and NEGATIVE tech specs of the Kindle Fire 2 in comparison to other tablets in the market, and provide detailed comparisons between different tablet

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  • Drug and alcohol addiction can take you to many different 'bottoms'. You could lose your job, your family, your friends, or your sense of self. Only you will know when enough becomes enough for you. When you have reached your bottom and decided that enough is enough, drug and alcohol treatment can serve as a necessary approach to recovery.

    People end up in drug and alcohol treatment for many different reasons, very few of which are of their own accord. The phrase "enough is enough" is less about the decision to go to treatment and has more to do with the decision to stop drinking or using. Sometimes the courts force people to go to treatment; sometimes one's family is the force that pushes them to treatment; sometimes an employer values an employee enough to pay for treatment before the alternative of termination. However it is that you get treatment, a decision must be made to do what it takes to recover.

    What is great about this decision is that it does not mean that you

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  • Identity theft is a serious problem today, and those who are really concerned take the initiative to pay for identity theft coverage. While not everyone chooses to go that far in their quest to protect their identities, there are precautions you can and should take in order to reduce your potential for becoming a victim.

    Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

    Have you ever been a credit card fraud victim? Consider yourself lucky if you haven't! It doesn't have to been something big, but it's still inconvenient. I remember the first time I found a fraudulent charge on my credit card I was appalled. I was so careful but someone managed to place a subscription to an adult website on my credit card! I don't even visit those sites, but it somehow made it to my credit card. The only thing that really saved me was the charge was generated during a time when I wasn't on the computer and was able to prove it to my card issuer. This saved me from a long and drawn out investigation.

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  • If you're really into the new guy you just met, you might have some questions about how to show him you like him without being needy, clingy or freaking him out in a way that causes him to head for the hills. How much do you reveal and when?

    First you'll need to decide if you're in one of two categories of people. Some of you Dignity Daters out there are naturally born with skills in the art of flirting.

    And then there are those of us who are not… And for YOU, dear reader, we here at Dating with Dignity have come up with an airtight guide with tips on how to show a guy you like him in a way that is not only dignified but incredibly sexy!

    This guy could be the man you're out with right now while you're reading this post (Stop it. Put your phone away!), the waiter who's serving you during Girls Night Out, your oldest guy friend, or a stranger at Starbucks. Use these tips, and we think he'll get the picture!

    1. Find something small or insignificant that bothers both of

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  • Sometimes all you want is your old life back.Sometimes all you want is your old life back.What do you do when your new life has begun, but you want your old life back? These tips for moving forward are inspired by a reader's comment on my blog...

    "I was married for 12 years and pregnant with my second child when my husband cheated on me," says J. on 7 Signs Your Marriage is Over. "He left me for this woman. I divorced him and a year later met someone else. We are now married and I love him dearly. The problem is I long for my old life and marriage. I cry a lot and feel like I maybe got into my new relationship too quick. I don't feel I will ever get over what happened to me."

    I'm almost finished reading The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin. It's a groovy book about being happy with your life while making changes that improve your life even more. It's definitely worth a read, especially if you're focused on the past, what you don't have, and

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  • Chicago, IL (PR.WEB) December 6, 2012--Health and Wellness will be at the heart of "The Celebrity Fitness Fashion Show" which will take place at Nikki Chicago Nightclub, 1543 North Kingsbury, Chicago, IL 60642. This entertaining educational event was created to inspire the citizens of Chicago to become more familiar with the opportunities they have to achieve optimum health and fitness.

    The Fitness & Bodybuilding Industries will be showcased by Ms. Corri Fetman, who will be the MC for the night with the primary host being Ms. Shea Vaughn. They will be introducing Chicagoan's to various fitness clothing lines via fitness models.

    There will be many celebrities and models from within and outside the Fitness & Body Building industries who will be in the Fashion show. All profits will go to charities such as Give A Little Does A Lot, Special Kids Network, I Am 4 Kids, and American Chamber Opera.

    To learn more about "The Celebrity Fitness Fashion Show", please join us on
  • questionmarkbuttonHere's a question for you.

    2013 is almost here (how did that happen, by the way?). If, by the end of 2013, you could magically change one aspect of your life, what would you change? What single thing would add the most to your happiness?

    You know my next question.

    With that aim in mind, can you come up with concrete, manageable steps that would help you accomplish it?

    As I've worked on my happiness projects, I've been surprised to discover how easy it is to be unhappy with some aspect of my life, but somehow never try to do anything about it. And many times, once I tried to do something about it, it wasn't even very hard to improve it.

    Also ...

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  • Yes everyday the sun rises...we all know....but this 'sun' has the power to make our dreams come true..! Everday when we wake up, our thought is 'phew...another day..hope my meeting goes well or god please today my teacher should be on a leave..or i hope i pass the exam..' and what not. Our mind is just tuned to such thinking.We just want to survive each day that comes and move on.The weekends are no different !
    Either we spend the whole day sleeping ,watching tv or go out and spend all the hard earned money - 'retail therapy'. No one has the time to pause for a minute and to see where are we heading towards in our Life? why are we running this race?
    Oh yes everybody reads a lot of books on yoga,meditation and inner peace..but nobody knows how to implement it in their practical life or they are still not sure of all these.Directly or indirectly everybody is in the search of the sun. Everybody wants a change ..hopes that someday things will change for better and all their dreams will

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