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  • How Can I Accessorize My Navy Blue Prom Dress?

    I bought this dress from about 2 weeks ago....and I really need help accessorizing it.

    The dress:…

    The dress is navy blue, strapless. and long (fitted)

    I was wondering how I can glam it up so that I look elegant and classy.
    The ideas I have is to buy an wide belt with diamonds and place it over the flower or ever apply a thick ribbon and tie it so a bow forms in the back.....please help (If those ideas sound bad please let me know.)

    What color shoes should I wear? necklace? earings? Hairstyle?
    Please Help :)

  • Missing my sister!

    Ive receantly just moved to Buffalo NY from Gastonia NC and i left because my dad was abusive towards me, I now stay with my mom and everytime I try to call my sister he never lets them answer or he'll turn his cell phone off. Since ive been here he has changed their house number and turns his cell phone off when I call. What should I do?? Im really sad and keep crying im 17 and my sisters are 14 and 8. I love them so much :( but i cant talk to them....oh and to make matters worst my lil sis bday just passed and i was unable to hear from her and see if she got my gift I sent!!

  • My hair

    I have shoulder length hair and I want to try a new style are there any suggestions out there to what i can do?