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  • High Stakes Poker Where You Can Play the Pros

    Card rooms tend to consider games that are $50/$100 or more to be a High Stakes game. However to individual poker players a High Stakes game could be higher stakes or even lower stakes than the card room's definition. Basically a High Stakes poker game is where a lot of money is being won and lost. Normally people do not just start out at the higher limits. This is not to say that it never happens. Once in a while somebody that is extremely wealthy, and likes poker, will walk in to a casino and sit in the biggest game available. They do this because they have so much money and do not want to fool around in any game but the biggest. Amounts of money that are more than most people make in 10 years would seem inconsequential to someone like this. These people are called "Fish" and they usually lose a lot of money. These fish do not come along very often but when they do it is a bonanza for the other high stakes poker players that are lucky enough to be in the game.

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