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  • Most Frequently Asked Questions About Men

    Wondering why men do the things they do? We typed "Why do men" into the Yahoo search engine and asked comedian Jo Koy to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about guys.

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    Why do men like younger women? Jo insists that not all men do. "I like an older woman," he says. "I think it's just kind of annoying to take a girl out that just hasn't experienced anything."

    Why do men always have to be right? Jo says that's not the case anymore. Before the Internet, he says, it was just too much work for women to prove their men wrong. "Now you just go to the Internet and you can find out that the guy's wrong."

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    Why do men always touch themselves? "Because it's always tangled, no matter what!" Joe explains. "You have to untangle it somehow."

    What do men think about implants? According to Jo, it doesn't matter. "I like boobs in general," he says. "If a woman chooses to get implants, I'm all right with it."

    To find out

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  • Isabel Gillies: Surviving the End of Your Marriage

    Isabel Gillies had what she thought was "the perfect life." She was married to a professor at Oberlin College, had two young children and a beautiful home, and was enjoying her acting career as Elliot Stabler's wife in "Law & Order: SVU." Then, things changed drastically. "He fell in love with someone in the English Department and left me very suddenly."

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    Four years later, Isabel chronicles the demise of her marriage and the steps she took to get through it in her book "Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True-Story." Today, she's remarried and says that, "It's all good now. It truly, truly is."

    Isabel says she made it through the dark period in her life by learning not to be resentful toward her ex-husband. "Life is long and big," she says. "It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

    She also learned to appreciate and love the little, great moments of her day, even something small as enjoying a cup of yogurt with honey. "Those little

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  • Dean Cain on 'Superman' and Dating Brooke Shields

    Dean Cain rose to fame for wearing undies over a spandex suit. While he's had a number of roles after "Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman," he says he doesn't mind being best recognized for his time as Clark Kent. "I don't mind being somebody's Superman at all," he says.

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    How did he land the iconic role? "I walked in like any other audition," Dean says. "I had read the script, and I thought, 'This kind of make sense to me.'" But there was one other actor he had to beat out first: Kevin Sorbo. "He's blond, so I was like, 'I got this,'" Dean said.

    Before Dean established himself in Hollywood, he dated Brooke Shields while the two were students at Princeton. "Took her virginity?" Ali asked.

    "You don't take a woman's virginity. She gives it to you," Dean replied. "I will let Brooke be the purveyor of that one."

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    Dean's latest project is the ION movie "Defending Santa," in which he

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  • Five Great Gifts for Foodies

    Have you finished your holiday shopping? If not, don't panic just yet. Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark are the vintage clothing-wearing, best-friend cocktail-enthusiasts who star on the Cooking Channel's "Tripping Out With Alie and Georgia," and they stopped by the "Daily Shot" to tell us what gifts to buy for our foodie friends.

    WATCH: DIY Holiday Gifts

    For the coffee lovers out there, Alie and Georgia recommend the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio by Fiorucci, an at-home coffee and espresso machine with a trendy design. "It's great espresso drinks," Georgia says. "And it's also adorable — so you basically have pop art in your kitchen."

    If you're taking a bottle of wine to a Christmas dinner, carry it in a BUILT Holiday Wine Tote, which keeps bottles from breaking. The tote comes in festive holiday colors and patterns. "They're like scuba gear for a wine bottle," Alie says.

    WATCH: Nadia G's Romantic Dinner Recipe

    For families, Alie and Georgia say, a George Foreman grill is essential for

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  • 5 Misconceptions About Millennials

    Have you complained about millennials lately? Twenty-35-year-olds have been called "the laziest generation." Alicia Menendez, a millennial and host of "Alicia Menendez Tonight" on Fusion, stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk about the top five misconceptions about her generation.

    1. Millennials are lazy. "We all got out of college and there weren't jobs," Alicia says about the poor state of the market, specifically for entry-level positions. "The fact that we're unemployed and underemployed is not our fault."

    WATCH: How to Get Ahead as a Young Entrepreneur

    2. They're needy. "We grew up with these parents that were sort of helicopter parents," she says about overly involved families who provide too much validation to their kids. While being told that they're the "greatest always" as kids doesn't necessarily make millennials needy, "it does mean that we need a lot of feedback," Alicia says.

    3. Millennials are slutty. While the media may make it seem like people in their 20s are obsessed with

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  • Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

    Spending too much money on holiday gifts? A DIY present is a great way to give something cool without going broke. Katie Brown stopped by "Daily Shot" to inspire others to get in the spirit of a handmade holiday.

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    For your favorite foodie, create flavored sugar for a fun way to sweeten up lemonade or tea. Katie squeezed the juice from a bag of frozen raspberries, strained the juice, and mixed with sugar from her cupboard to create the sweet gift. She suggests packaging the flavored sugar in glass gars with a fairy on top, coining the concoction "sugar from the sugar plum fairy."

    She suggests getting creative with containers for a handmade touch. Packaging mixed nuts in fabric bag labeled "Nuts For You" makes a cute, easy holiday favor.

    WATCH: Best Hot Chocolate Ever

    Did you know you can make your own vanilla at home? Fill a small glass bottle with vodka and scrape the seeds from three whole vanilla beans into the liquid. Place the bean shells

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  • Winter Hair Care Do's and Don'ts

    When the temperature drops, our hair can take a serious beating. Style maven Gretta Monahan says most people notice a big difference in their locks in the winter months. "The dew point is lower, so your hair isn't getting that natural moisture from the air," she says. "You're also drying your hair more on average. Even your conditioners and shampoos don't absorb as readily."

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    So how can we keep our hair looking shiny and healthy despite the cold? Gretta has a few essential tips.

    DO condition more frequently, or try using a hair mask to lock in moisture. "If your hair's really brittle, look for key ingredients like soy proteins, panthenol, or shea butter," Gretta says.

    DO try to go a day without washing to help reduce dryness. If you feel as if you must shampoo daily, try a dry shampoo.

    DO use dryer sheets. If you get frustrated with flyaways after wearing a winter hat, a dryer sheet tames unruly strands and adds a little shine.

    WATCH: The

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  • Style Tips for Shorter Men

    If a guy under 5-foot-8 goes shopping for pants at the mall, chances are he'll have to buy a pair with a 30-inch inseam. That's as short as it gets in the men's clothing industry, but it's still too long for a lot of guys, making their legs look baggy. That's why Peter Manning, founder of Peter Manning Five Eight, created a line of classic sportswear for shorter guys — who he says make up 25 percent of the market.

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    So many guys have been making do with oversize clothes that they may not realize how their clothes should fit. So Peter came by to tell us about some common fashion mistakes shorter guys make — and the easiest ways to fix them.

    First, ditch the baggy, oversize clothes. "It's a disaster," Peter says of the biggest fashion mistake men make. "One of the other things that a man shouldn't do is wear a shirt out that's longer than his rump."

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    Second, make sure you're buying pants with

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  • How to Tell if Someone's Lying

    Steve Van Aperen has worked on more than 50 serial-killer investigations as a behavioral interviewer, and trains people across the globe in detecting deception. He says there are three surefire ways to tell if someone is lying.

    WATCH: How 'SVU' Made Danny Pino a Better Parent

    The first thing to look for is, "Are they answering the question, or are they deliberately being evasive or dismissive?" Steve says, "A truthful person will give a clear-cut direct answer," while a deceptive person will object, saying something like "Why would I do that?"

    The second red flag: Deceptive people will talk in different tenses. "Deceptive people jump between past tense and present tense," Steve explains, using the case of Susan Smith, who was convicted of murder. "She said 'I loved my children,'" Steve points out. "Loved is past tense. It's very uncharacteristic for a mother to give up hope so soon after a disappearance."

    WATCH: Mariska Hargitay on What's Next for Olivia Benson

    Finally, "Look for

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  • Kate McKinnon: The Behind-the-Scenes 'Ellen' Encounter That Didn't Go as Planned

    Every week on "Saturday Night Live," Kate McKinnon cracks up audiences with her impressions of Chelsea Handler's Swedish doppelganger, Penélope Cruz, and other celebs, but one of her most recognizable is that of comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

    WATCH: Vanessa Bayer: The Most Surprising 'SNL' Guest

    When her on-point impression earned her a guest spot on Ellen's show, Kate says she was excited and terrified to meet the host backstage. "I thought that I would be so bizarre that they would have to drag me off, and I think I bordered on that," Kate says. "I wanted to be able to talk to her as a woman, but all I could say was, 'God, I love you, Ellen. I love you so much.'"

    Before Kate hit it big on "SNL," she had a few jobs that just weren't the right fit — including one stint as a telemarketer. "It was the job for which I am the least cut out in this world," she says. "I couldn't sell crack to a crack person."

    WATCH: Jay Pharoah's Celebrity Crush

    Now that she's established as a

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