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  • The Toxic Truth About Buying "Green"

    Going green may not be as easy as you think. With the increased demand for "natural" and "eco-friendly" products, some companies are using misleading tactics to market their products. We spoke with Robin Kay Levine, founder of Eco-Me, to find out what you really need to know before you buy.

    1) MYTH: Trust all products that have a seal of approval on the label.

    Many brands on the market create their own seal of approval. This is very deceiving as this creates a false standard set by the needs of marketing their product, and not the health and safety of consumers and the environment.

    Look for products that are certified by the Natural Products Association and Green Seal. Both of these non-profit organizations have third party testing requirements that look at the safety of ingredients and their usage both for human interaction and environmental impact.

    2) MYTH: A product listed as eco- or earth-friendly is healthy for humans.

    The general

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