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  • Tracy Lee Stum's Amazing Chalk Art Masterpieces

    Most artists spend a lifetime finding both success and passion with their art. Tracy Lee Stum, known on Flickr as Tracy Stum, is one of those exceptions. Tracy makes a living traveling the world creating interactive 3D street art - beautiful chalk masterpieces on the sidewalk.

    “I love what I do because I get to take a piece of pavement and transform it into this amazing, imaginary world,” Tracy says in the accompanying video. “And the great thing about it is people can actually step into and be a part of it!”

    Tracy says she was born an artist who loved drawing and painting as a child. She studied art in school and became a successful mural painter. However, her discovery of street art was a total accident. In 1998, she happened upon a street painting festival in Santa Barbara, CA and was immediately drawn to it.

    “I went over there and thought, ‘Oh my god! Here are hundreds of people, down on the pavement making these amazing masterpieces with chalk pastel! It was incredible,’” Stacy says.

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  • The Weekly Flickr Celebrates Mother's Day

    In this edition of The Weekly Flickr, we asked the Flickr community to help us celebrate the most important women in our lives: Mothers. We wanted them to share their photos and tell us “The Best Advice She Ever Gave."

    We received countless photos and wanted to share a few testimonials from the photographer. Happy Mother’s Day!

    After you've watched the video, be sure to check out our "Mother’s Day" galleries.

    “The best advice she gave me is to lead a happy, healthy and full life, such as hers, I need to be mentally and physically strong, which is possible if I keep myself fully engaged in activities I enjoy and avoid worrying.” -KV Gopalakrishnan

    "The best advice my mother gave me was: Don't ever let the negative things in life get you down." -- Sean Marc Lee

    “The best advice my Mom ever gave me was to save money. It sure has come in handy at times when I've wanted to buy something that wasn't necessary, and I would think of Mom, and usually decide against the purchase. My Mom is the best,

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  • Dad Turns Kids' Sandwich Bags Into Art

    Let’s be honest, given the choice, most high school kids would choose school lunches over homemade lunches. But not David Laferriere’s kids Evan, 15, and Kenny, 14, because they’d miss out on their dad’s hand-drawn surprise lunch bags!

    “I’ve been doing it for my kids since they were little,” the graphics designer, known as D Laferriere on Flickr, tells us in the accompanying video. “They love it and nothing makes me happier than hearing their reaction at the end of the day.”

    David started making these decorative lunch bags back in May 2008. It all came about one morning in an attempt to do something special for his boys.

    “It was just a way to have fun with the kids,” David says. “And also start my creative juices before work. I had already been making their lunches and I experimented with a few things.”

    Photo and drawing by David LaferriereDavid first began using food coloring and tried to draw directly onto the bread. However, the bread was too rough and the process became too time consuming so dropped that idea. One morning

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