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  • Are Splashlights Really a Hot New Hair Trend?

    Forget ombre. It's all about a splashlight. ( It started with highlights, moved on to ombre, and now ... splashlights.

    If you're not up-to-date on the world of cutting-edge hair color, you might be wondering exactly what they are. The increasingly trendy highlighting technique creates a band of bleached hair that stretches from ear to ear — a look inspired by a laser beam, according to Aura Friedman, a hair colorist at the Sally Hershberger Salon in New York. Friedman first created the process more than a year ago for a musician, who then donned splashlights in this music video.

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    "She told me that she wanted a laser beam-type thing next to her eyes, and this is the look that I came up with. I also did a similar look for the singer Santigold over a year ago. The idea is for the color to look like a ray of light. Like a shine mark," Friedman told Yahoo! Shine. Now, she says, people are suddenly starting to take notice. (It probably helped that Allure magazine reported in its

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  • The 5 Best Lead-Free Lipstick Brands

    Looking for lead-free lipstick? (Photo: Getty Images)You might want to think twice before applying your favorite shade of lipstick. The New York Times reports that a new study has found that many brands contain as many as eight metals (including cadmium and aluminum) and now experts are questioning what will happen if these metals are swallowed or absorbed on a daily basis.
    "It matters because this is a chronic long-term issue, not a short-term exposure," Katharine Hammond, a professor of environmental health sciences at the University of California at Berkeley, told the newspaper. "We're not saying anyone needs to panic. We're saying let's not be complacent, that these are metals known to affect health."
    While both the Federal Drug Administration and the cosmetics industry state that the average lead levels found pose no real or unusual health risk, doctors note that lead tends to accumulate in the body — and this is where the harm lies. There have also been traces of cadmium, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, manganese, chromium, copper, Read More »from The 5 Best Lead-Free Lipstick Brands
  • Miley Cyrus is Growing Out Her Hair with a Supplement: Does it Work?

    Short hair, do care. Miley Cyrus is growing out her cropped locks. Growing out your hair can be a (somewhat) tedious task, and pop singer Miley Cyrus is ready to tackle it head on … with a little help from the hair growth supplement called Viviscal. In August of last year, the 20-year-old twerk queen had celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan chop her long locks into a pixie cut and then dye them platinum blonde. She didn't waste any time sharing her new 'do with the world, posting several photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, stating "LOVE my hair - feel so happy, pretty and free."

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    Fast forward to a year later, and Cyrus has is ready for her short hair to be long again. "I'm secretly tugging it every night and taking Viviscal," Cyrus told Kelly Osbourne on a recent episode of E! Fashion Police . "I'm not going to lie. But, I'm going to rock [short hair] while I have it."

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    But, what is this magic hair growth pill that Cyrus speaks of

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  • 5 Ways to Look More Rested

    Just because you didn't get a full night of sleep doesn't mean you have to look like it! Skimping on sleep and waking up with dull skin, puffy eyes, and dark circles is never a good look. In a perfect world, it would be awesome if we could all get the doctor-recommended eight hours of beauty sleep every night, but that's not always, if ever, possible. However, you don't have to let don't let your face pay the price for your lack of z's. Here are five beauty tricks to help you look well rested (even when you're not).

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    1. Exfoliate. This is a super easy way to create a rosy glow (or at least look a bit more alive). Why? Exfoliation helps to get rid of any dead skin cells that may be dulling the top layer of your skin, and allows for fresh, new cells to be exposed. It also increases your blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, which actually improves the color. Try an exfoliating facial mask such as GlamGlow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask, $69,
    More on YAHOO!: 8

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  • How to Make Your Lip Color Look 3-D

    Why wear one lipstick when you can rock them all? With so many lip-color hybrids hitting the market recently, it can sometimes be difficult to try and figure out exactly which shade to go with. There's also no shortage of textures and finishes as many lip colors come in everything from high shines to matte finishes. But, instead of choosing just one, why not combine them to create your own high definition look?

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    "First rule of lipstick: Any two colors mixed together look snazzier than one alone," writer Amanda Fortini noted in last week's T Magazine. "And then, after all that varnishing, strategically undo what you've done: engage in some artful blotting. It's this final step that renders the lip stained, not shellacked."

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    If it sounds intriguing, here are three easy steps to help you achieve the look:

    1. Prep your lips. Make sure that lips are smooth and chap-free. Try using a lip exfoliant like the Tarte Maracuja Lip

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  • Sticker Makeup Is a Thing

    Sticker eyeshadow (Photo courtesy of that time you spend making yourself beautiful every morning sure does add up. According to a study conducted by a London makeup clinic, the average woman spends more than a year and three months of her life. applying makeup. The most time-consuming parts? Eyeshadow application, putting on eyeliner, and grooming the eyebrows. But what if all of that time could be cut in half by just applying a sticker? Some beauty brands have launched adhesive-style makeup to help women to beautify themselves quickly. Not since the days of scratch-n-sniff have stickers been so much fun. Skip your traditional makeup application and save time by giving these sticker looks a try.

    1. Eyeshadow
    In a perfect world, it would be a cinch to create an amazing smoky eye. But, sometimes that just isn't possible. That's where those nifty eyeshadow stickers come in. Available in a plethora of color combinations, it's not difficult to find a likable shade or pattern. (Leopard, anyone?) To apply, prep the eyelid

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  • Best Ways to Grow Out Your Bangs

    Michelle Obama is giving up the bangs. Bangs are always a great way to change up your look, but they can be a real drag when they start to grow out. Just ask Michelle Obama. The First Lady debuted her buzzed-about bangs in January.

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    "It's fun," she told Entertainment Tonight in April. "They're starting to grow out, getting a little irritating, but it's OK. We'll be good." Fast forward to August. The 49-year-old has decided to banish her bangs for good. "You know, it's hard to make speeches with hair in your face!," she told Parade magazine this week.

    Back in June, her bangs even generated some Twitter backlash (#bangsfail) after they repeatedly got in her face as she was making a G8 Summit speech.

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    The first lady has decided to start wearing her bangs to the side (which is a great style!), but there are some other ways to style your 'do during this in-between phase. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Slick them

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  • Madonna Turned 55. Here's Why She Looks 10 Years Younger

    Can you even believe that Madonna is 55?! Happy Birthday, Madonna! At 55, the Queen of Pop is still looking good. And though she maintains that beauty comes from within (telling Marie Claire last September that what makes a woman most beautiful is owning herself and being proud of who she is), her beauty regime probably has something to do with it too. After doing some digging, we found that there are some pretty simple beauty rules the singer adheres to in order to maintain her youthful glow. Here are a few of her must-have beauty methods she's adhered to over the years.

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    1. Try oxygen treatments.
    The pop star has a personal facialist, Michelle Peck, who, in 2010, revealed to the Hindustan Times while in Delhi that Madonna receives an hour long, $500 oxygen facial before every stage performance and sometimes even several times a week. "Madonna asks for an intraceutical oxygen infusion facial treatment, as it is non-invasive, and still minimizes the aging lines," Peck said.

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  • Very Pregnant Runway Show is Very Awesome

    photo via The FriskyWomen with baby bumps are making their presence known on the catwalk. You! Lingerie, a maternity and nursing underwear line, used real life pregnant models to showcase looks from its Spring/Summer 2014 show at this month's Lingerie Fashion Week.

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    Strutting their bumps in heels, the scantily clad mama models showcased looks that included lots of racy lace detailing and thigh high stockings. Whoever said pregnant women could only wear granny panties was totally wrong. You! Lingerie designer Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger definitely caught the eyes of both show-goers and the media alike.

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    While it's refreshing to see these real life models work the runway, they're not the first to do so. Last year, Italian showgirl Raffaella Fico modeled bikinis for swimwear label Pin-Up Stars while six months pregnant during Milan Fashion Week. In addition, model and former Miss Wales

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  • Secret Beauty Ingredient? Lemons

    Who knew lemons could make you looks so good? You should always keep a few lemons in your kitchen. No, not for cocktails, dressings, or marinades. These sour fruits are a beauty secret weapon that can soften your skin, heal acne, and even whiten your teeth. Unlike typically complicated DIY beauty treatments, there are many clever, easy ways to use lemons in their natural form. Here are seven reasons to be psyched that life has given us lemons.

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    1. Lighten and brightens skin.
    These vibrant yellow fruits can be used to brighten dull looking skin and remove dark spots. The citric acid serves as a natural lightener and will gradually work to fade spots and even out your skin tone. The most effective ways to apply the juice is through spray form or even mix some of the juice with your own face wash.

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    2. Whiten teeth.
    Forget the pricey professional dental treatments.Lemons can be used to create teeth whitener! Squeeze some juice from the lemon with baking

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