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  • Try Some Home Remedies for Your Dry Eyes

    Dry eyes Dry eyes Dry eyes cannot be completely cured, however there are some methods that can be used to treat them. Akin to any liquid, tears also evaporate when exposed to air. There are a few simple home remedies that may be followed to retard evaporation.

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    1 Avoid exposing the eyes to air directly, e.g. a car heater, hair driers, and air conditioners.

    2 Wear glasses while going out in the sun or while riding and goggles during swimming.

    3 Keep the home environs humid, between 30 and 50 percent. During winter a humidifier may be used to add moisture to dry indoor air. Additional humidity can be created by wearing special glasses that form a moisture chamber around the eye.

    4 Try to blink frequently which will help spread the tears more frequently.

    5 Try avoiding rubbing the eyes.

    6 Prophylactic use of eye drops before rather than after,when performing activities which are visually demanding

    7 Use artificial tears

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