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  • Seven Habits of Organized People

    Habits of Organized PeopleHabits of Organized PeopleBeing truly organized extends far beyond keeping a tidy workspace or home. It's about keeping your life in order, from your schedule to your chores to your thoughts and beyond. Sound like an overwhelming task? Consider the benefits: While getting yourself into a habit of being organized requires an investment of time and energy, once you're in a groove you'll reap huge rewards, including less stress, more efficiency, a sharper mind, and the knowledge that when you want to find something, you'll know exactly where it is. If you're ready to join the ranks of highly organized people, adopt the following seven habits.

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    1. They keep only what they need.
      Ever notice how clean your organized friends' spaces are? There's a reason for that. Organized people don't hoard a bunch of stuff they don't need. They amass only things that they actually use and keep decorative objects to a thoughtful minimum. With fewer things to keep track of
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  • 4 Expert Tips for Keeping the Home Clean Inside and Out During Summer Months

    keeping the home clean inside and out during summer monthskeeping the home clean inside and out during summer monthsSummer is the ideal time to entertain. From casual barbecues and pool parties, to graduations and more, there is always a reason to invite family and friends over. This is also cause to keep your house tidy.

    Josh Temple, host of DIY Network's "House Crashers" and "Disaster House," knows plenty about how to maintain homes inside and out. So you don't waste a ton of time, energy and money cleaning, here are some of his tricks that will help you get even tough jobs done quickly and efficiently so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying this summer season.

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    1. Maintain the grill in minutes
    Summer means barbecuing, which also means a dirty, grimy grill. To keep your grill clean so you can cook alfresco happily all season long, cleaning it after every use is a must. After the grill has cooled, scrape large food particles with a wire brush. Then spray the grilling rack with Dawn Grill Cleaner - a foam spray that

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