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  • Celebs Rock Fall's Best Transitional Shoes (And The Looks For Less!)

    This morning on my walk to the subway, a dried leaf blew across the sidewalk. Summer is being phased out, you guys. Let's all cope with this the best way I know how: supplementing my existing cooler weather wardrobe with chic hot ticket items that all the cool kids are buying and I decide I have to own immediately! In this edition, we examine 7 of the heart-stopping-ly coolest shoes to take you out of August and into September, October, and November. Discuss.

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  • Celebrity Shoe Crimes

    There is a ton of great fashion happening in Hollywood, but with that comes a hefty load of bad choices, as well. I'm not sure when money became synonymous with style but we need to put an end to that. Beautiful dresses are destroyed by terrible shoes, lean and covetable legs are dwarfed by clunky, atrocious footwear. The following is a collection of snapshots from recent history detailing the epidemic at hand.

  • Jessica Simpson vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Wore It Better?

    I am incredibly annoyed at the existence of both of these fame-courting women right now, almost too mad to care about how they styled their Love Sam leopard-print tunics, but not quite there, yet. Almost, though.

    Let’s start with the elusively prego Jessica Simpson (who I defended at first when she was refusing to admit she was with-child, because it is her right as a woman to carry to term without once confirming anything to anyone but then realized she was just trying to sell her story to the highest bidder). In a move that is quite derivative of one Ms. Britney Spears’ maternity style, Jessica has teamed her flowy, animal-print top with a pair of very short cutoffs and – GASP! – patent leather stiletto heels. Not only is this incredibly painful to look at, I’m pretty sure it’s downright dangerous for the baby.

    Next we’ll take a look at Kim Kardashian. She actually looks relatively slammin’ in this outfit. The top looks great paired with those luxurious leather skinnies and

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  • Anna Faris vs. Lady Gaga: Who Wore This Peplum Moschino Dress Better?

    Anna Faris/Donna Ward/Getty & Lady Gaga/Michael Buckner/GettyOoh, this is a hard one! Moschino, by nature, is a fun, quirky, feminine Italian brand whose clothes practically BEG for an over-accessorized, almost kitschy, look. This, combined with the amazing fact that Lady Gaga (besides her odd, dyed-grey locks and penchant for wearing sunglasses indoors) isn't wearing any raw animal meat, supernatural platform shoes or liquid latex, makes a strong case for the styling on the right.

    However, I happen to LOVE funny lady Anna Faris and am positively delighted to see her looking so high-fashion - and, let's be honest - MAJOR, lately.

    Peplum (a short overskirt affixed to the waistline of a dress, jacket or similar) is a HUGE runway trend for Spring 2012, so it's also exciting to see these two women so ahead of the game.

    Let's get down to it. Who nails this look for YOU? Is it Anna Faris, looking chic and gamine-like outside "The Late Show With David Letterman" on the streets of New York City armed with nothing but her blunt, platinum bob, smoky eye

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  • Pippa Middleton’s Ultra-Pretty $35 Dress

    Kate Middleton in H&M/Martin Karius/StartraksphotoWell, check out the UK's favorite girl next door, Pippa Middleton, working it in H&M. The 28-year-old strutted her stuff in London wearing a $34.95 long sleeve ivory lace H&M mini dress topped with a fitted black blazer, and added suede knee-high riding boots and opaque black sunglasses. A black leather quilted handbag and a chain strap completed the get-up.

    While I'm totally dreading the return of cooler weather, outfits like these remind me that women can still look feminine and sassy even with the addition of heavier clothes and accessories. And it's always good to see something frilly and soft all toughened up with the addition of something structured and black, plus some leather. Especially since the Royals aren't exactly known for adding contrast to their lace.

    In summation, feeling pretty isn't that hard to accomplish once the temperature drops, and it isn't too expensive, either.

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  • Style Rules To Break (And Great Under $100 Finds!)

    You know how when you were growing up there were kids who just positively THRIVED on breaking rules? I was not one of them; those children scared me half to death. Which is why I love breaking stodgy old fashion rules! Are you like me in that you yearn to feel "bad" without getting in trouble? These laws are just begging to be squashed.

    1. Don't mix prints!

    This rule is as outdated as they come. In fact, print-mixing has been one of the most prominent trends on the runways in recent seasons. I love it because it allows the wearer to take a risk in an unexpected way.

    Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's, $99.

    2. You can't wear white to a wedding!

    OK. This rule DOES still apply to wedding guests, but recently has been amended to exclude the wedding party. Case in point: Pippa Middleton's glamorous Maid of Honor look, Kate Moss's angelic wedding party and Kim Kardashian's bridesmaids. I'm actually seriously considering dressing my lovely bridesmaids in ivory for my wedding next Fall!

    3. Open-toed shoes are only for summer!


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  • Who Wore This Leopard Zac Posen Dress Best?

    Reese vs. Kim[Steve Granitz/WireImage & Wenn]

    Ladies and gentlemen, these are age-old battles. Blonde vs. brunette, good girl vs. bad girl, Oscar-winning actress vs. reality television personality. As Betty and Veronica once did so well, Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian go head-to-head in an epic battle of sugar vs. spice.

    Reese wore her hunter green leopard body-con mini dress on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards with leg-elongating nude peep-toe pumps, simple earrings, lightly curled hair and soft, pretty make-up. On Kim - who was out and about in L.A. - it was more like a wiggle dress, showing off her hourglass shape. She worked it with a high ponytail, statement earrings, a chunky bangle, smoky eye makeup and black leather platform heels.

    Dresses like these were made for women like Kim. If you're going to go for it, go all the way, I always say. Go big or go home, say others. What do you guys think? Less is more? More is more? Let me know.

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  • Katie Holmes Casual Chic in H&M

    Katie Holmes (Tom Meinelt/Splash News)This is the most Joey Potter that Katie Holmes has looked since her hit series aired, and I LOVE it. She positively nails that collegiate, I'm-so-pretty-but-I-don't-know-it look. She also happens to be working my hands-down favorite look for fall (and all time): '70s! This look is so versatile because it's feminine and fun (therefore making it acceptable date night material), yet it also works for the office. Of course, Katie is engaging in some serious high-low action here; her skirt may be only $49.95, but her Isabel Marant booties are $800, and her purse and shirt are from her own label, Holmes and Yang, which includes pieces that run upwards of $4,000. Alas, this is how celebrities roll. An affordable piece here and there induces instant warm and fuzzy feelings felt by the masses. We Can Relate! Do you love the skirt, as I do? Do you miss Joey Potter, and -- let's face it -- "Dawson's Creek" as a whole, like my sweet father does? Let me know.

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  • Year-Round Fashion Essential

    At the beginning of every season, there are so many pieces I want
    to buy it's hard to control myself. I've figured out that I
    can indulge in some trends if I've already stocked my closet with
    versatile, year-round basics to wear with them. Check out our list
    of five fashion staples that will take you through each season.

    There's always something we're dying to have at the start of a new
    season. If you stock up on versatile basics, then you can augment
    with affordable versions of the trends you love. Here with The
    Thread checklist of the five pieces you must have in your

    1. A Little Black Dress. It can be any shape, any sleeve length,
    but you need to have at least one of these, preferably one made
    with a jersey fabric that you can throw in the washing machine for
    easy, affordable care.

    2. A White Button-down. An American classic—this is one of my
    favorite summer looks. A button down and jeans shorts.

    3. Dark Trouser Jeans. Fits and washes go in and out of style but
    trouser cuts

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  • Katy Perry’s new pink ‘do

    KATY PERRY/Sharma Bruja/PacificCoastNews

    Katy Perry, and her husband, Russell Brand (whose deeply heart-warming piece on Amy Winehouse you can read here), stopped to gas up the ol' Range Rover (and grab a couple of Smartwaters) where she unknowingly debuted this new hair color. I predict that this is going to cause quite the internet buzz but, really, this is quite tame for a woman who recently wore a SUPER short strapless dress with Smurfette emblazoned on the front of it (and who has worn two lollypops as a bra).

    Y'all are going to think I'm crazy but I think pink hair with "regular" clothes is so hot. It's clearly the only accessory you need when you're wearing an otherwise boring outfit consisting of a nondescript maxi dress and aviator sunglasses. We're all trying to achieve the balance between sweet and spicy, rough and polished, refined and disheveled. Aren't we? With pink hair you've already got the edgy to go with your conservative. Right? Anyone? High-five me (or let me have it) in the comments.

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