Blog Posts by Ashlely Huffman

  • The Questions on Facebook

    when someone sends you like 21 questions and you have questions about you and then you read them the can really mean but never ever put your pic on facebook because when other people answer the questions then they go to your school and then your going to get made fun of so dont do the question so you dont get made fun of or get your feelings hurt.

  • Anger

    OK so when a person is mad at you or your mad at them it doesn't mean that you have to go on every body because you feel mad or upset my point is is that when your mad then ignore every one and every body and just take a walk or go some where quit or go to your room and do some thing or take a nap do one of those but don't take it out on other people then your self because your the one making the actions and the decision on your actions.

  • Sad

    have you been ever pushed around? well i am being pushed around every day by my 18 year old brother and he keeps on making it harder and harder and i just take it any more and its really hard to live with him and i just wish he would just go to job core already. i really don'f feel safe around him because he scares me so bad i have to stay in my room all the time so i dont have to see him any more i just want to die because of him can you believe it.


  • Telling the Truth

    when you make something from the heart you always wonder what other people think and sometimes they don't tell you the truth and then you think you they actually like it but they don't. if you ever wonder if there telling the truth ready hear you go:

    its okay:ugly and they don't like it
    its good: its okay but you can do better
    its amazing: your a professional

    remember always keep this in mind when you have some judge you on something you did.

  • Best Friends

    best friends are the most important because when your sad or mad or some type of emotion, a best friend will always be there.

  • Playing Around

    when your wanting to play around with other people or wanting to play around with your brothers or sisters.
    make sure you be careful because me and my brother were playing around on the trampoline and he kinda went a little hard and hurt my knee but i am OK.
    so my point is that be careful when playing with other people or you will get hurt.