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  • Ah, Disney Princes. They're the stuff of Disney legend and have populated many a happy thought, not to mention countless imaginary boyfriend wishlists. (Don't deny it). And it's not hard to see why. Dashing and brave, these are men who aren't afraid to rescue their Disney damsels from danger, or even be rescued by their lady loves when they find themselves in distress. That being said, there's a reason certain kinds of love stories live on in fairy tales, mainly because a lot of the pick-up tactics Disney Princes rely on probably wouldn't work out that well in real life. -By Pilar Clark


    10 men ALL women date before finding "the one"
    20 things ALL women do but hate to admit
    How to survive the 7 stages of marriage

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  • 12 Questions that Teach Kindness in Your Children

    12 Questions That Teach Kindness in Your Children12 Questions That Teach Kindness in Your ChildrenWe encourage kindness in our children, above all else. In our home, we value and teach kindness above intelligence, talent, and responsibility.

    As parents, we are raising children whose character is built on thoughtful kindness. And it's working: In a day of endless stories of bullying, we are raising children who stand up for the bullied by stepping in. In a day of debates over whether children should be allowed in restaurants, we are raising children whose considerate behavior draws strangers to our table to comment on what a pleasure it was to have us as table-mates.

    In a house of three kids under 10 years old, we are working every day to raise siblings who know how to fight fair, know how to love and be loved, and who will be friends as adults. It starts at home, and we work at it every day.

    Our approach isn't foolproof. My 7-year-old is far more empathetic than his older brother. It's like empathy is his superpower. He can read emotions near flawlessly when he slows down

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  • One Tip That Could Help You Save Big at the Car DealershipOne Tip That Could Help You Save Big at the Car DealershipMy fiancé is in the market for a new car, and he wants a brand-new one.

    I listed cars as something you should never buy new, but this is not a battle I want to fight. His mind is made up: he'll buy a new car with zero miles on it, and he'll drive it for at least 100,000 miles. Happily. Great. That's fine with me, but one thing that really interested me was his thought process. He thinks about things rationally and doesn't have any particular affinity toward a brand or model.

    He has made up his mind about one thing, though, and it's a seemingly small decision that will save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the car.

    That one decision? He's going to buy a 4-cylinder car. This got me thinking.

    How Much Money Can You Save by Opting for a 4-Cylinder Car?

    For this math exercise, we'll need to make some assumptions. I'd like to stick with arithmetic and stay away from the "you never know when you'll need this in real life" advanced Calculus.

    Our assumptions:

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  • 8 Ways to Live a Happy Life, According to a 6-Year-Old

    8 Ways to Live a Happy Life, According to a 6-Year-Old8 Ways to Live a Happy Life, According to a 6-Year-OldMy 6-year-old is the happiest kid. From the moment he wakes up smiling to the moment he drifts off to sleep in full grin, you can find him singing, dancing, and engaged in general merriment.

    The kid can't help it. He was born chased-down-by-rainbows-and-sunbeams happy. Sure, he has moments of sadness, anger, and frustration like everyone else, but those moments are the rare exception to the rule that my son is, in fact, a real life Buddy the Elf.

    Spreading smiles and warming hearts is what this kid has always done best. If there was ever a calling placed on his life, it would have to involve the spreading of contagious joy.

    If you've ever wished for even an ounce of this kind of soul-consuming cheer, you're not alone.

    Take a look at BooBoo's very own 8-step guide to personal happiness because happy just feels good.

    1. Have fun
    It's fun to have fun and when you have fun, you're happy. Play with your brother and friends - all of them. Play games that you like to play,

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  • The Impact of an Only Child on Motherhood

    The Impact of an Only Child on MotherhoodThe Impact of an Only Child on MotherhoodThere are many days where I feel like I've missed out on full motherhood.

    The days when my friends have no down time, laundry galore, dirt and mud tracked on the kitchen floor, never-ending meals, nighttime wake-ups, and a desperation for naps -- those are the days I keenly feel an absence.

    My house is clean. The laundry is usually done in a day. Bella takes naps and sleeps through the night. We have no diapers, no bottles, no rooms filled with the baby's toys and hers mixed together.

    All of that sits in a little box in the garage. Once again unused and untouched.

    They're hauling carseats and laughing about their third cup of coffee in an hour because the baby was up all night -- and I'm knitting on the couch while Bella plays at my side.

    If this was by choice, it might be different. This scenario might even have sounded snarky or bragging to some. But when the cause is those other littles being taken away by death and loss -- then it's a very hard thing.

    After I lost

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  • My Son Would Rather Do Anything with His Mom Than Hang Out with MeMy Son Would Rather Do Anything with His Mom Than Hang Out with MeYesterday, Felix had a day off from pre-k. I was coming off a busy work-filled weekend and so thought I'd leave the computer sleeping and spend a nice day with him, daddy and son doing something fun. Now what that fun thing was, I had no idea, and I became aware early on that he didn't either, when my wife made some suggestions over breakfast.

    "My library books are due today. Maybe you guys can take them back," my wife said.

    "No. I don't want to go to the library with Daddy. With you, Mommy," Felix said.

    "Well, you could hit the library and then stop in at the zoo."


    "You could try visiting a museum, maybe."


    She looked at me, lips pursed in exasperation, her eyes asking for a little help. What could I say? The library's children's room is hot and full of coughing kids. The lighting in there makes everything look kind of dirty and washed-out, which leaves me itchy and bothered -- like my immune system's fighting off a million germs. And I've taken

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  • 8 Things to Do Before You Start a Weight Loss Program

    8 Things to Do Before You Start a Weight Loss Program8 Things to Do Before You Start a Weight Loss ProgramLike most things in life, before you start a weight loss program you need to prepare. I know there are a lot of you out there who probably had "lose weight" as one of your New Year's resolutions, whether you wrote it down or just said it to yourself in your head doesn't matter, it was still something you wanted to do. But more than half of you have either not gotten out of the starting gate yet or did, but didn't make it past the first lap. Don't worry, you aren't alone. Losing weight has been one of my resolutions for years now. I have made some headway but have always fallen off of the horse for one reason or another … or three if you count my children. (Yes, of course I blame them. It's incredibly convenient, if not 100 percent true.)

    Honestly, I wasn't even going to try again this year I was so burnt out, but then a friend hooked me up with a national weight loss program to try for free. How could I say no right? Well, I didn't. I started without much fanfare. I lost a few

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  • 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Jewelry Care

    7 Do's and Don't for Jewelry Care7 Do's and Don't for Jewelry CareTaking care of jewelry can be a little high-maintenance. Even if you're not a fine jewelry type of girl, you have to put some thought and effort into caring for your accessories or you'll end up with dingy, discolored pieces that will probably be tossed in the Goodwill pile. If you're not sure how to keep your favorite accessories in tip-top shape, check out these jewelry care tips below!

    1. Do: Use Water

    Natural stones are sensitive and some of the cleaning solutions on the market can damage them. When in doubt, use water and a soft toothbrush to gently clean each piece, and let them air dry on a cloth. For pearls, use a wet cloth to gently scrub the build-up off. This is the best way to ensure you won't damage your good jewelry. Water is gentle, but for most jewelry, you'll just want to wipe it down and not let it soak.

    2. Do: Soak Your Diamonds

    Diamond rings can get dingy, especially if you're wearing them everyday. I'm a mom so gross stuff is bound to end up on my

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  • 7 Ways Employers Drive Away Working Moms

    7 Ways Employers Drive Away Working Moms7 Ways Employers Drive Away Working MomsIn the year since the publication of Lean In, more and more women have been asking themselves how they can overcome "internal obstacles" to achieve career success, as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg urges in her popular, much-debated book. But while Sandberg's advice hinges largely on what women can do for themselves, she also acknowledges some of the external challenges facing mothers in the workplace.

    "Too few workplaces offer the flexibility and access to child care and parental leave that are necessary for pursuing a career while raising children," she writes.

    What happens when professional responsibilities become totally incompatible with parenting duties? Many mothers leave their positions - either to go to other companies, take on part-time work, or stop paid work all together. In the interest of disclosure, I should note that I fall into the second group - after the birth of my second child, I went from full-time news producer to freelance writer.

    While women like me may face

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  • Marriage is Better Than Simply Living Together — Research Proves It!

    Marriage Is Better Than Simply Living Together — Research Proves It!Marriage Is Better Than Simply Living Together — Research Proves It!I'm a big proponent of marriage and all the amazing benefits that come with it. I understand people who decide to live together or "shack up" as some call it, but I don't agree with it. I say get married or be in a relationship living separately, but don't shack up.

    I've been married for almost 13 years, but before you think I can't relate or don't understand shacking up, let me share that I also have experience living with someone else, and it was nowhere near as good as my marriage.

    Oddly enough, the person I was shacking up with actually became my wife. We were young(er) and thought living together was the best thing, but our relationship was rocky at best. I've always said shacking up lacks the commitment that marriage has, and this was evident in our relationship.
    There was lack of trust, a lack of security, and even a lack of faithfulness. Our communication was very shallow, and although we were great friends prior to living together, our friendship suffered. Of course

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