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  • 3 Ways to Lose Weight This Month

    Samantha ClaytonSummer is officially over, which means that skinny jeans season will be here before you know it! Now THAT is reason to lose weight! But don't stress, we've got a plan for you that will whip your hips and thighs into shape while trimming down that muffin top! The best part is that you will be sweating and slimming at home for free. Yup, forget the gym, forget expensive exercise equipment, the only equipment you need is right in front of you- yes your computer. It's all happening on BeFit, Lionsgates' YouTube channel, where losing weight and getting in shape is free. So what are you in the mood for? A little dancing, cardio, or just a Quickie Workout? Here are a few suggestions:

    • 1. Interval Training

    Sometimes, you just want to do a traditional workout that challenges your muscles and to the point that you will feel it in the morning (and maybe for several days). Who doesn't love that good post-workout burn?! Fat Burning Cardio Workout by BeFit in 90 burn calories and

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  • In 90 Days You WILL Be Fit

    Yes! It's your favorite time of year again- "bikini season!" I know, that first day out of the gate, when you timidly strip off your clothes to expose your pasty skin, only covered by the strip of fabric known as a bikini (but is really just glorified and waterproof bra and panties) can be terrifying. Well, it will be slightly less terrifying if you snap out of your old routine and kick start your BeFit program…

    It's actually easier than you think.
    You can transform your body in 90 days, at home, with daily exercise videos, for free. All that is required of you is daily dedication and the determination to stick with the plan. But not just any plan, the BeFit in 90 plan.

    Forget the gym.
    Turn on your computer and load up BeFit in 90, then tone your abs, trim your thighs, lose weight, and get healthy and fit. To make it super easy, each workout is organized into playlists so there's no question as to what you are supposed to do on what day. Like other popular, but expensive workout

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  • "Dancing with the Stars" Weight-Loss Workouts

    BeFit... Transform Yourself.

    Dancing with the StarsForget treadmills, elliptical, and spinning. You won't get this workout at a gym. From simple ab toning to dress-size dropping weight loss, "Dancing with the Stars" is responsible for transforming the bodies of its competitors like Kelly Osborne- who lost 20 pounds, Melissa Gilbert who dropped her dress size from a size 6 to a 2, and then there is Marie Osmond, Mark Cuban, and Kirstie Alley- who each lost 30 pounds! As you strut, shimmy and gyrate, you are shake the pounds off, toning your abs, tightening your butt, and slimming your entire body- legs, arms, core and more. Different from moving just front to back or even side to side, dancing engages your entire body, spiking your heart rate and working muscles you hardly knew existed! Remember: when your heart rate goes up, your weight goes down.

    You've seen the celebs shedding serious pounds right before your eyes. Now it's your turn! The best part is: you get to shake it and lose weight at home, without

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