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  • Yoga Moves for Incredible Strength Training

    While the fusion of strength-training workout with yoga poses a rare combination, merging these two types of exercises challenges the thigh, hip and core muscles in such a way that is not achievable through running. Additionally, the fusion of strength-training workouts with yoga also minimizes the imbalance of muscles which result in injuries.

    In order to foster your body's awareness and keep you alert, the movements are in sync with your breath (exhale or inhale). This routine can be repeated twice or thrice in a week for great results. This training requires lighter weight as compared to normal strength-training workouts.

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    The following four moves will help you with incredible strength training exercise:

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  • 7 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee is a Good for Your Health

    Coffee has been used traditionally as an early morning energizer. However, whether such consumption was healthy or not remained a hot topic for debate until recently. Each side has its own arguments, but recent developments in scientific research suggest that drinking coffee undoubtedly produces great effects on your health.

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  • Birth Control - Should You Use Birth Control Ring ?

    Birth Control RingBirth Control RingThe use of a contraceptive is almost inevitable. It is, therefore, important to choose the most suitable method. The birth control ring is one such birth control method, whereby a 2 inches wide, flexible ring is inserted into the vagina. Although safe, this method does have some drawbacks. When inserted, this ring releases specific hormones, which lead to certain bodily changes making it impossible for a sperm to fertilize an egg. The ring is not to be used for more than three consecutive weeks, after which it should be discarded.

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    Although this method has its risks; the benefits outweigh them by a large scale, making it a suitable choice for many women. For women avoiding pregnancies, it is much easier to have a ring inserted once every month, instead of taking a pill every day. The birth control ring, furthermore, exposes women to lower levels of hormones compared to other alternatives. This method also helps women

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  • 8 Cheap Ways to Update Your Bathroom

    New Look of Your Bathroom New Look of Your Bathroom The cost of remodeling the entire bathroom is indeed a great constraint that keeps many people from starting the project. However, if you introduce a number of inexpensive updates, you can achieve the goal of remodeling your bathroom without spending a lot of money.

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    The following are top 8 ideas that will not only help you set a smart budget but will also help you achieve the most desirable style update for your bathroom:

    1. Time to Change Bath Cabinet

    The style of your bathroom greatly depends on the hardware installation and other small items. Give your bathroom the elegant and decorative touch by changing the pulls and knobs with bronze or brushed nickel. This is not very expensive and really works.

    2. Upgrade your Faucets

    Faucets are undoubtedly the most commonly used item installed in your bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a chic style faucet to give your bathroom a classy look. Replace your old

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  • 6 Ways Financial Consultants Can Boost Your Business

    How Advisors Can Enhance Their Business OrganicallyHow Advisors Can Enhance Their Business OrganicallyFinancial consultants may have a hard time coming up with innovative business solutions, but there some effective promotion strategies that all organizations can benefit from in order to expand their sales. Continue reading to learn 6 of these tips.

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    Improved Networking

    Community groups are a must for financial consultants. While most advisers recognize this, they often end up in the wrong group. Advisors should join 2-3 groups where they not only will find their target customers, but where they can contribute wholeheartedly.

    Reliance on Client Referrals

    A business can benefit heavily from client referrals, especially new ones. Referrals can be generated when the business asks the client for leads (solicited), when clients refer the business to other customers (promoted), and when a client comes to the business without any prior action by the company itself (spontaneous).

    The last category is a treasure

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  • 5 Energy Levels Boosting Tips that Actually Work

    It's late in the afternoon and only half of your daily chores are completed and you surely depend on a sugar fix or caffeine to keep you awake for the rest of the day. This is our everyday story that we all are feeling tired of. According to health experts, we as a nation are suffering from an energy crisis which resulted from our lifestyle. So instead of relying on chocolate bars and coffee for fueling yourself up, try some energy-boosting, healthy tips to retain the energy you require carrying on with daily chores efficiently.

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  • Top 9 Ways to Widen Your Social Circle

    social circlesocial circle

    It's a common fact of life that the older you grow, the more difficult it is to make friends. So for all those reserved and introvert people, here are a few tips which guide you on how to be social and be friends with new people.

    Travel with company - Join a tourist group and go to vacation with an entire group of new people. Since you will share a new experience with them and create memories for life, you will automatically bond with them.

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    Sign up for a new course - It is rightly said that enthusiasm is infectious. So take part in a class you really like. The common interest will help you to quickly become friends with your class fellows.

    Become a pet owner - Buy a dog or some other pet. Not only will it keep you company and do your heat good, but will also help you make friends when you take it for a walk to the park. People love talking about your pets.

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  • What Your Drinking Habits Says About You?

    Reflecting Your Image by What You DrinkReflecting Your Image by What You DrinkYou are what you do. This goes for your drink as well. Like a mirror on the wall, the poison you gulp down your throat also reflects your image. Though you may not be aware of it, what you choose to drink is actually the decision of your subconscious mind, subtly giving others the impression of your actual personality. Here is a list of drinks and the psycho-analysis associated with them.

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    Your gateway to the world of a secret agent. Now, until and unless you really are one, or are capable of pulling off the 'Bond look'; this drink is your desperate cry for others attention.


    This is a classic virgin drink. Not to be confused with the Cosmopolitan, this drink is nothing more than a sign of you never having an intimate relationship.

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    Long Island Iced Tea

    The mysterious mixture of gin, rum, vodka and tequila. Now, you are either a cast member of the Sex and

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  • Hair Care – Useful Tips for Different Types of Hair

    Useful Tips for Different Types of HairUseful Tips for Different Types of HairA single universal solution is not enough to treat all types of hair equally. You need to follow different strategies to keep different types of hair lively and healthy.

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    Oily/Greasy Hair

    It is normal to have slightly oily or greasy hair. In fact, a little grease or oil is essential to keep your locks in healthy condition. However, too much of it usually makes your hair look limp and dirty. If your scalp and hair are oily, it is important to use a suitable shampoo that isn't too difficult to handle for your hair. Tips to control oily/greasy hair include:

    • Do not wash your hair frequently. While greasy hair encourages you to wash more often, the scalp has oil glands that are stimulated when massaged. Thus, more washing means more massaging and eventually more grease for your hair and scalp.
    • For a better cleansing action, it is advised that you use your fingers flat while shampooing.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Better

    Make Your Room Look Bigger and BetterMake Your Room Look Bigger and BetterIf you have a small living space, you can easily make it look more spacious by following a few simple tricks. Changes to the interior design can help you decorate your rooms in a much better way without making them look confined.

    Using the Right Colors - Using light colors can not only have a soothing effect on your nerves but also make your room look more spacious. Colors like cream, beige and ice-blue reflect the light making the rooms look bright and open. If you paint the trims of your wall in an even lighter shade, it will make your room look even bigger. Since dark colors absorb light, they can make rooms look cramped.

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    Lighting - Right kind of lighting can have an astounding effect on the way your room appears. Designing your interiors in a way that allows natural light to enter your house can go a long way in making it look bigger. Keep your windows clean and pull back the hangings. You can also add plants on the Read More »from 5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Better


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