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  • Avoid Post-Makeout Beard Burn (or 'Stache Rash)

    Courtesy of burtsbees.comCourtesy of burtsbees.comAlexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    Seriously, guys. I love a good bearded dude, but making out with a face full of hair leaves my chin super rosy. It's almost as embarrassing as a hickey--and lasts as long, too. [Ed. note: Don't judge, but I caught a snippet of Cougar Town last night, during which Courteney Cox referred to the above as "stache rash". Loves it. -RJ] And, while I've kind of just sucked it up, I found out that I'm not alone (besides aforementioned TBS sitcom character). According to a survey Gillette did, two out of three women avoided kissing a guy when he had a beard. SO interesting, right? In fact, they are doing this 15-city tour to prove it to dudes called KissAndTell.

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    Anyway, I caught up with dating expert Marni Kinrys to find out what we (aka the significant other) of bearded men), should do.

    Tell your man to shave!

    Seriously, that's it. And if you won't, don't make out with him. Why should you suffer because he

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  • Beauty Habits to Start Now

    Alexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    Ah, resolution time: That lovely time of year when I make all these lofty attempts at being super human. This year, I'm not making resolutions. Instead, I'm just starting good habits (since we know daily habits can have major payoffs) and hoping they stick. My biggest habit to focus on: not totally forgetting my health when school gets stressful. (I literally did not work out ONCE during finals. Shame!) But, I've also decided I'm going to start some good beauty habits that you should totally do too!

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    Read expiration dates: I am a little bit of a beauty hoarder [Ed. note: I can relate], so I need to make sure I read expiration dates, aka the number and a letter on some products that indicate how long after a product is opened that it's good. And--if the product doesn't have an expiration date, I need to remember to toss mascara after 3 months, liquid foundation and concealer after six months, nail polish and lipRead More »from Beauty Habits to Start Now
  • Ditch Your Glitter Polish the Easy Way

    Courtesy of PaperBlogCourtesy of PaperBlogAlexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    Something about this week makes me feel totally clean and all my beauty sins from the past year are absolved and I can take on the world au natural. So, my gnarly, chipped glitter nails have to go, obvs, but it's like an emotional endeavor trying to get all that crap off. I'm pretty sure the nail gurus of the world put super glue in that stuff, right?!?! The good news is, I've been around the glitter-polish block a few times and have mastered removal so you don't show up to the office tomorrow looking like a disco ball shattered all over your nails (and not in that OPI-Shatter way).

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    You'll need...

    • Ten pieces of tin foil (about 3" by 2" rectangles is perf, but it's not an exact science).
    • Five cotton balls, torn in half to make ten balls total
    • Nail polish remover (my all-time fave is Zoya Remove Plus. Trust.)
    • An orange stick
    • Cuticle oil (or olive oil)
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  • Vacation Beauty Essentials

    Courtesy of SephoraCourtesy of SephoraAlexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    Can we pause and take a moment to enjoy the fact that-for the next six weeks-I am officially on winter break??!!? And I'm not alone! 'Tis the season to kick back and relax (whether you are in school or not) and what better way to do that then escaping to an exotic locale? Whether you are hitting the beach or the slopes, there are three things you should remember to take. The best part: These products are both cold- and warm-weather friendly.

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    Occlusive Lip Balm:
    Whether you are racing down black diamonds (well, I won't be) or lounging seaside, there are plenty of super-drying elements around. So, make sure your lip balm is both repairing and occlusive. Now, you may ask, "What the heck is occlusive?" Occlusive lip balm, any lip stuff with a Vaseline-y texture that seals moisture in and blocks wind out. My favorite: Jack Black Lip Balm SPF 25 in Black Tea & Blackberry or Grapefruit & Ginger (get both for $12).

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  • Make Your Perfume Last Longer

    Alexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    There are two totally necessary (or at least I feel are necessary) beauty products I apply everyday: mascara and perfume. But perfume is one of those things that disappears after a few hours. So, when my editor Rachel tweeted "I know my skin is DRY but like why do I use SO MUCH PERFUME and then it just goes away??????", I obvs had to investigate.

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    So, yes, Rachel-dry skin is a major reason perfume can evaporate. (Also, that bottle over to the left? That's from your fave store, F21.) But let's back up.

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    Since perfume has an alcohol base, it evaporates quickly and leaves just the fragrance on your skin. But, the oils your skin naturally secretes helps fragrance stay, those with dryness find themselves losing their scent faster than those with slick skin. So, if you're super dry, drep with an unscented lotion (or better yet, a matching lotion) and you'll boost how long your eau

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  • Face Oil: What it is and How to Use It

    Alexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    People ask me constantly whether or not they should be using face oil. People are all like, "Will it make my skin feel greasy?" "Will it cause breakouts?" "Will I be shiny?"

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    No matter what, I always answer, "No, you won't feel greasy, the oil won't feel greasy and your face will not look shiny...if you use it right."

    The first thin to remember: You MUST choose a high quality face oil. Crappy oils are too heavy for your skin, and can cause clogged pores and breakouts. Picking up a light oil like a jojoba- or coconut-based formula is your best bet. The test to see if its light enough? Rub a little into the back of your hand and count to thirty. If it's still greasy after thirty seconds, find a new formula. Oh, and simple is better, too. In general, the more random ingredients there are in a product, the more likely the product is to wreak havoc on your skin. Choose something with only a few ingredients and

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  • Hangover Beauty Tricks

    Courtesy of J.CrewCourtesy of J.CrewAlexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    Holiday part hangovers are hell, amirite? The crazy amounts of sugar, the towering high heels, the complete lack of any food that's not the size of a York Peppermint Pattie and crazy supply of booze that the overzealous host keeps refilling. (Not that you mind.)

    So, if you're the type to wake up bright-eyed and ready for yoga the morning after, I want your secrets. But if you're not (like my editor), here are my secrets to at least looking like you're bright-eyed and ready for yoga (even if you want to crawl back in bed for six more hours).

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    Put DOWN the white eyeliner
    : The white-rimmed eye thing totally does make your eyes look brighter, but it also is so overdone that everyone who knows goes "Oh, yeah. She's totally hungover." Instead, try a nude-colored liner. It does the same thing, but is way more subtle.

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    Rock glasses and a bright red lip: Whether I'm spent from

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  • How to Avoid Winter Hat Hair

    Alexandra Samuel SELF magazine

    Confession: I got super-judgey on the subway the other day. There were like a million women wearing hats and zero of them looked good. (I know that's mean, but I have a point here.) And, as I looked around, I realized--the hats were cute, the girls were cute, but these ladies' manes were not working out. Because yes, it freaking matters how you hair looks under a hat. And the good news? It doesn't take much effort to do this right. Consider this a PSA for GHA (great hair days!).

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    It's all about balance, people.

    If you're rocking a beanie, big loose waves are the way to go. Think about it: If you're wearing something close to your head, super straight, sleek hair will make you look like a Q-Tip. (That's not cute, guys.) Adding some loose waves will balance the snug-fitting topper. Keyword here is loose, people. No date night stuff. Nothing looks more ridiculous than jeans and a beanie with an over-done 'do,

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  • Lady Gaga's Makeup Secret

    Alexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    People think my gig is way glamorous, which--let's be real--is not always the case. But when I do have a "Holy crap, this is so insanely cool" moment, it basically makes my life. My latest I-heart-my-job perk? Getting a little one-on-one Skype time with Sarah Tanno, the amaze makeup artist responsible for Lady Gaga and her dancers on tour. I got all kinds of good info from her, but one tip in particular has basically changed the way I do makeup. Because, after all, if anyone can pull off any look, it's clearly Lady Gaga. So how does she make her makeup last?

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    Spray your makeup sponge with a finishing spray before you apply foundation, then spritz your face after you apply

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    Wait, I know that sounds insanely simple, but I'm not kidding, my makeup now goes on smoother and lasts longer. I did my makeup before work at 7:30 AM the other day and it still looked awesome when I

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  • CC Creams: Beauty Trend to Try

    Courtesy of OlayCourtesy of OlayAlexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

    It's not that I don't love BB cream, because I do, but there's a new must-have in my life: CC Cream, "CC" meaning Complexion Correction or Comelete Coverage, depending who you ask. (There's also CC Sabathia, the Yankees pitcher, but I digress.) Think of it as BB on steroids: major bennies, more pigment, better looking skin. Or, as a favorite ad of mine read, "AA + BB = CC." That's anti-aging plus beauty balm equals CC cream. Alphabet soup or not, we'll take it.

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    My fave? Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correction UV Moisturizer, $22, which is 1. pretty and swirly in the bottle (yeah, people, packaging totally matters!); 2. has an enzyme to lighten hyper pigmentation; and 3. contains a form of vitamin B3 to help skin retain moisture better. So, that dry, cakey, blotchy thing my skin is doing lately has become a non-issue. Which is pretty good, considering I'm newly single.

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    If you tend to

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