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    Hello Everybody! It's me lil' 'ol blueyes! While rummaging through my computer tonight I started thinking about the good 'ol days and what a really good time we all used to have over here on "our" site, or so we thought it was ours anyway, Shine and I decided to pop over to see if there had been any new changes and to my dismay it is the same old site that they so drastically changed on us a couple of years ago:( It used to be so easy to pop over and find all of my friends here but now I don't have a clue on how to find anybody. My beautiful friend Stitch so graciously sent me what is called The Shine Directory with everybodys' numbers and such but for the life of me I can't make heads nor tails of it so I guess that I am right back where I started......NOWHERE! So I decided to try writing a quick post and although I don't have a clue as to where it will end up once I hit the infamous "POST" key at the end I am in hopes that someone, somewhere out there that remembers me will please

  • The New Year! What Will You Change?

    Hello Everybody! It's just lil' 'ol me blueyedmolly popping in to wish each and every one of you a very Happy and prosperous New Year!! Unfortunately I had to spend my New Years' Eve in bed with a box of tissues, a bottle of Theraflu and my remote control! Yeah I am suffering with a head cold and if that's not bad enough the hubby has a chest cold! So you can just imagine what kind of evening we had!! LOL!! But today I was feeling a little better so I just HAD to stop in and wish you guys a Happy New Year and ask what it is you want to change for the new year?! What is the word that they use for your promises to yourself on New Years Eve? OH YES! RESOLUTIONS!!! That's it!! This year I decided that I'm just getting too old to make myself any more promises to make changes knowing all the while that they'll probably NEVER happen anyway!! LOL!! They sound good when you're spouting them out when you're hanging out with your friends though don't they??!! This year I ultimately decided to

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  • " HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! "

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since my last post but as all of you know I'm sure life, as with everyone!, has been keeping me pretty busy!! Anyway, I was recently invited to take a trip out west with a few good friends to attend I guess what some would consider one of the largest Harley Davidson Bike Rallys' in the infamous Sturgis, South Dakota and while there I was very fortunate to meet a group of bikers that ultimately represent the greatest "biker" of all time, Jesus Christ ! They called themselves "The Hellraisers" and they had travelled all the way from Laurel, Mississippi to bring the word of God to all of those that had ridden in from far and wide to celebrate the greatest bike that has ever been built, Harley Davidson"! While in conversation with one of the many representatives of Our Lord they gave me several small booklets with different stories about how to make God a part of our lives, how to learn to live a Christian life, etc. and although they all were very

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  • The post about everything, about nothing, am I normal or not? That is the ?!

    Today I got out of bed and began to start my day when this sudden feeling of emptiness came upon me. At first I dismissed it and continued on but it just kept welling up inside just would not go away. So I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down at my kitchen table hoping to be able to regroup and figure out why I was having this feeling. I really had no reason to be feeling this way. I have a pretty good life! A really great husband, four beautiful children, three perfect grandchildren, wonderful friends so why was I feeling empty? Sure I could rush myself right down to the doctors office and tell him how I'm feeling and he would gladly write me a prescription for whatever it is he thinks might be causing these feelings but in the end what good would that do? I could maybe pick up the phone and call my best friend and try to have a conversation with her and she most definetly would notice that something in my voice wasn't right and of course she would question me as to what

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  • Today I would like to address a matter today that I am sure that many of you have had to deal with and like myself many of you became frustrated because of not knowing who to present this matter to and the end result becomes an unsolved issue. What in the world you ask is this person talking about and what is she babbling on about? Please allow me to explain and I'm sorry but I feel that I must go into great depths. Okay, about 3 and a half years ago I purchased a used Nissan Maxima (2004 model) from a small town car lot and I was ecstatic because it was just the right car or so I thought. The reasoning behind purchasing this car was at the time we, the nation, were in the middle of a gas crisis and at the time the only vehicle my husband and I had was a Ford dually truck. Well any of you that know what a dual-wheeled truck is knows that it isn't cheap to drive when it comes to gas! Oh and yes ours was gas not diesel, Anyway we did our research, or we thought we had, and we both


    Hello everyone! It's just lil' 'ol me blueyedmolly here! I haven't been posting a whole lot lately but not because of past problems or the little tugs and pulls that I have felt from others trying to persuade me to "come on over" to other sites. In all honesty I've just been busy at living life! But just a short while ago I was awakened by quite a large jolt and I just had to stop what I was doing and revert my attention back to this little place we call SHINE!
    First of all I must address the many newcomers that I have seen popping in to see what we are all about! My first word to you would be, "WELCOME!" I do hope that you find our little site hospitable, friendly and a place that you'd like to hang your hat! We are but a small group but an ever growing group of ladies and gentlemen of all sizes, races, religons and backgrounds. Some of us are married, some of us are single and looking, some are single and happy to be so, some are young, some are old, many are wise and few are


    A couple of weeks ago they finally made texting while driving in the state of Georgia illegal and I couldn't be happier! Now the only problem is enforcing it. You tell me just how many police officers are going to make it a point to ride around and seek out people texting while driving? Just what I thought...not very many. And why should they? Now please don't get me wrong I am one of the first people to jump up and down and applaude the new law but come on people how realistic is it?
    Now I would like to approach you with what I believe to be a solution. Everyday you see car dealers advertising their new line of 2010 vehicles and all they have to offer. That's just wonderful but how many are offering a solution to the texting problem? You see cars that need no key, cars with Onstar so that if you have an accident, need directions whatever you are automatically connected with an operator, cars with handsfree phones and on and on and on. Then the government has designed a device that

  • How Many Of Us Really Are "Prepared" To DIE?

    I have found that as I carry on with my daily routines and live my life the farthest thing from my mind is dying. I know that I too someday will die but for now I guess I just choose not to think about it. Who wants to think about their own death? Not me. Or at least I thought I didn't want to think about it. But just last week my husband and I were presented with death once again. We got the phone call at 3:15 in the afternoon and with it came the news of his favorite aunts passing. The news was an absolute shock to us both merely because only days before we were laughing and joking with her on the phone! The day before her passing she had sent us another one of her famous e-mails filled with crazy antedotes and her own style of whimsical humor! And now she was gone. Just like that. Kinda like that old saying, "Here today, Gone tomorrow". We went through the motions of making the plane and hotel reservations, called the florist, etc. No time for tears. Not until we were actually

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  • To Smoke OR Not To Smoke...That Is The ?

    Hello there everyone it's me Molly and it's been a while since I've climbed up on the perverbial soapbox and hacked out my opinions and I figured that the time had come! First things first let me clarify something before I begin this ranting...I Am A Smoker. Now with that said let the ranting begin! The other day I was driving down the road and listening to the radio when a commercial came on about smoking. It went something like this...Do you want to quit smoking? What will you do when you don't have anywhere to smoke? Start the process now...and then it went on to advertise another yet stop smoking patch, pill or whatever. I don't remember. I think I stopped listening when I heard the phrase, "What will you do when you don't have anywhere to smoke?" I am so sick of seeing and hearing every non-smoker, of course that is they're choice as it was mine to smoke, preaching about the dangers of second hand smoke and of how whenever you walk out of your clean air, non-smoking little safety

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  • Hello Everybody it's me Molly! I haven't been around much lately because of course many of you know that my DIL has been lying in wait for a kidney transplant so I have been oh so busy trying to be there to offer my support to her and my son. I put up a post and asked you all to please take a moment to pray for her and my son to help keep them strong. They had been up for two transplants earlier but because of different reasons they fell through and they were left with disappointment but not without faith. Well my friends a new donar became available early last month and as we all prayed and sat with our fingers crossed that this one would indeed happen God answered our many prayers and the surgeory was scheduled for April 5th. My dear dear friend Stitch then arranged a wonderful prayer line for us and you all came to join our Prayers In Full Circle. As the day neared we were more and more convinced that this time it was really going to happen! Then my phone rang early on the

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