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  • Guys Get Eating Disorders Too

    The first time I stuck my fingers down my throat and vomited up my meal was in 1980. I was a freshman at Penn State University. The emotional release and feeling of control it gave me over my body was intoxicating. It was the worst and at the same time the best I had ever felt about myself for a short burst of time. The knowledge that a simple physical act of purging my food, could change how I felt about myself and how I saw myself in the mirror was intoxicating. I had to have that feeling over and over if only for that brief moment. I had no idea that I had begun a descent into bulimia that would stay with me for the next twenty-six years. In 1980, I had no idea Bulimia was a word much less an eating disorder. The angel voiced songstress, Karen Carpenter had not yet pushed eating disorders into the national spotlight when in, 1983, she died of heart failure related to her anorexia at 32 years old, her death began a national conversation about eating disorders. But in many ways, she

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