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  • Why You Should Trust...But With Caution

    I'm going to try this again, only this isn't quite as light a topic as women's underwear (still surprised how many responses I got from that. Never know women were so passionate about their underwear!)

    I happened to post a response to that article about women who say they use birth control when they really don't in order to have a baby. I posted about a real-life event which happened to me in which the woman I was with said she was taking birth-control pills but really wasn't. Long story short, I got a vasectomy and their was no baby and she and I went our separate ways. So, my reason for writing this, I was somewhat taken aback when a guy's response to this was "yes, you just can't trust any woman!" That certainly was not my intent, I merely wanted to share what happened to me and advise to use caution and make sure you know that person VERY well before taking that step. I don't advocate not trusting 51% of the population.

    So here's the REAL gist of why I share this. It's something

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  • User Post: What a Woman's Underwear Says About Her

    So, I've recently seen a lot of articles categorizing men, yet none for women. So here ya go!

    What a woman's underwear says about her:

    Granny Panties (or any briefs): She probably leads a boring life and doesn't do anything remotely adventurous. She probably sits home and watches television all evening and whines how there aren't ANY good men while life passes her by. Hey wanna go hiking or bike riding? "Oh my PMS is REALLY bad! I don't wanna go!" In bed you'll get maybe missionary and that's about it. Talk about vanilla!!!! Ditch her and run for the hills!!

    Boyshorts: She secretly wishes she were really a guy. But hey, at least you'll have someone to watch NFL games with you on Sunday. In bed she's a mix. Heck, she might even like to try a strap-on!

    Anything at Victoria's Secret or other high-end store: This one is HIGH-MAINTENANCE to the MAX!!! Avoid her at all costs. She also probably had 900 pairs of shoes sitting in the closet even though she only wears maybe 10 pair. Her

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