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  • The Official HARP Loan Refinancing Program Can Save Your Home

    OfficialHarpLoansRecently the US government has developed a refinancing program at the urging of President Obama. This program was developed to help homeowners who may be underwater in their existing home loans. As long as the homeowner has remained current on their monthly payments, they may be eligible for HARP refinancing assistance.

    Irvine, California 6/21/2012 - Due to the recent economic crisis that our country has experienced many homeowners have found themselves underwater on their existing home loans. This can be attributed to the overabundance of home mortgages that have forced many homeowners to either abandon their property or struggle every month to try and stay current on payments. Until the recent development of the home affordable refinance program there wasn't much hope for these homeowners.

    The Obama home refinancing program was created by President Obama as a way to help struggling homeowners who have an existing mortgage with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae to refinance their

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  • Why You Should Go for a Harp Loan Now

    Interest rates are at an all time low, and it is natural to want to take advantage of them. However, what do you do when you don't qualify for a typical refinance option? For example, what do you do if you owe more on your house than it is currently worth? There is a solution.

    Enter the HARP refinance option. This is a refinance loan that was developed by the government, although the loan itself does not come from the government, and not all lenders participate in the program. Essentially, the HARP loans are available to help people who would otherwise qualify for refinance take advantage of the low interest rates.

    The Obama refinance option was put into place to help home owners in a poor economy, to try to head off another round of foreclosures. However, you still have to have good credit and a mortgage in good standing in order to qualify for the refinance program. The only difference between a HARP loan and a regular refinance loan is that the value of your home does not

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