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  • 5 Surprising Signs You're a Sugar Addict

    Do you find comfort in dessert or reach for pasta or pizza when you're feeling down? Do you always crave something sweet or caffeinated at that 3pm crash during the workday? There is a good chance you are addicted to sugar. In fact, recent research has shown similarities between the over consumption of sugars and drug addiction. One study found that sugar cravings were even more demanding than cocaine cravings.

    What specifically is it about these simple carbohydrates that makes them so desirable? Eating sugar releases opioids and dopamine into the body. Both of these chemicals basically send pleasure signals to your brain and help your body block pain. Sounds similar to the effects of narcotics, right? Consuming sugar makes you feel happy, which is the reason why we reach for it again and again. In fact, the evidence of the addictive nature of sugar along with our excessive consumption of it caused scientists from the University of California at San Francisco to recommend that the use

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  • Artificial Sweetener Versus Sugar: Does it Matter?

    If it's not real sugar and has no calories then it's ok to eat, right? Think again. New evidence has shown that those pretty colored packets have almost the same effect on the body as the real stuff does. When you consume artificial sweeteners, the sugar receptors that are found in your mouth, gut, and pancreas get signaled just as they would when you consume natural sugars. The body reacts by absorbing more real sugar, triggering insulin production, and turning sugar into fat. Even worse, research shows that eating artificial sweeteners increases your appetite in general, so you end up consuming even more.

    Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine were created as a calorie-free way to curb sugar cravings, however they actually have the opposite effect. Artificial sweeteners are 200-700 times sweeter than regular sugar. Consuming artificial sweeteners or products that contain them on a regular basis can alter your palate drastically. Basically, since you are no

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