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  • Moving a Hosted VoIP Phone System is Not Really Moving

    Moving your phone system is easier than you think. Moving your business is a hassle. Forget about moving stuff like furniture, cubicles and filing cabinets, you can always hire a moving company for that. Moving your technology is the tricky part, and moving your phone system can be expensive and will most likely lead to a period where your company does not have phone service at all.

    If you are like most businesses, you will probably want to take your existing phone system with you to your new office location. This means that you will have to break the system down and reassemble it at your new location. While your system is in transit, your company is without phone service. You will probably try and do this over the weekend so as to not be without phone service during normal business hours (assuming a normal business hour does not include evenings and weekends).

    If you are lucky and things go as planned, you can accomplish this move in a single weekend. Unfortunately,

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