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  • WOW! Review

    This week I went to Texas. It is soo great. They have great towns, great restaurants. And more! They have lots of places to shop. They also love football. GO COWBOYS! It is a great place to hang out! but to warn you it is very humid! But you can get a great tan! So when you are thinking to go on a vaction I suggest you go to Texas!

  • WOW! Reveiw

    Chili's is my favorite resturaunt! Their food is great! you feel like you can do any thing in there.They have great service! They have entered so many cooking contests. Their best meal is their ribs! They are the best ribs EVER! You have a choice to sit in the bar, booth, and outside! When you sit down they don't right away ask you what you want to drink they wait until you are done looking at the menu. Then they ask you. they wait until they they are done handing you your drink then they ask you what you want to eat. The try to bring your food out in 15 minutes. Then they what until you are all done with your food before they take your food. Then they ask if you want a box or dessert. Then they give you a dessert menu and your box. Then in about 5 minutes they come back and ask you what you want for dessert. They usually bring it out in 10 minutes. The whole family loved Chili's! I did too! So if you want some idea on where to go tonight go to

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  • Me,myself,and I

    I just got a question in, "My friend just asked me what my culture but I have nothing about my culture. So what do I do?". I would say,"I don't know alot about my culture. So why don't we go look on the computer". So if you have a problem or question e-mail me at