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    Heyyy.. eveybody today i read my first comment im sooo happy i didnt actually think that anybody would ever look at a teenage girls blog like me. I'm not the most sure why i have done this blog but i do think that doing this blog it will help me do and feel alot better about my last situation and help you guy and girl with alot of advice. I am not the most popular person in my school jusdt because i am a cheerleader but i am doing good. I can help both guys and girls but please just dont ask me about the fashion in my school because i am not up to dissing anybody in the school that i go too. so thanks for reading and asl long as i possible can i will right a blog post almost every other day... bye for now.

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    Wow, i have no idea how to put this but.... Do you have questions? Im not probably going to be able to answer alot of the questions but i know i can answer questions about boy, friend, makeup, relationships,and cheerleadering oh and last HIGHSCHOOL!!! Alot of people have asked me alot of qustions about these topic and i have been able to answer them in many different ways. you could also ask me questions about me, like who i am and what i like.... I am a open book and am willing to answer many to almost anything,

    So if you have any questions just go ahead and post a comment with your question and i will do my best to answer them for you.. and thank for now.