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  • 6 Ways to Dive into Your Heart, Life and Yoga Practice

    Most Westerners, myself included, start their spiritual journey in the physical. Meaning, they start "yoga" in the aspect of the postures, the poses, the asana. (Please read Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga.) Once practitioners begin their quest, their hunger calls for something more and they begin to explore the realm of what yoga really means. The usual route goes something like this, a person starts doing the practice of poses and begins to clear their body and energetic channels begin to unlock and open, then the mind starts to make connections with the body, then the person starts to meditate, the mind begins its clarification process, then the soul awakens, the heart becomes alive and then we reach the energectic field as a whole. But different people start at different routes -- pranayama (which is a whole science within itself) meditation, japa, sacred text recitation, shaman medicine, chanting, cooking, golfing, playing music, making art, etc etc. The list goes on. Doesn't matter

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  • 6 Ways to Have More Clarity, Consciousness and Love

    Ahoy my fellow seekers! Are you ready to set sail for 2012? As this year comes to an end, I sit and reminisce on all the trials and tribulations I've endured, the people who held me in moments of grief, the elated celebrations of growth and success, the people who were there to share in my happiness and joy and in essence, simply in awe of the perfect nature of the unfolding of this whole life process. Reflecting always seems to allow for the space to see a congruency and synergistic pattern for an understanding of you know, the moments in which we live our everyday lives. Let's bring the new year in with more clarity, more consciousness and of course, more love. Here are some practical ways to make each moment of your life even better than the last.

    1. Live with intention. Every action, every thought and every feeling arises from something. That something is different for everyone-it's called an intention. The "why" part of what we're doing, thinking, saying or feeling. What comes out

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  • 6 Tips to Let Go of the Old and Bring in the New

    One of the most common challenges amongst human beings is the concept of "letting go." Whether that be in relationships, memories, things we don't use anymore and even articles of old clothing-things we haven't worn in years, sometimes even decades. For some reason, death is a feared concept. Isn't death just as natural as birth? Isn't letting go just as important as bringing in? Here are some tips on how to practice "OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW."

    1. First of all, you gotta make space. If you're cramped with "stuff" all up in your grill, you don't even have the room to bring anything into your life. It's a simple concept. Say good bye to anything in your life that does not serve a purpose. What doesn't serve a purpose is stagnant. What is stagnant around you also keeps you stagnant. It sounds harsh, but it's true. If it doesn't serve you, your being-ness, your life, your growth, your well being in any way, let it go.

    2. Take inventory of what you need and what you don't need.

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  • 6 Tips to Experience More Love in Your Daily Life

    I'm a lover. If I were to label myself, I'd call myself that. I love to love. I love giving just as much as I love receiving. What a special gift we have as humans to be able to experience love with one another. Don't you think? Here's some tips on how to experience more love in your daily life. And I'll tell you a secret, the best part is -- there's no limit.

    1. GIVE LOVE. We're going to do a little breathing exercise, ok? Here we go. Inhale the biggest breath you can. Hold it for a second and pause. Now exhale it out fully. Ok, take note of that experience. Now, exhale all your breath out fully, all of it -- every little drop of nuance in your breath. Go. When there's nothing left hold it, pause. Ok, and now inhale fully. Notice something different? When we exhale first, we're able to inhale even MORE. When we give with our exhale, we're able to receive even more fully with our inhale. Funny how that works, huh? So, practice exhaling. Practice giving -- just for the sake of giving.

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  • 6 Tips to Create Your New Reality

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    Nobody likes the feeling of being stuck. You can't really make a change in life til you're fed up with repeating the same old patterns. You've gotta be done. And I mean, really done. Make that promise to yourself. Here are some simple tools that may help you on your journey in creating your reality and owning, fully, what it really means to be YOU.

    1. E=mc2.
    You've gotta get hip to this. Acknowledge ENERGY. The most important factor and absolute seed of creating is not to just acknowledge, but actually REALIZE that everything is, in fact, energy. This is not a concept or idea. It is not an affirmation one repeats as a mantra of sorts. This is the base level of understanding one must carry as embarking on the journey of being the full creator and manifestor of one's own life.

    2. Commitment.

    The path of being responsible for one's own path is not an easy role to take on. Unfortunately it's common to get lazy and fall off. BUT YOU ARE NOT THAT. If you are reading this, you are looking

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  • 6 Tips to Tune into Your Intuition

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    Can you wake up to a truth that already lives inside you? When that deepest, most internal center of your being is awoken, there's no way it can be further ignored. You can try to place it on the sidelines, some people go years, even decades before they surrender, (in some cases, some may never) but sooner than later- that voice will start screaming, yelling, even ache for attention. It will be as loud as you need it to be to hear it. This voice is called your intuition. Also known as your truth.

    Here are some practical tips and suggestions on how to listen and live your life in harmony with truth.

    1. Do Urdhva Danurasana 3 times a day.
    In proper alignment, hold it for 5 breaths, rest 3 breaths and repeat. Truth lives in the heart. This posture is a heart opener. The energy field of the subtle body has the potential in being blocked, closed or shut off. This posture will aide in sending energy, breath and prana to this center of the body which will ALSO then bring your mind's

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  • How to Follow Your Heart & Realize Your Dreams

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    Are you seeking meaning, purpose or significance in your life, career, or both? Or maybe looking to make a change and find something that brings you closer to your true self? Here are six tips to get you started:

    1. Ask yourself, what do you LOVE? What do you love doing? What comes naturally and easy for you? What traits do people compliment you on? What did you love doing when you were a child? When are you the happiest?

    2. Get ready to say good bye to a lot of people and a lot of things.
    When you start living in alignment with your heart, in the beginning there will be an initial "falling away" of all those that are not in harmony with your heart's resonance. It's like this -- if for 21 years you lived without an epicenter and one day you realized your heart is now that -- imagine what that (at)tracts and (de)tracts.

    3. Make space for yourself.
    Make space to explore what it is you truly love and want to do. Whether that be in relationships, a profession, any aspect of life --

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