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  • Too Young for Alcohol


    My name is Savanna. Alcohol has made my life so much harder than it should be. I know it's not my fault....but, that still doesn't change anything. For a glimpse into my life...please click on the link below:

    Too Young for Alcohol

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  • 10 'Cheap' Summer Ideas for Little Kids

    Kids love swimming, but it can be fun on dry land too!

    Entertaining little kids on a tight budget takes creativity, but it can be done!

    Kids generally don't require as much as we think they do, to be happy. A little free time to explore their surroundings, and the freedom to do so without worrying about getting dirty, is all most kids want on a warm, sunny afternoon.

    And while there are plenty of activities to engage in that cost money, I wanted to focus on ideas that are free...or pretty darn close.

    These ideas may have been around for a while, but sometimes our memories just need a little nudge to get the good times rolling again.

    We have found that the follow activities can generate big grins, belly laughs and wonderful summer memories:

    1. Give kids a pail of water and a large paint brush to 'Paint' anything they want outside the house.
    2. Fill buckets or large pots with soapy water, and give the kids rags and sponges so they can 'Wash' all their
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  • How to 'Grow' a Library for Your Family

    A snippet of our home library.
    Having books to call their own, can inspire children beyond our imagination. Books should be a part of every child's life, and acquiring their own library can instill a sense of pride and respect that carries with them throughout their growing years.

    I am an avid reader and I truly believe that having my own books, as a child, instilled that love early on.

    I've watched my six children (ages 3-29) enjoy books on so many levels-from eating the cover, using them as ramps for hot wheels, tracing the pictures onto tracing paper and copying down the words, to reading them with pride and sharing them with others. They have dressed like the characters they were reading about and went on adventures that have leapt off the pages and fed their souls.

    They get inspiration from the words and the pictures, then let their imaginations run wild!


    We have too many books to count. Every family member has their own books, we have a central

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