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  • Best fitness workouts for that New Year’s resolution

    I work out every week, rain or shine, with Jeff Gotte at Practical Fitness. Jeff is the reason my arms look like they do in that picture. We only do strength training, which builds lean muscle mass, which is particularly important for women, as it increases bone density. I am so sold on my workouts with Jeff that I was admittedly a little skeptical about these workout DVDs. But I ended up pleasantly surprised by a couple of them.

    I describe my fitness level as: Very fit. I am very healthy and strong.
    I exercise: Once a week, for thirty minutes, with the aforementioned Jeff, my personal trainer. Yes, really. Thirty minutes once a week. That's what I do.
    My usual reaction to fitness DVDs is: To break out into hives and hide in my closet in the fetal position. There is a reason I need a trainer. I just generally won't do this stuff on my own.

    Jackie Werner Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs

    On a scale of barely sweat to totally-kick-butt, this workout is: Pretty kick butt. It will take me a couple of

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  • Get It Guide: ‘Tis the season for toys!

    With my daughter fully immersed in all things tween (she's 12), I haven't spent time with toys or in a toy store in quite some time. What a treat to get to play with toys again during the holidays! From my parents, to my teen cousins, to my young niece and nephew, everyone had an opinion on these holiday must-haves.

    Monster High Dolls

    The price of this toy is: Very reasonable. You can get one of the dolls for around $12 on the Mattel site.
    This toy would be great for: Younger girls, especially those into Monster High. My 8-year-old niece enjoyed playing with Clawdeen Wolf for a little while even though she isn't into the whole Monster High experience.
    The benefits of this toy seem to be: Okay. I really don't know. Clawdeen Wolf? The freakish offspring of Barbie and Jacob, or what? I suppose it did seem reasonably well put together. And I have a thing for platform heels, which Clawdeen was sporting.
    The downsides are: The very first thing I noticed was how skinny (too skinny) the doll was.

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  • Get It Guide: Do these jeans make me look fat?

    Jeans rank right up there with shoes for me as far as things I love to buy and don't mind spending money on. I will wear a good pair of jeans until they literally fall apart. They also rank right up there with bikinis as far as things that make me feel horrible about myself in the glare of the dressing room lights. That said...what did this single, 39-year-old mama, think about some different brands of bootcut jeans? I'll tell ya!

    My body type is: Hourglass. I'm 5'2", a buck twenty on a good day, and curvy. But as I get older, I carry my weight in midsection which makes finding a pair of flattering jeans harder than it used to be.

    Lucky Brand

    Fit: Nice, but I learned that feathering is non-negotiable for me. There was a bit of it, but not enough. When there is nothing going on but solid colored denim on my thighs I'm convinced I look large. Crazy? Possibly.
    Texture/color is: Too monotone and too light for my taste.
    Make me feel: Like I need to lose 5 pounds.
    Would wear to: I'm a brand

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