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  • Rain in Seattle

    Here we are between the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, Halloween and The 2012 Elections and it's raining in Seattle!


    Rain is not something that is customary in Seattle, drizzle is...constant drizzle. Well, it's been raining, not sprinkling, not our normal drizzle. Before this we had weeks of sunshine, so much so I breathed a sigh of relief when the gray skies returned. I must admit I was worried, I like a little sunshine which is customary here in Seattle but weeks and weeks is frightening...What does it mean? Does it mean that this winter we will have a blizzard? Does it mean that we will get an earthquake?

    We haven't had an earthquake in a while it's true, however, we didn't use to get snow until late 2008, early 2009. The summer of 2009 was so balmy Seattleites were developing heat strokes. The weather has become more harsh and unpredictable ever since. In April 2009 there was snow in Seattle, then in May 2009 we had 90 degree weather! Scary. The weather here is usually mild

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  • The New World Order

    This weekend has been awesome for me and I am looking forward to an awesome week!

    The New World Order

    I have listened to Alex Jones, Diane Canon, Fritz Springmeier, David Icke and attended a conference here in Seattle about what we can do to survive the coming New World Order. I have been really doing my own personal research on this for a long, long time.

    I have been hearing about the "Last Days" since I was a child, however, the New World Order was defined as this great thing. No more sorrow, death, crime, death, sickness, death, money, death...blah, blah, blah. This is not like a Mother Goose story. Not only were us children being told this but the adults as well and while we were taught that Old Saint Nick was a Pagan and a Devil Worshipper, the New World Order was real and would come into effect imminently. For real, at any moment we could get a phone call and we would have to leave all that we know because the end had come...Well, that was then and today there is no tent of

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  • How to Become a Notary in Washington State

    Here is a topic that is rarely discussed anymore: Notary Publics

    Yes, yes! Remember when you had to get all types of things notarized for business and as well as personal purposes? Working in administration one of the Secretary's were ALWAYS required to be a notary. Then, if you needed to have something personal notarized you could go to your bank and they would take care of it for you...

    Well, it's so rare now to even hear the word Notary much less need much so, I thought well this could be a very good business to go I Googled Notary Publics in my area and what did I get? Very few...

    UPS offers Notary services!

    The most promising was UPS which would notarized a document for $10.00 plus tax. So if you needed to notarized 4 letters by 4 different people that would be $40.00 plus tax. Additionally, each individual would have to be physically present (per Washington state laws), have valid identification and sign the letters in the presence of the Notary. After which

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  • Loving Seattle!

    Today is a sunny, cool, windy day in Seattle. Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the Westin Hotel here in Seattle and once again our city leaders, King County leaders and state legislators were very accommodating, polite and professional. Of course, traffic was an issue, beautifully, there was nothing unseemly that happened. This is a source of pride for me as a citizen living in Seattle, Washington!

    I enjoy living here because of the people, the top representatives and the environment. There are some negativity here of course, but generally this is a diverse, caring, answerable state to live in. We care in Seattle despite the impetus not to in the global world today. There are so many cruel, selfish people however, what we tend to forget about is all the truly lovely, caring, beautiful people there are.

    They don't receive as much "buzz" as the horrid people, however on a day like yesterday, we get to be reminded of all the wonderful people that we have in this world.

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  • It's the Weekend Baby!!

    Happy Friday!!

    My favorite day of the week is Friday and yes for obvious reasons! :-D
    No matter what is going on during the week, I fully enjoy spending full days with Teeny Minnie and the love of my life Virgil!! We always have the best of times together no matter what we are doing... Tonight is the Improv show at the Theatre which is always unexpected madness and caps off any week jovially!

    This weekend we are visiting friends on Vashon Island...I love this island because of the vast beauty, fresh air and untamed wilderness ...when we are there I feel like we are the only humans on the hummmm of power lines, no cell phones... it is sooo awesome...

    We will do some camping and fishing of course and then there is a big breakfast of french toast and fresh, wild blackberries for breakfast.


    Camping supplies are always very important and I hate to forget to pack something - so of course I have my
    1. Tent - I pack light

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  • The Rain is Back in Seattle

    The gray skies of SeattleNavigating the Gray

    The gray skies of Seattle are finally back!

    I woke up this morning to the sound of rain drops and I thought - Thank you Lord...

    While, I love sunshine, I am not used to a whole lot of it. In Houston, Texas there is not only frequent thunder storms but also really high humidity. Seattle gets less rain than Houston then due to the altitude we are scorched here...

    Some of my neighbors get just about naked when it is sunny in Seattle! That's just how much they get into it...can't really say they are natives behaving this way...The natives of Seattle really are into the gray weather but they can handle it better.

    Ways to Navigate the Gray

    Today, I am on my way to the Traver Gallery in downtown Seattle...museums and movies are the way to go when it starts to rain in Seattle so that should be a lot of fun and great for the brain. The young people here are really getting into iFly. I guess it's okay, but feeding that risk taking ability is not prudent in any way except

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  • Wipeout on Lake Washington!!

    North Lake Washington - Woodland ParkIt was the best fun we have had all year!!

    What Happened...

    We love going to Lake Washington. It is so peaceful and natural. You would think there would be hoardes of people there on the weekends but there never are...Lately, we have been taking the monster out there with us (Our little teacup, Yorkie puppy). It's always a gamble because she can NOT be all. She has so many feelings and emotions until you can never know how she will react in a new situation. Although, I know her temperment and personality, she always leaves me in shock at her responses. She is a very sweet little pet but she also has a mean streak that takes my breath away.

    So we go out to the lake as usual but instead of fishing from the pier we decide to get a canoe. It's a 50/50 chance that this is good idea. With courage and prayer, we put our gear in the canoe, Virgil gets in first and then I board with the monster. I anticipate so anxiety on her part, but she is cool as a cucumber...unbelievable..

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  • Evening Skylines in Seattle, Washington

    St. Patrick's Day/Lenten Season - Puget Sound, Seattle, WALet there be LightRiver of light in the sky over Riverton, WAPuget Sound, Seattle, WA and South King County, Boeing

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  • Krazy USA - If You Are Going to Loose Your Mind it WILL Happen Here

    My View

    So, I am sitting on the couch and thinking about life here in Krazy...

    It's hump day and grandma is slinging meth from her roach coach. You go over get yourself some tacos, large soda and a large, medium or small order of meth, cocaine, heroin, crack or weColetha Albert, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WAed.

    After paying the cops, who come by each Saturday night for their cut of dope and cash, oh and some goat meat burritoes grandma has just purchased a new vehicle without a driver's license. Yahoo! She is so "successful"...

    She's living the Krazian dream!!
    The dream is:

    Do what you want
    Provide a service
    Rip off as many people as you can
    Never pay for your crimes
    Expect to go to heaven when you die

    What? What do you mean "That's crazy!" This IS Krazy USA and that's how it goes down here. Are you feeling safe yet? Are you now vibrating at a higher frequency now? Are you feeling light, content and happy? No, well then you are not sourced from Saturn...

    Oh well, that's why I am sitting on my couch today.

    My Vision

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