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  • 9 Life-Changing Beauty Tips that Take Only 30 Seconds

    Fabio HeizenrederBy Andrea Arterberry

    1. For flyaways: Spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and run it over frizzy hair until it lays flat. It's the quickest way to tame hairs without slapping on a bunch of product. -celebrity hairstylist David Lopez

    2. To make your hairstyle last longer: Give your bobby pins extra grip by spraying them with dry shampoo first and then sliding into the hair. -celebrity hairstylist David Lopez

    3. For frizz-free bangs: Blow dry from the side using a round brush. Do it a few times and keep switching sides. celebrity hairstylist David Lopez

    4. For a cracked compact: Add a drop of rubbing alcohol, pour it into the pan, flatten out with your finger, and let it dry. In an hour or so, the compact will harden again. -Kerry Cole, BECCA Cosmetics style director.

    5. For uneven skin tone: Dab on a coral or orange lipstick. Applying a bit under your concealer will cancel out any dark areas. -Maybelline makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar

    6. For cocktail-proof lips:

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  • 5 Foods that Stain Your Teeth


    By Anne Fritz

    Whether you come by your white smile naturally or with some help from teeth bleaching products, the easiest way to keep them that way is to avoid teeth-staining foods. Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport of Lavaan Dental Spa in New York tells us some of the most common Latin ones.


    A good rule of thumb: if a food could stain a white shirt, it will stain your teeth. Blame the tannins in red wine. Opt for white sangria instead - it's just as amazing.


    If you can't stand to go without you daily dose, make sure it's heavy on the milk and rinse your mouth afterward.

    Cuba Libra

    Colas, even diet ones, can make your smile dingy. Seltzer and clear liquors will preserve your pearly whites.


    Tomatoes are high on the list of teeth-staining foods. If you can't pass up the chips and salsa, take a swig of water when you're done and swirl it around your mouth.

    Blueberry margaritas

    Sure it has anti-oxidants, but the fruit will stain your smile.

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  • When His Mother is the Other Woman

    Getty ImagesYou think you met "the one." Until, that is, you meet his mother.

    By Mariela Rosario

    So you think a man who treats his mother like a queen is the king for you? Think again. Dating a momma's boy is hard work. Take it from Elisa*, 27, from Hartford, CT, who at first thought it was great that her man had such a strong relationship with his mother. Until she overheard him sharing details of their sex life with her on the phone. "They talk every day, and he literally tells his mother everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!" Elisa says. "Things you wouldn't even imagine saying out loud." Elisa has had to set her guy straight, but our cultura's love for family bonds can often spell bad news. Our expert wheighs in on how to keep your heart - and your dignity - intact.

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    Start by acknowledging the role his mother plays in his life. Then let him know how you feel about her behavior without

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  • Should You Cover for a Cheating Friend?

    Cosmopolitan Is it a homegirl's duty, or totally a pain in the ass? Two writers weigh in.

    By Adriana V Lopez, author

    Put down that stone, woman. Your cheating friend was tempted by the fruit of another and, like a naughty Eve from earlier times, she took a bite. Now, she's a plain ol' mess; breathless, lying to everyone left and right, and you become her alibi. "Should he ask, she's with you tonight, okay?"

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    Let's be clear on this. No one actually likes being in this position, especially when you know her significant other. But when it comes to my friends, they can do no wrong, and if it means covering for them during a bumpy time, I'm there. Haven't they been there for me during my own infamous episodes? Yes.

    That's why we're still friends. I'm no saint, and thankfully, neither are my girls. Which doesn't imply they're heartless scoundrels either. It means they're in temporary limbo; searching, stumbling,

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  • 5 All Natural Beauty Products that Actually Work

    By Milly Almodovar

    All natural products are great, but do they always work as well as others? These are not only so natural that you can eat some of them (we're not kidding), but they actually really work wonders!

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    4 Unique Hairstyle Ideas

    Sexy Red Lipsticks For Your Skin Tone

    How to Cut Layers For Your Hair Texture

    The Best Beauty Products With Honey

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  • 5 Things You Should Never Say in Bed

    Dudes dish on why your morning-after comments made him never want to call or text again.

    By Michelle Herrera Mulligan

    You meet a hottie at the club, you go-on a super-sexy romantic date, you see a hot friend you've been wanting to upgrade….and rushed right to the bed. Worried that you ruined your chances for a deeper connection? Our dude panel says that what you say may have more impact that what you did.

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    "I Don't Just Sleep With Anybody"

    Our dude panel: "I've had girls get mad when I don't automatically make months out plans the instant we hook up. If she's trying to say, 'I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think we had serious potential,' I don't buy it. How can she know that if we've only known each other a couple of hours? Also, this makes a lot of assumptions about where my head is at. It's like, I can't know if you're going to be my girlfriend yet, sorry."

    Damage Control. "If you drop this line and get a weird reaction, I would just laugh it off and

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  • 4 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Skin

    CosmopolitanBy Krystyna Chavez

    We've become so dependent of our phones sometimes we forget the daily side effects that come with being permanently attached. Take a look at what cell phones really do to our skin and how we can avoid some of these nasty little issues.

    Text Neck
    Admit it, whether you're walking, sitting, or laying down you're usually staring down at your phone. According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, constantly looking down causes the collagen in your neck to break down, leaving that turkey-looking neck. To avoid, hold your phone at eye level and change up your beauty routine. Add collagen building products such as Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care Defensive DAY Moisture Serum SPF 15 and Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care Recovery NIGHT Moisture Serum.

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    Early Wrinkles
    The small fonts on our phones can make us squint causing crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes. Dr. Frank recommends increasing font size and brightness

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  • 5 Quick Ways to Build Up Your Confidence Before a Job Interview

    CosmopolitanWhen it comes to those 10 minutes right before you reach that office, we know the anticipation can be extremely nerve-wracking. Here are some quick mental methods to build up your confidence before you walk into your job interview.

    By Ariel Nagi

    Play a Powerful Theme Song In Your Head
    It might sound silly, but some editors here at CFL swear by it. Every woman has a powerful song that just makes them feel like they can conquer the world. This will make you feel like a badass and ready to answer all the questions confidently. Call it your power anthem!

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    Think Of All the People Who Believe In You
    Reread your endorsements if you have to and remember your references. There are people out there who recommended you for a reason. It will make you feel better knowing that even if you didn't get the position, it doesn't mean you suck at life. It just means that wasn't the place for you.

    Don't Think Of What This Job Can Do For You, Think Of

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  • The Top Hair Treatments from Your Kitchen

    Tarcisio de Lima By Anne Fritz

    When your tresses need some serious TLC, skip the salon and head straight to your cocina. Mauricio Cifuentes, Eco-Certified Organic Hairstylist and Owner of Mauricio Hair Salon in New York shares his secret home remedies for your hair.

    White Vinegar

    Before trying any of these treatments cleanse your hair with a clarifying agent, such as white vinegar. "This first step will rid the hair of build up from hard water and certain conventional hair products and get it ready to absorb the nutrients of the special treatments," says Cifuentes.


    Raw molasses, found at natural food stores, prevents oxidation of your hair to preserve your gorgeous color while infusing your locks with nutrition; ideal for coarse hair. "Add it directly to your favorite organic conditioner and slather it onto hair," says Cifuentes. Try this treatment on a Saturday morning when you're doing laundry, picking up the house, etc. and rinse at the end of the day before blow-drying

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  • 6 Summer Fashion Items You Can Wear in the Fall Too

    By Flor de Maria Rivera

    It still feels like a sauna in some areas of the country, but fall is just around the corner and we might as well start getting ready for those cool nights. If you're on a budget and can't shell out the cash to give you Carrie Bradshaw's closet, here is how you can rock five of your favorite summer staples in the fall.

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    The Cutest Lingerie Under $20

    The Top 5 Fashion Tips For Petites

    4 Fun Ways to Go Neon

    Dressing For Your Curves at the Office

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