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  • The 4 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate

    By Elizabeth Stark

    A lot of scientific studies you read about often seem too good to be true, and they usually are; sadly, Croatian scientists will probably never find that 74 percent of subjects who ate only cake actually lost weight,or that a caramel latte a day will reduce your risk of stroke. But sometimes, on a few glorious occasions, it turns out something you love actually is good for you.

    I'm talking about chocolate here. So let's really talk about chocolate. Not all chocolate packs the same healthful punch - the kind you can eat with moderate abandon (an ounce or so a day) is dark chocolate, cocoa, or cacao. Look for chocolate that touts a 70 percent or greater cocoa content, and then get down to the healthy business of inhaling it. Milk chocolate and even a lot of "dark chocolate" candy bars have tons of sugar and a lot of fat either introduced or reintroduced in manufacturing. So any health benefits you get from these are going to be outweighed by the added sugar

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  • 13 Things Men Should Never Say to a Woman

    Don't say to a woman

    By Anna Breslaw

    If you call another woman a slut, I'll use your bones to make furniture.

    1. "Men are more rational, and women are more emotional." And cats like the color red, and dogs will only listen to Jason Derulo, and that ficus bush is your cousin. Oh, I thought we were making nonsense statements.

    2. "Women can't drive." We don't have, like, giant tampons for heads. Don't be a moron.

    3. "You're funny/smart for a girl." OMG thank you! I hope to rise above the ranks and someday be considered smart for a human, but this is a great honor.

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    4. "Girls all want to marry rich." Some girls want to marry rich. Other girls want to marry the person they love, whether s/he is rich or poor or an alien who uses peacock feathers as currency. And other girls don't want to get married! So like, that's how that works.

    5. "I don't get why women love assholes." Yeah, actually, that whole thing where you

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  • 13 Things that Make Guys Insecure

    Things that make guys insecureBy Frank Kobola

    We're less like Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal and more like Vince Vaughn in real life.

    1. Not having enough hair. Are we losing our hair? Can we grow a beard? We need to look like Robin Williams at the start of Jumanjior we are not a man.

    2. Having a lame "how we met" story. You're never going to have a meet cute like they do in the movies. Unfortunately, there's no way to spin "we were drunk at a frat party" into something anywhere as good as Jack saving Rose's life, let alone Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore meeting next to a dumpster in The Wedding Singer.That's way too much pressure.

    3. Being short on money. Blame the whole hunter/gatherer society aspect, but men still feel like they need to be able to provide for our family. Unless we're making Soulja Boy-buying-a-plane level money, we're always going to feel like we can do more.

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    4. Aging. No guy wants to get to the point where their whole body

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  • 12 Ways He Shows You that You're the One

    How to know if he thinks you're the one.

    By Frank Kobola

    1. He gives you a big, goofy look like he just won the lottery. He might look like an idiot, but that look means he just fell in love with you even more. He even gives it to you when you're on the couch in your sweatpants eating Doritos.

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    2. He's told you things he's never told anyone. Maybe they're mind-blowingly life changing secrets, or maybe they're just little details or insecurities he has. Either way, he feels comfortable talking to you.

    3. Sometimes he just has to kiss you. You might be looking the other way and he just kisses your ponytail, but he couldn't help it.

    4. He tries to befriend your family. He goes golfing with your dad. That is hell for some people and yet he willingly puts himself in that position.

    5. He always wants you to be a part of whatever he's doing. Even during guy's night he texts you a photo of Mike's cute dog because he knows you'll love it. Or Mike's stupid new

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  • 9 Things Guys Do that Totally Kill the Mood

    9 Things Guys Do That Kill The Mood

    By Frank Kobola

    1. Grope. Hey, baby. I'm going to get you in the mood by squeezing your boobs as hard as I can. Is this working for you?

    2. Dry hump. Let's get it started in here. Let me grind my pubic bone onto your exposed hip bone as hard as I can like I'm trying to start a friction fire.

    3. Ask to have sex. Yeah, let's set the mood by timidly asking you if we can engage in sex. Maybe we'll send you an Outlook event titled "boning" for your calendar so you can know exactly when it's going down.

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    4. Leave to pee.
    In our defense, sometimes it feels like thousands of tiny needles are struggling to escape our urethra. Still, it doesn't help when we go running off to the bathroom when you're halfway to climax.

    5. Fart. It doesn't matter if it happens before or during, that single note coming out of his butt is heralding the death of your libido.

    6. Whine. "But we didn't have sex last night. Please, can you just give me a

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  • 13 Signs He's Never Going to Commit


    By Anna Breslaw

    Why haven't you seen him in the daylight? (A) Because he can't commit. (B) Because he's a vampire. (C) Because he is a commitment-phobic vampire.

    1. He calls all his exes "this girl I was kinda dating" or "kinda hooking up with." If he rarely/never uses the word "ex," that could be a sign that he's had commitment issues for quite a while.

    2. He doesn't make plans more than one day in advance. Men call this, "living in the moment." Women call this, "What the hell is wrong with you? I'm too busy for this shit."

    3. He doesn't refer to you as a couple in the future. And this isn't just like, "When do I get to meet your mother?" or any obvious future-stuff like that. I just mean things like "Next month it'll probably be warm enough for us to barbeque," or "We should see Step Up 2 The Streets: The Threequel when it comes out this summer."

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    4. And you are hyper-aware of not mentioning the future around him,

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  • 20 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

    Wedding planningBy Amy Odell and Lori Fradkin

    You won't get Champagne when you try on dresses, despite what rom coms would have you believe.

    1. The part where you gaze longingly at cocktails in mason jars on Pinterest and decide what your wedding "look" will be really only lasts five minutes. Most of your time is spent researching and interviewing vendors, reviewing contracts, writing checks, and trying to get through the never-ending next items on your to-do list.

    2. The longer you plan the longer you, well, plan. If you book your venue 15 months in advance thinking you can get around to the rest of the planning in eight months, you are wrong! As soon as you start planning, expect to be planning until it's all done. So, if you don't actually want to spend a year or more planning, don't start until you're ready to just full-on go for it and totally wedding-up your schedule.

    3. That said, if you want to get married on a weekend in a place where it's only warm outside a couple months out of

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  • 11 Ways to Tell If Your Casual Fling is a Permanent Thing

    Is your bed used for more than sex? Then yes.

    By Laura Beck

    Is your bed used for more than sex? Then, yes.

    1. He leaves stuff at your place, and vice versa.

    You used to stuff any evidence of your existence into a gym bag before you left - "Is that one of my eyelash hairs? Let me get that!" - and now you're leaving stuff laying around all willy nilly. He has a toothbrush at your place and stuff to sleep in, and you just washed a pair of his boxers and ironed his work shirt. WHAT ARE YOU MARRIED? No, you're just comfortable together, and ironing is your happy place. So zen.

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    2. He makes plans more than a week in advance.

    Are you his date for his best friend's wedding in July? Are you planning to rent a cabin in Tahoe together next season? Are you driving him to his fifth DUI court date in August because he can't drive himself? Yeah, this is the real deal. (Also, if it's the last one, we should maybe talk...)

    3. He cares that your friends like him. And

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  • 16 Signs You're Ready to Move in Together

    Photo credit: FoxPhoto credit: Fox

    By Emma Barker and Lori Fradkin

    1. You don't feel the need to run to the bathroom in the morning to put on just a touch of makeup before he wakes up anymore. He likes you better without mascara anyway.

    2. You've met his parents. Or at least you feel comfortable answering the phone when his mom calls and he's in the shower.

    3. You could see yourself being with him forever. Yeah, it might not work out, but you have a pretty good feeling that he's your lobster.

    4. You like being around him. A lot.

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    5. You keep food you eat - but he doesn't - in his fridge/pantry.
    And you're at his house so often that the food in your fridge keeps going bad before you can eat it.

    6. You like the nights you are with him more than the nights you're not. It's not because you get lonely. It's because you get lonely for him .

    7. You have TV series you only watch with each other. Watching True Detective home alone isn't half as much

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  • 6 Machines to Avoid at the Gym

    6 machines to avoid at the gym.

    By Frank Kobola

    And what you should do instead.

    To beginners, a gym can look like an overwhelming sea of torture devices. It's easy to lose focus on your workout because of a lack of understanding, or a poor choice of equipment. As a general rule, free weight or free standing exercises work more muscle groups and don't force your body into uncomfortable positions, but, like everything, different things work for different people. Personal trainer Brooke Marrone walked me through several machines it's best to avoid and their superior alternatives.

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    1. AVOID: The seated leg extension. "This can put your knees at high risk," warns Marrone. Most machines force you to move the way the machine moves, and it's important to use natural movements, she says. "You were just at work all day sitting down, and you're coming to the gym and now you're sitting at another machine. It's really important to move your body."

    INSTEAD: Do squats. A basic

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