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  • Advice for Our Family Dog

    Meet our family dog. Last June, our family rescued an adorable dog, which we named Sonic. The vet deemed him to be a poodle mix who is approximately one year of age, now two. We believe he is a mixed with bichon frise and poodle. We found him wandering the streets of our neighborhood, dirty, scared, and hungry. We did everything to find his owner: contacted a local shelter, called the police station to check if someone reported him missing, put up flyers for a "Found Dog", and used social media avenues in hope that we could find his owner. After one month, we decided to keep him. He definitely belonged to someone, as he scratches the back door when he has to go outside to use the bathroom.

    To this day he is a true joy. He however, has developed a bad habit and I am seeking advice to find out how to end this behavior. He urinates when someone familiar (including my children) and visitors enter our home, with the exception of me. We have tried different methods to end this

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  • P.S., I Think I Love Him

    True LoveThis post comes with so many thoughts and feelings. I could start this story as a friend of a friend who...but I choose not to. I need to let the world know, how I feel.

    I never thought I would have strong feelings for a man, so fast, solid and strong. They say things that seem to be too good to be true generally are. Well, this is not too good to be true because love always comes with complications. I am very afraid to lose this man. He is everything I ever wanted and we have mutual feelings for each other. His words are genuine and caring. I look forward to each and every message he sends, as he looks forward to mine. A connection so close that I can detect when something is wrong. We have the same dreams, thoughts, and desires. To one day be together just sharing ideas, thoughts, writing together, and just being in each others company.

    He is mature, family oriented, and caring. Did I mention, he is also extremely creative? Everything sounds almost perfect, right? Well it isn't.

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  • Happiness is a Choice

    I try to remain extremely happy and content and ultimately believe in turning sadness into happiness. Disappointment and negativity are present in every beings existence, it is how one chooses to deal with their experience and feelings that counts. Those who hide behind a mask of bliss are fake. What is your ultimate choice - happiness, middle-of-the-road, or sadness? Happiness is the route one should take and do so with full force and effort.

    It is a waste of time and energy to be miserable, unhappy, and negative. It is natural to feel these emotions, and one should allow them self to feel them, but not for an extended period of time. Do not dwell upon negative feelings and emotions, they will last as long as you allow them to. Everyone has the ability to turn a difficult situation or sadness into a positive lesson. Some ways a person can change their sadness or doubt into happiness are:

    Relax: Try your best not to overreact to the situation or stressor that may have caused you to

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  • Single Persons Guide on "How To" Have a Happy Valentine's Day

    child drawing a heart

    Recently, I came across some social networking posts that allowed me to brainstorm thoughts and ideas for this article. A couple of people wrote the following as their Face Book or Twitter updates: What should a "single" person do on Valentine's Day? My immediate response was be "happy". Being "single" is okay on Valentine's Day. Not only is it okay, it's a wonderful time to treat yourself to something special or embrace some alone time.

    Alone Time Ideas
    Go for a massage
    . Massages are extremely relaxing and calming. Take some time out of your busy schedule and schedule a massage or facial for yourself. It does not have to be exactly on Valentine's Day, as this is an extremely busy time for massage places, but don't forget to schedule an appointment for yourself during Valentine's week. Just think, you will be pampered for one full hour and will leave completely peaceful, thankful, and relaxed.

    Buy "yourself" a gift.
    Chocolate, flowers, or jewelry? My personal favorite

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  • Low-Cost Health Insurance is Available for New Jersey Families

    Health Insurance Ohio

    At one point in time, a family may be faced with an unplanned dilemma. Suppose you, your spouse, or a loved one loses their job due to a disability, accident, or job cut. Lately, lay-offs and downsizing seem to have become the norm. Many corporations are cutting positions and employees are forced to have many roles as their company downsizes. How will you keep your family properly insured? Many families are unaware that help is available. Purchasing the outrageously priced COBRA benefits at the end of employment, at times, is not possible. COBRA plans generally start at $1,000. Parents should be aware that help exists and learn about their available options. NJ Family Care health insurance is granted based upon income and family size, therefore, many low income families with jobs, who do not have insurance, are also eligible to apply for this low cost or no cost benefit.

    NJ Family Care gives members access to various physicians, hospitals, specialists, dentists, laboratories,

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  • Ladies, Appreciate Your Maiden Name

    Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want

    For years I hated my last name. A third generation Italian with the name "Rockwell". I felt "Rockwell" was too plain. My nationality consists of 75% Italian with a mere 25% English. However, I longed to have a traditional Italian name with a vowel at the end. Both my grandmothers and mother had them: Ferraro, Lembo, and Benaquista. I pondered upon how to change "Rockwell" and often daydreamed of what my married name would be.

    Then in 2003, I had the opportunity to switch to "Arevalo", although it was not Italian, it had a vowel at the end. All of the sudden, I valued my maiden name and did not want to change it. Many authoritative women I spoke to, told me, "Keep your maiden name". You achieve some of life's biggest accomplishments carrying your maiden name, i.e. your college degree, your first job, awards. It took me two full years to completely change everything into my married name. Well, maybe not everything, as to this day, I still have one account in my maiden name

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  • Never Settle for Less

    How many have found themselves stuck in a relationship where it doesn't feel mutual? Many have values that support 'till death do us part' and 'for better or for worse'. But, how long can can one believe in strong values when their spouse or significant other doesn't? Furthermore, both people should be happy and secure in their relationship and most importantly with themselves. It's never too late to re-evaluate your relationship and make integral life changes with or without your partner.

    Take a 'step' back and ask yourself:
    1) Am I truly happy with myself?
    2) Do I make my partner happy?
    3) Does my partner make me happy?
    4) Do 'we' as a couple have the same goals?

    No couple is a is a perfect match, and at times opposites attract as they off-set each others qualities, but when your involved in a relationship, you as a person, should not be the only person going with the flow of things or going out of your way for your partner (one-sided relationship).

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