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  • Santa Monica Nativity Ban Goes Live

    Santa Monica Nativity Booth


    Christmas Scene Displays move onto Private Property

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec 3, 2012 - The City of Santa Monica, California has banned all Christmas Nativity scenes and "unattended displays" in Palisades Park after nearly 60 years. However, there are no prohibitions on live Nativity displays. A live Nativity display is planned for Palisades Park on Saturday, Dec 8th at 1 p.m.

    On Sunday, Dec 9th, Nativity scene displays next to Clover Park in Santa Monica are scheduled to open. The static Nativity display location has been moved from Palisades Park to private property on the 2700 block of Ocean Park Blvd. between Clover Park & 28th St. Displays will be up through January 5th, 2013.

    Hunter Jameson, Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee Chairman said " We're deeply grateful for the use of this new site to allow all of Santa Monica's distinctive Christmas Story to continue spreading the message of joy, hope and peace found in the Christ child's birth."


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  • Returning Troops Face Uncertain Job Market

    With the proposed reduction of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, currently numbering over 140,000, one has to wonder what awaits our returning veterans. Facing a floundering economy coupled with an abysmal job market, high unemployment rates and slim job prospects. It will be challenging at best for most of our returning soldiersUS Troops HomeUS Troops Home.
    It was anticipated that public safety sector jobs would be waiting. For our heroes to take the place of retiring first responders, police officers and firemen. As annual salaries of these positions approach and even exceed $100,000 a year, in many cases with generous lifelong pensions and benefits to follow, it's not surprising the current work force doesn't plan on relinquishing these jobs anytime soon.

    Corporate cost cutting includes layoffs, job elimination and early retirement to maintain profitability and sustain business. Gainful employment and hiring of a younger workforce has fallen below expectations, evidenced by growing numbers

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