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  • Nature’s Own Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

    Now you can avoid those expensive creams and save those extra bucks for that new blouse you have been eyeing!

    Have you been spending a fortune on the latest beauty products that promise a cure for wrinkles? Are you concerned about spending all your hard earned money on popular, celebrity advertised products that may not be as effective as promoted?

    Keep reading, because I want to help you unravel some of the best kept secrets Mother Nature has created for you. By making a few simple changes in your skin care regimen and your diet, you can release nature's own solutions for anti-aging. You will not only reduce those wrinkles and crow's feet, but you will also become a more health conscious individual. You may even start glancing at the label to see what natural goodies are in the beauty products you buy.

    Are you facing this?

    Are you tired looking at a face with crow's feet around the eyes and visible wrinkles around your mouth? Are you tired of sporting sagging facial skin

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  • Protect Your Skin with These Sunscreen Secrets

    It's summer time. It's time to have fun. But, before you dare go outside, you will want to protect your skin from the hot sun.

    If you're like me, your head will spin just by looking at all the different sunscreens on the market. So, how do you know which one to buy?

    First, it's important to understand that there are two types of sun rays to be concerned with - UV-A rays which causes damage that leads to wrinkles and brown spots and UV-B rays which cause the actual sunburn.

    Now that the science lesson is over, it's time to pick an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that's right for you. And don't worry, all those SPF numbers may seem confusing, but I will decode them for you. Normally, your skin will burn in as little as ten minutes of sun exposure. An SPF 15 screens out 93% of UV-B rays. So where does the number 15 come from? Well, simply put it means that you can stay out in the sun 15 times longer than if no product were used for 150 minutes.

    Does that mean an SPF-30 has

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  • Spring Clean Your Skin

    Every year around this time, we say good-bye to winter by 'spring cleaning' our homes. Millions of us open up the windows to air things out, we deep clean our closets and dust areas we haven't had the time to touch in months - all to create that fresh and new feeling.

    But what about your skin? In the spring I am most often asked what is the best thing to do for dry skin. Most people don't realize that for the last several months, your skin has been cooped up and damaged by exposure to the drying effects of winter.

    Don't worry - I have a few simple steps to help you refresh and renew your healthy skin. Keep in mind, this is not about pampering yourself - it's about the essential steps you need for radiant 'spring skin.'

    Step 1: OUT WITH THE OLD!

    I often hear about people using their favorite product sparingly - trying to make them last as long as possible. This is a big mistake- for two major reasons:

    If you have a good product- use it! Most products are formulated to

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  • 10 Secrets to Looking Younger – INSTANTLY!

    As we grow older, our bodies start to slow down. Age sets in. But none of us want to admit it. We all want to look our best - as long as we can.

    As a beauty expert, I have worked with cover girl models, famous celebrities and formulated anti-aging products for some of the most recognized names in the industry.

    But, today, I want to share with you insider secrets that will help you look your best - INSTANTLY and help you AND help you realize how beautiful you really are…

    No, I am not talking about some new miracle product. I am talking about a few simple lifestyle changes that can help you turn back the hands of time - quick and easily.

    STAND UP STRAIGHT and be proud! You will appear more confident and look younger. Here is a trick, practice standing with your arms down to your side. Next, turn your thumbs outward. Your shoulders automatically go back. Practice this, until standing up straight becomes second nature.

    SLEEP - Having a good night sleep of 7 to 8

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