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  • Just a little Thank You to a tow truck driver

    Yesterday was an interesting day. My husband had to take a final exam and called me around 1:15 to come pick him up. I get in the car, turn the key and nothing happens. Well, not nothing- just a click, click, click, click. So I called my usual mechanic around the corner- he's closed after 12 on Saturday-great. So I came back upstairs and started looking up mechanics in the area. Pep Boys was the closest. I've never had much experience with them (I always shopped at AutoZone back home) but they said they could fix it by that afternoon and they would tow it the whole mile to the shop. OK. Call for a tow around 2 and they will be here around 4:10- no big deal I have plenty to do around the house. So at 4 I go downstairs to wait for them but realize as I get to the car that my keys are still on the 5th floor. My husband is walking around the Square and he has an extra key so instead of walking all the way back upstairs I called him. I met him right in front of Lujobo's pizzeria. This is

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  • What's for Dinner? (and breakfast, lunch and snacks)

    I missed a few days- of blogging - not of cooking ;) My husband is in the middle of finals week and he commandeered my laptop again. This week has been a little scattered. We are getting closer to Christmas which means people are dropping by more often. Yesterday I met Grandpa's oldest son and his wife. Lovely people who live in Puerto Rico and speak beautiful Spanish- I'm still working on mine and trust me, the Southern accent does nothing for the sound. Anyway, off to what's for dinner. On Tuesday I had the chicken breast staring at me but I was getting a little bored. So I made a version of Chicken Piccata; I have issues with capers- I think it's more the way they look on a plate than the actual taste. So I made Chicken Piccata with fresh lemon juice and cream but without the capers. I was a hit- my husband asked tonight if I would make it again (nope, out of lemons). Yesterday my mother in law went to Key Food and picked up a seventeen inch round of Focaccia Bread. Since I

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  • DryMax? I don't think so

    I have always been a big fan of Pampers products, after all I started using them 17 years ago. First with my brother (big age gap) then more recently with my now 3 year old daughter. I loved all of their products and only used Pampers diapers and Pampers wipes. Hey, if they made clothes I would have probably used those, too. So of course when I had my next child (he'll be 7 months next week) I automatically started buying Pampers again. No problems for the first 6 months when I purchased Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers up to size 2. This week it was time to move up a size and I went to find the Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers in size 3. I did not realize until I opened the box that it had a tiny (about 2 inch square) marking showing the diapers were made with DryMax. I had read some of the bad press about the diapers supposedly causing blistering on some children but as it was late at night and I was out of the regular diapers I decided to try them and hope for the best. Well, the Pampers

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