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  • Top Five Christmas Entertaining Articles

    Santa on Christmas cupcake

    If you love recipes, crafts and decorating for the holidays these articles will provide you ideas for all three. Recipes that will become family favorites, crafts that will save you money, and decorating ideas that will inspire you to get into the spirit of the holidays can all be found here. See: Top 5 Christmas entertaining articles

  • Hard Candy Holiday Candles

    Candles decorated in Candy

    With budgets tight, and Christmas right around the corner, there's a real need to keep things simple and inexpensive. Decorating with what you may already have and using inexpensive accents are always a fun project that can look wonderful and save you money. These candy candles are super easy to make, cute and can be a great way to decorate and extend the life of old candles that may be past their prime. Here's the super cute and easy instructions: How to make Hard Candy Candles

  • Thanksgiving Side Dish Suggestions

    A table ready for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is again approaching and it's another wonderful time for friends and famiily to get together and show their love, and appreciation for their good fortune. It's also a great time to come up with ne traditions, and new recipes to "wow" the family with. Why not think a little outside the box this year and try a few new recipes that are a little less traditional perhaps, but still just a delicious? You never know, the new side dish you try today, may become the next tradition. Here's a list of Thanksgiving side dishes to try this year, Thanksgiving side dish suggestions.

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  • How to Select and Prepare Your First Thanksgiving Turkey


    So you're feeling all grown up now and you've decided it's time to treat your family to a Thanksgiving feast prepared by your own two hands. The only problem is, while you have loads of good intentions and enthusiasm to boot, you're short one necessary component: experience. This may be your first Turkey. Thanksgiving can be an intimidating task for a novice cook. Not to mention your siblings will never let you live it down if your turkey doesn't turn out. Have no fear, there's help. Find useful basic information here: How to choose and prepare your Thanksgiving turkey, and fear turkey no more!

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  • Low Sugar Fruit Spread for the Holidays

    Peach preserves are a tasty compliment to baked ham.

    If you love giving homemade gifts or making your own sugar controlled goodies you'll love being able to make your own fruit spread. Fruit spreads can be used in so many ways, heated and used for a glaze for hams, on biscuits, on scones, or a topping on ice cream. Whatever the use may be these fruit spreads can be made with reduced sugar, and placed in cute jars for a thoughtful holiday gift. Here's the simple recipe. Find out how to make your own here: How to make low sugar fruit spread

  • Top Pumpkin Recipes for Autumn


    The chilly weather is setting in, there's the appearance of pumpkins on front porches, and we're starting to see the first flecks of gold, orange and yellow in the leaves. That means it is time to think about great seasonal recipes that you can try with your family. Here is a list with links to some of my favorite pumpkin recipes. Give them a try! Here's the link: Top Pumpkin recipes for fall

  • Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

    Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

    Looking for a great Halloween breakfast for your child to get them in the mood for the night ahead? Think no further with these yummy pumpkin pancakes. Filled with yummy golden raisins and just the right amount of pumpkin flavor your kids will love this hauntingly delicious breakfast. Here's the easy recipe: How to make Pumpkin Pie pancakes

  • Great Halloween Candy Alternatives

    Don't be 'scared' of Halloween costs!

    It's no secret today that much of what we are feeding our young are causing obesity in epidemic proportions. With Halloween right around the corner, it is a good and healthy idea to come up with a few alternatives to sugar laden candy. Here are few suggestions, keep in mind some of these items are not appropriate for very small children. For the tips and ideas see: Great Alternatives to Halloween Candy

  • How to Make Pepper Steak Using Carne Picada

    Carne Picada is an economical choice for making pepper steak for the family.

    The economy is tight, and fixing foods we love on a budget is key to having money left over every month. Carne Picada is thin strips of beef and used frequently in Mexican style dishes. However, it is so versatile you can often use it for many dishes. It comes already cut and is relatively inexpensive compared to other cuts of beef. Here's the easy and quick recipe: How to make Pepper Steak

  • How to Make Mexican Style Chicken Soup

    Mexican style chicken soup done easy!

    Finding healthy soups that are tasty in stores is always a challenge. Making your own homemade soups are not that hard and you get to control the ingredients. This recipe is easy to make and guilt free. If you're looking for big flavors, and hearty healthy comfort food, this recipe should be added to your list. See the recipe here: How to make Mexican style chicken soup


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