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  • 6 Common Foods You Can Actually O.D. On

    What's not worth the bellyache, and how much really IS too much.

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters

    Yes, you can actually O.D. on common foods.Yes, you can actually O.D. on common foods.

    Overeating is one thing, but when it comes to these six foods, you can actually overdose.

    1. Raw Tuna

    Your sushi habit might not as be as healthy as you thought. A recent New York Times exposé tested tuna sushi from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants and found that, at most of them, eating just six pieces of raw tuna a week would result in dangerously high mercury levels. The effects could range from kidney and lung disorders to sensory impairment and a lack of coordination-typically symptoms of neurological problems. So why are tuna fish so full of mercury? Since they swim high on the food chain, their muscles accumulate methyl mercury from all of the smaller fishes they've eaten over the course of their lives.

    2. Soda
    The witches' brew is notorious for growing midsections and addictions alike. But according to a 2013 review, it can also cause heart failure-and even death.

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  • Rita Ora is from Kosovo? Who Knew! the Famous Singer Opens Up

    By: The Talks for DETAILS

    Rita Ora opens up to The Talks for DETAILS.Rita Ora opens up to The Talks for DETAILS.How does British transplant Rita Ora follow up the major success of her first album, Ora, which debuted at No. 1 in the U.K. in 2012? When she's not landing roles in films like the upcoming adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey, she's whipping street-style photographers into a tizzy and appearing on albums by a range of artists, from Snoop Dogg to Iggy Azalea, whose latest release (The New Classic) features Ora on a track written by Katy Perry.

    Rita, your parents moved from Kosovo to London in order to give you and your siblings a better life. What does your home country mean to you today?

    I feel very close to it, even though I left Kosovo so early in my life. I don't want people to think that I've abandoned where I'm from. I'm actually working with UNICEF in order give back for all the love and support I've received from the people there. But I also really admire my mom and dad's brave decision to move.

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  • How Drinking Green Juice Can Boost Your Bedroom Behavior

    First there were blue pills. Now there's green juice.

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIN A RECENT Cool Hunting video that goes behind the scenes at Juice Press' New York City headquarters, company founder and CEO Marcus Antebi shows off the postcards he's used to promote his business over the years. The one that gets a lot of attention features a frowning, slouched-over stick-figure penis with the tagline "What makes penis happy?"

    According to Antebi, it's cold-pressed juice. And while researchers have yet to put his precise better-boner formula to the test, drinking green juice might actually get the job done.

    Case in point: Men who eat a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables are significantly less likely to have erectile dysfunction, says nutritionist Jim White, R.D., owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' spokesperson. The connection probably has something to do with the cardiovascular benefits of the produce, not

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  • Your Healthy Snacks May Be Making You Fat

    With so many seemingly healthy choices that, well, aren't (Sugar! Sodium! Preservatives!), it's impossible to know what to reach for. Here, some good things that do come in small packages-and the optimal time to eat them.

    By: Danielle McNally

    Mighty Maca Chocolate BarsMighty Maca Chocolate Bars


    Bearded Brothers Mighty Maca Chocolate Energy Bar (Pictured)
    By 10:30, your body has burned through those egg whites, and blood sugar is tanking. This raw, vegan, and gluten- and soy-free treat (made by two actual sibs) is a perfect mix of simple and complex carbs. Plus, it has maca, which combats stress and-as the lore goes-was used by the Incans to maintain energy in battle.

    Whole Foods Turkey Jerky Sticks
    A higher protein snack like this, will stave off hunger longer-with the same number of calories as a high-carb snack-keeping you going through that mid-morning meeting and into lunch. Janis Jibrin, R.D., author of The Pescetarian Plan , recommends pairing this dried meat (about 60 calories each) with 100

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  • 3 Ways Marketers Trick You into Buying Fake "Wholesome" Foods

    By: Danielle McNally

    Packaging of Wholesome FoodsPackaging of Wholesome Foods

    BRANDS USE SPECIFIC visual cues to get you to buy stuff that seems "wholesome." Michael Bierut of famed New York City design consultancy Pentagram reveals three tricks of the trade.

    1) Brown Baggin' It
    "Earth tones, rough-hewn typography, and stamps all evoke the world of brown rice and unprocessed flour-honest with a capital H."

    2) At A Minimum
    "The 'healthy expensive' look is understated-lots of white space. Not antiseptic but simple, like a Tiffany box."

    3) Keep It Personal
    "Labels that go on about a product ('harvested in sunny hills for generations') imply authenticity. As does transparency: Items that are hardly packaged at all-just cellophane, tape, a label-suggest it's come direct from a farm."

    Looking for a snack we guarantee is healthy-no brand decoding involved? Here are 14 delicious and good-for-you options that satisfy.

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  • Finally, Someone Made a Great-Looking Pair of Customizable Clip-On Sunglasses

    Clip-on sunglasses that actually look cool? Where do we sign?

    By: Justin Fenner

    Leisure Society clip-on sunglassesLeisure Society clip-on sunglassesWE'RE NOT JOKING when we say that someone, thank goodness, has managed to make clip-on sunglasses look cool. Leisure Society, the tony eyewear and sportswear brand, recently introduced a line of snap-on shades for its collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses, and is now introducing a new customizable option.

    These aren't the late-night infomercial clip-ons that will fit any pair of supermarket shades. For $200, the brand will make you a set of clip-on lenses that match the shape, enamel, and metal plating of your glasses exactly. The clip-on lenses are polarized, anti-reflective, and-like the lenses on Leisure Society's other wares-highly scratch resistant.

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    It's exactly the kind of thing that makes getting from, say, the boardroom to the boardwalk that much easier (a problem we hope to have one day when summer officially hits the East

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  • Would You Shop for Clothes from a Music Video?

    Watch, click, shop.

    By: Justin Fenner
    Shoppable Music VideosShoppable Music Videos

    JUST A LITTLE over a month after Nowness released a beautiful shoppable video of dancers leaping into and out of designer clothing, the ecommerce site SSENSE, which ran its first shoppable music video last year, has announced that it will continue the series. Tomorrow, the Montreal-based site will debut a music video for Sky Ferreira's single "I Blame Myself" that SSENSE CEO Rami Atallah hopes will "push the boundaries of the e-commerce experience."

    "Today, more than ever before, fashion informs music, music informs fashion, and technology informs everything," said System editor-in-chief Jonathan Wingfield. "We hope to reignite the music video as the cultural catalyst for our times."

    In 2012 the site partnered with System magazine to create what they billed as the world's first shoppable music video for the FKi, Iggy Azalea, and Diplo song "I Think She Ready" (below). Using a platform called Wirewax to tag the clothes for sale,

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  • Yuck, Your Toothbrush is a Fecal-Matter Magnet and the Truth Behind 4 Other Common Germ Myths

    Does double-dipping spread germs? And what's the deal with the five-second rule?

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters

    Germ Facts vs. MythsGerm Facts vs. Myths

    It's hard not to be a germophobe. After all, we live in a germ-infested world. However, misinformation tends to spread faster than nasopharyngitis (a.k.a. the common cold), so we rounded up some of the most prevalent strains of viral wisdom to sort out the old wive's tales from the actual facts.

    The 5-Second Rule

    Verdict: Half-truth

    Off-the-floor eating is far from ideal, but if you act fast, it isn't that gross, statistically speaking. In a new study from Aston University, researchers dropped foods on floors and let them sit for anywhere from three to 30 seconds. Then they tested the levels of E. coli and staphylococcus aureus and found that food picked up just a few seconds after being dropped is less likely to contain bacteria than if it's left for longer stretches of time-no surprises there. However, both the type of food and the type of floor make a

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  • 6 Major Exercise Mistakes You're Probably Making

    You're the picture of perfect form and you'd never be caught dead slacking off at the gym. Good. But even health nuts fall prey to these subtle (but serious) exercise mistakes.

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters


    1. Eating Too Much Before Your Workout
    Check the back of your pre-workout "muscle" bar. Many are loaded with sugar that could make you crash midway through your regimen, says trainer and owner of Results Fitness, Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S. Also, pay attention to how your stomach feels during your workout. Everyone digests differently, and while the "wait 30 minutes to swim" rule isn't hard or fast, if your snack isn't digested when you hop on the treadmill, your body will prioritize fueling your muscles over processing your food and you could be in for a serious stomachache. Cosgrove suggests fueling up for your workouts with a fast-digesting whey-protein shake.

    2. Doing the Same Exercises Every Week
    We don't care if you like your routine. Every four to six weeks, you

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  • 6 Ways to Run Better

    When it comes to America's favorite cardio pastime, new research shows that some of our long-ingrained, previously encouraged habits do more harm than good. Prepare to rethink how you hit the pavement.

    By: Janet Lee

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    Experts once argued that during low-intensity cardio, the body uses fat instead of carbs for fuel. No more. Interval training burns serious calories and targets fat better than steady-state exercise. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that subjects who did just three 20-minute high-intensity-interval sessions a week lost more weight and fat-specifically abdominal fat-than those who completed three 40-minute moderate-intensity runs weekly. To get more out of your interval sessions, put some effort into those "rest" breaks, says running coach David Siik, who teaches Tread & Shred treadmill classes at Equinox Fitness in Los Angeles (and is also our model runner pictured). "Slowing down your

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