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  • Til Death Do "Us" Part?

    What an interesting concept. One that before now, has never made me question so much, the concept of necessary blind faith embedded in the acceptance of this statement, that has been not only been repeated, but basically, like an appendage, has been attached to just about every set of wedding vows, heard across various religious or ethnic groups. Who's idea was it, anyway; that in some form or another, anyone vowing to assume another person as a significant other, should continue with this person, no matter what sick discovery about them you should make, during the course of the relationship, "till death do you part" or for "as long as you both shall live," or however else it is stated?

    Perhaps, this statement is most revered by people who don't stop to consider that this person they are vowing to attach themselves to, like an everlasting "ball and chain," is just not "till death do us part" material. Sure that's something you should consider before you decide to take those vows, but

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